THR BeachGal is back! #2 Done!

And a very happy, peaceful New Year to you too @beachgal and as your good friend @Woodstockhip says, watch out for iguanas falling out of the trees although falling coconuts kill more people than sharks each year. So, watch out for falling anything I guess, including pianos and anvils and good luck with your recovery and Happy New Year.
Well, good riddance to that mystery illness.. !! Glad to read that you know to be patient, your body got slammed by two different assaults and it does take time to recover.

You are so right about getting our bodies in shape so we can enjoy things that we love. I am so grateful for my THR's and think about it a lot. We plan to do some fly fishing, kayaking and biking while in Florida. These were things not possible with my old, mangy hips.

Happy, Healthy New Year to you! :new-year-toast-smiley-emoticon::happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:
Beachgal and Woodstock,
It's great to have another hippie to share your anniversary with!
Happy the virus is over but as you mentioned just so many "mystery" type viruses out there this season. I had a bad cough and sinus type thing and tested negative for Covid and flu so who knows.
All is well now...onto 2023!
It’s so lovely to hear that you’re recovering from that awful illness. It sounds dreadful and the last thing you need after your hip op.

All the very best for a Happy New Year :happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:
@beachgal, when I logged in today I saw your posts. I was getting reminder emails in the past, but this time, I didn't. Glad to see you're on this side of your illness and that things are calming down for you.

How we bear up under the unforeseen circumstances in life makes us stronger. I know you are one strong young lady and so even in this you are an encouragement to all of us that are going through things less than perfectly in life.

I wish you much good health and happiness in 2023. New beginnings, new goals and new memories to be made with these bionic hips of ours. Bless you dear friend :happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:
So pleased you're feeling better Beachgal....take care and look after yourself. X
Good morning @beachgal ... I've been checking in to see how you are feeling since the new year and haven't seen any new posts. If you can, please post an update. I know that you are very busy with work and your new home. I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you :prayer:
Hi, all, and thanks for checking up on me....yes, a busy time of year around the office made much easier by a pain-free hip! Our weather has been gorgeous which makes it harder to stay focused and work but I pray for all those areas so adversely affected by Mother Nature. Our friends in CA are fine but have been without power for days, roads impassable, etc. Our lesson in survival of THR serves us well in all areas of life....we all MUST BE SURVIVORS!

Viral infection traces are gone, not much problem with fatigue anymore except by Friday, my a** is dragging but it should be, right?? :heehee: The only puzzling issue I'm dealing with now is my feet are swelling. Some days are worse than others and I may not be drinking enough water or perhaps adding some salt back to my diet after months of abstaining is the culprit but it is aggravating. No pain, nothing serious, just plump ankles at days' end.

I'd like to tell you of a sweet blessing that I probably encouraged of my friends has really needed THR for a very long time. She had hers on 12/28/22 and is ridiculously happy now that it's done and she's well on her way to a very successful recovery and rehab. She had known of mine, particularly questioning me about #2 since it was so recent and she was still in the "educate yourself" phase so I've been a little support system she feels free to ask those questions of without judgement. You never know when something you've experienced or survived will be just the nudge someone else needs to create a better life for themselves and their families. It has been I who have been blessed by this opportunity.

Regarding the "new house", well, we're slowing working on it, lining up different people to do what it requires before I get my hands on the "pretty stuff". This week the roofers came to tighten down the screws on the metal roofing. We also purchased and had installed a new HVAC unit for inside and outside as there were several potential issues that could have occurred with the old one. This way, it will be in perfect shape for our hot summers without worry. Carpentry work is next and we're "on the list"

I'll check back in a couple of weeks, hoping that my ankles settled down, and all of you continue to have great outcomes with your own miracle!

Thanks for stopping by, it seems you're busy and doing well. It's great you could encourage your friend and that she's doing well after THR also. Tell her about BoneSmart if you haven't already.

Good luck as you work on the new house. The "pretty stuff", how fun! Home decor is my passion. Too many ideas and not enough places to decorate. I can imagine the fun you'll have.
Until next time...take good care!
Five months down tomorrow and life doesn’t slow down because we are recovering. I’ve had some “outta blue” issues with virus and a new house, all good, but no way to prepare. My thoughts tonight center around being as prepared and alert as you can for what comes.

I’m getting my stamina back, resting hard each night and sometimes during the days although I’m working long days now. I feel good, need to drop some weight which is happening, and drink more water. My issue with swollen ankles is subsiding with decreasing salt, no alcohol, and plenty of water. Twelve bottles each day.

I don’t think about my hips most days. In fact, I don’t think much about how I feel except grateful for a healthy body. I always pray to recognize an opportunity to share parts of my journey with folks but they must initiate it. I’m an open book.

Sending love to all my Bonesmarties and any others who might be reading my words. I’ll be scarce over the next three months while working but will check in from time to time. We are so blessed to have this surgery that gives us more and better years. I’m going to hike the five hill towns of Cinque Terre in Italy this summer. I’ve got a full and hard day planned at a fundraiser for a nonprofit I’m involved with late February. My high school classmates just shared lunch and memories a few weekends ago and I marvel at how long we have lived with few physical issues that replacement surgery didn’t cure. What a gift!

Bless you all, you’re in my thoughts and prayers nightly.

:egypdance: :happydance::cheers::angel:
What a lovely update! Thanks for sharing, beachgal. Happy Four Month Anniversary.
I wish you well while you're scarce over the next few months.
So exciting to be traveling to Italy this Summer, certainly something to look forward to.
Take good care and don't be a stranger here.
Great update, Italy sounds heavenly and on our bucket list.
Had my big yearly physical almost two weeks ago and I wasn't happy with my weight, that being said it was two weeks after 2 huge holidays when we partied like rock stars with food, drinks and yummy desserts.
So pulled in the reigns and paying attention to what I'm doing and eating.
Winter here doesn't help with weight and food choices, chilly days and dark AM's and PM's draw us to make comfort foods and pop open that bottle of wine.
But I've been behaving for 2 weeks now and can see and feel difference already.
Had phone appt with my primary to go over my not so stellar lab results and we agreed to retest in March when my numbers should be better with attention to diet and exercise.
Keep in touch and all my best with your new home.
Bless you and your great update. I have a friend who did the 5 Towns in Italy right after her hip replacements. She loved it!
Hip hip hooray:loveshwr::egypdance::loveshwr:, and I hope you have a lovely spring @beachgal
It’s a lovely Saturday morning here, I’m sitting on our front porch at new house, looking at the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, while our new dishwasher is being installed. It’s been eight months since my RTHR and my last post was the end of January.

Hubby, pup, and I have worked tirelessly through tax season then went straight to various chores related to getting this home ready to occupy. We’re close. So happy here and it’s only about ten minutes from our old one and our office. This feels like my first full deep breath since I told you all “I’ll be back”.

Hip is great! Both of them! :happydance:

The swelling I was experiencing in my ankles and feet went away with a change of meds. No more problems there. Blessed to have that resolved easily.

I still want to encourage and inspire anyone who’s dealing with frustration and depression because you don’t think you’re recovering fast enough. Listen to your body. Give it what it needs, especially rest and walking in moderation. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. You will soon have your life back, normal activities will return and you’ll hardly think about the trauma you’re working through now.

Our trip to Europe is coming up in July so we’re determined to get completely moved into this new home before then. The realtor already has buyers waiting to see our old home so I’d love for it to sell while we’re away.

I’ve missed all you bonesmarties so much but your generous help with posters and entertaining stories of rehabbing are still what makes this forum so dear. Wishing all my BS peeps a happy, pain free weekend!


You are sounding well and happy! The Gulf of Mexico doesn't hurt, either, right?

Loved your insightful pep talk to others facing this recovery. Time and patience. Patience and time.
Now I feel like there's a song to compose there...

Happy day to you @beachgal 1
What a nice surprise to hear from you, beach gal, and read such a positive update!
Thanks for sharing sound advice with those following behind you. You're an inspiration.
Safe travels to Europe and back in July. I hope you have the time of your life! :)

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