TKR Bad day

My shin gave me lots of trouble, especially where the stem went into it. It still does at times, though not as bad. I asked my OS about it during one of my checkups and he said it was normal to have shin pain. You might want to call your doctor if it's really bad to make sure it's nothing else.
Thank you for the advice, I am seeing doctor on Friday, so I’ll ask about it.

Hope yours does not give you any more trouble.

Kind regards Maria xx:)
Hi all, at last I have managed to see my surgeon ( following 2 cancelled appointments ) he is very pleased with my progress and told me to treat the knee like a normal knee. Do things that I would normally do on a day to day basis. Ok, so what’s normal, I’m not sure I know that now. Anyway onwards and upwards.

He also advised massaging the knee with oil to help with the nerve jangling, which he said will desensitise the nerves in the knee. So I’ve started this and it is helping, I also have less pain, if any now.

I don’t see my surgeon now till next August, twelve months after surgery. He says he will x-ray the knee and see me in clinic.

I have also seen my physio therapist who is also happy with my progress, my ROM is now 110 and my leg is straightening now when extended. Thank goodness. Going to use my exercise bike from now on, but only for short periods and building up. PT have now discharged me, but I can go back for any advise if I need to.

So all in all, it is looking good, so much better than when I first started this journey. It’s now 10 weeks on Friday since my operation and I must say I thought I was never going to get here.

Thank goodness for this site. I have been spreading the message about this site to everyone I meet with knee or hip problems. And especially those that have had surgery,

Thank you so much for the advice and support. I shall keep browsing the site and if I can help anyone I will. Sorry for long post.

Kind regards Maria xx:dancy::flwrysmile::flwrysmile::dancy:
@Maria 535 Great update! Sounds like you are on the road to pain free living. Well done!
Thank you Jaycey, I think I am finally on my way. I’ve not always been patient, but now feel I am getting there.

If my posts helps somebody, I will be even happier.

Kind regards Maria xx:flwrysmile::happydance::happydance::flwrysmile:
That's a really good report, Maria. :yes!: :yay:
I'm so pleased for you.

Be careful when getting back to normal activities, won't you? Just increase what you do slowly, so you don't give your knee too much all at once.
Marie, my heart hurts for you. Hang in there. I too have had terrible bouts getting to week 4. This forum is awesome. After reading the posts, we realize we are experiencing many of the same symptoms. There is comfort is knowing that we are not alone. Take care.
Hi all, sorry I have been absent for a while. Been battling bugs and a chest infection. I don’t know I seem to pick up every single bug going round at the minute, then finally to get a chest infection ☹️

I’m on the mend now and finished the antibiotics. I’ve still to have my flu jab yet and had to cancel my appointment because of a blessed bug (virus).

I’m now on vitamin C, D and multi vitamins, along with echinacea to try and build up my immune system.

Has anyone else had this problem, I queried it with my doctor and they said because I’ve had major surgery and my body is healing the knee, it cannot cope with other infections.

I just hope I don’t have a reaction from the flu jab

I see the site is doing a good job with the advice to many other members.

Take care all, a bug free member I hope, ha ha
I'm sorry you've been ill and I'm glad to hear you're feeling better now.

I agree with your doctor - while your body is busy healing your knee, it doesn't have a lot of resources left over for dealing with other issues.
Hello all, hope you are all well and did not suffer with the pandemic. What a year, it’s affected everyone in every walk of life. My thoughts are with those who we have lost and those still surviving.

It’s been quite a while since my last post pre pandemic.

in the last few months my knee has started giving me some trouble in that the shin area of my knee is painful, particularly at night and wakes me. I take paracetamol and that seems to help. Has anyone else had this experience and is there a reason.

I am going for an X-ray on the 22 October 2021 and hoping for some answers.

Thank you in anticipation of any help.

Kind regards Maria
@Maria 535 I hope you get some answers from that x-ray! Please keep us updated.
Hi @Maria 535,

I just read through your journey and this has been a challenging time to recover from knee surgery, on top of the pandemic! I read of your challenges and wanted to chime in regarding the shin area pain. Mine also gets achey at times, and this is also where I felt those nerve twinges we call “zingers” affected my leg. With my last TKR in 2016, I was introduced to magnesium gel through a massage therapist I worked with, and putting the gel on the painful area did help quite a bit. By the time of this year’s TKR, I had ordered my own bottle and used it often the weeks when the aching and zingers took place. Let me know if you want more information… I am in the US and ordered it through Amazon this time…

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