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Apr 1, 2012
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Im in my second week of recovering from having one THR on my left side and core decompression of the right. Both were done at the same time. Surgery was due to AVN. Im 32/m totally frustrated cause the pain even with meds is close to unbearable. Im able to walk about 40 feet then have to rest for a few hours from just plain exhaustion. I can bare weight on the THR side and toe touch only for the other. I'll do this as often as possible, even if its only once per day but still do the laying down pt. My question: has anyone gone through this? Is so could u share the recovery process? Im sure pain will always be there and will get better with time but how much time are we talking here. At wits end with this recovery time. When will I be able to walk again. The core decompression is just an attempt to save the bone. Its very possible and likely
THR will have to be done. We went this route cause of my age.
Hi, stenforce....welcome to BoneSmart. I'm glad you found our forum and decided to join.

I'm so sorry to hear that you are having a lot of pain. Can you tell me what you're taking for the pain and how often? Did your doctor give you any idea about how long your recovery would be?

A core decompressin (as you're finding out) can be quite painful in recovery....more so than the hip replacement. Usually you will have at least 6 weeks with no weight bearing on that side.

We've had some members who have had the procedure like yours, but I'm not sure how active they are now on the forum. However, I'm going to tag Josephine, our BoneSmart nurse, so that she can provide more detailed information for you. @Josephine:

Please take heart. The pain will lessen with time. You are very early in the recovery process. In the meantime, we'll see what can be done about your high pain levels. The first step is to know what you're taking and how often. Oh....and also....are you icing your legs when you are resting and elevating them?

Sorry to hear about the pain you are in...I'll admit that I've never heard of a core decompression, so that is something I'll have to read up on.

I hope someone can give you some hints on what can help with the pain. I do hope the very worst of it is behind you and you can start getting some relief (even if notcomplete) soon...

I think the best thing we can do is get Linda to come and talk with you as she had exactly the same procedures @Lindawalms:

As for the pain, what pain meds are you taking, how much and how often?

You should also read these articles which will help you manage your recovery a little better
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Good morning Stenforce and welcome to BoneSmart!

Congratulations on your new hip, like Z I'm still learning about the other procedure and look forward to hear from Linda. I do hope you can get the pain under control.

All the best,

Sorry you are having so much pain. Hopefully someone can help you out with that. Try to hang in there.

Stenforce, sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Have you considered talking to your doctor about adjusting or changing your meds?
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