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Benefits of brief naps

Discussion in 'LIBRARY Nutritional Articles' started by Poppet, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Benefits of brief naps

    Research is being carried out at an Australian University is indicating that there is considerable anecdotal evidence that a brief nap (“power nap”) can relieve drowsiness and improve performance especially during the daytime hours.

    The first experimental study was to compare brief and long naps after a night of sleep restriction.

    The subjective and objective alertness of subjects was measured before and after a no-nap control, a brief 10 minute sleep, or a 30 minute sleep. There was an increase of alertness immediately after the 10 minute nap, which was sustained for the hour of post-nap testing.

    On the other hand, alertness decreased immediately after the 30 minute nap but showed some recovery by the end of the hour of post-nap testing. It appears, consistent with the anecdotal evidence, that a brief nap is better than a longer nap, especially in the hour following the nap.

    They have also shown that extremely brief naps (30 seconds or 90 seconds of sleep) have no effect on alertness. Therefore, beneficial effects start to accrue for some duration of sleep between 1.5 and 10 minutes.

    They are presently exploring whether regular nappers derive more benefit from brief naps than those who rarely nap.

    So nap away BoneSmarties :)

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