Standard Shoulder Replacement Beachy in recovery

Why the above reply is underlined? No idea.
I’ll see if I can fix it.
What a great update! I never tire of reading updates :happydance:
You are well on your way to a good recovery and yes, ditching that big bone spur had to help, right?
I am curious, you talked earlier on the pre op side about when the OS might recommend beginning PT. Did they give you an idea yet of when you will start? Not rushing you in any way, just very curious since all surgeons are different. Congrats on that marvelous new shoulder!
I'm very pleased with "Gertrude" so far! We named her on Facebook LOL
I have a follow up 5/3 and will find out about PT then. At my first appt OS said usually 3 weeks post op for pt. I have a great PT practice that I went to pre op. They are very gentle and go with how you're feeling the day of pt.
I learned how different PT practices are with my tkr. There's no way I will allow rough PT with Gertrude. I do want to get the max mobility and flexibility out of her, but not in a rush.
@beachy Great update. It's so nice when things go better than expected. I found this surgery far more easier than my recent TKR. May 6th will be 4 months for me from TKR.

Again so glad that you are feeling good and this recovery is better than the TKR.
So glad that you are doing well and are well on the road to recovery.PT should never really hurt, a stretch a dull ache is fine. Just make sure you rest and ice after. Best of luck.
"Gertie" will be 2 weeks old on Monday. Follow up with doc on Tuesday.
The pain is manageable. By the afternoon I need a pain pill and/or tylenol and that holds me till bedtime. Then I take 2 pain pills. I ice thru out the day when needed. I have very little appetite. And the fatigue! Naps are my friend. Poop fairy has been visiting so no worries there.
We're suppose to go shopping today so that should be interesting. No desire to join ODIC. Since we're venturing out today and its warm out I'm going to attempt wearing a bra:heehee::heehee:I took the dog for a short walk yesterday and needed a nap.
@beachy Sounds like you are doing very well! I'm glad to hear your "Gertie" is not giving you much trouble :heehee:
@beachy , sounds like a good plan, just be careful and don’t over due it. Take care and good luck with your follow up appointment.
Went grocery "shopping" yesterday then dinner with hubs and friends last night.
Shopping was following him around grocery store LOL. He did the shopping, loading /unloading and putting away. Ice, Tylenol, nap and then out to dinner.
Feel fine from that extremely busy day! Not bad for first day out.
Looking forward to follow up on Tuesday. Anxious to see what comes next.
Today is 2 weeks. And I am exhausted!!!!
What is up with this? Its 3 in the afternoon and I have napped most of the day. No pain meds to make me sleepy, just Tylenol.
I was feeling great all weekend. Now I'm very fatigued.
Yes, that’s normal. You’ve had a major surgery and even though you’re feeling pretty good, your body is working hard to heal from the surgery. That takes a lot of energy, leaving little for anything else.

And, you did have a busy day on Saturday.
Thanks Jockette. I kinda figured that, but really thought I was over the fatigue part. Tired, bored, no appetite, whiny. Guess I need to get over myself.
It’s only been 2 weeks, give yourself a break! :console2:Recoveries always take longer than we think they should.
2 week follow up yesterday. X-Rays looked great, incision looked great. PA removed protective plastic covering and put steri strips over incision. I didn't have sutures or staples, just glue.

Still can't drive for 4 more weeks. That's a bummer. Cabin fever has set in.
I was surprised.

I don't remember anything about the OR. PA said I was alert and talking to him and I don't remember him either LOL. He said I didn't flinch when I got the nerve block. Huh? Don't remember that either.
I'm suppose to start PT next week(week 3) but I'll wait til week 4.
@beachy It is wonderful to hear you are doing so well! Ah the cabin fever -- I remember it well... but it will be gone soon.
@beachy , glad to hear your appointment went well, cabin fever is and will be there for awhile and when your body need a rest, it’s ok to rest, this is all normal. Waiting one extra week for therapy might be a good idea so long as you’re doing your home exercises. I have had cabin fever for 2 years Take care and stay safe. Good luck on your recovery.
Hello, I'm back again.
My shoulder was a piece of cake with recovery! I finished PT after waiting a few weeks after surgery to start.
Tomorrow is appt with OS to schedule right knee replacement. Yippee.

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