THR Back For #2 on December 5th


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WhoooHoooo! Back for Number 2.

RTHR is scheduled for December 5th.
Told my surgeon he set a high bar on the first one - don't disappoint me!

I had the my left done on August 18th and the recovery went very well, but this time I'm going to try and get fewer gold stars on the ODIC Calendar.

BoneSmart Staff member Deb was nice enough to post this in my last recovery thread, so this is my guide: Activity progression for THRs

Knowing what's needed leading up to and through the surgery sure helps calm the nerves.

I updated my signature line - so hopefully that doesn't jinx the date.
@GrumpyMCO The first Tuesday in December is a great day to get a hip replacement! On that day it will be 12 years since I got both of my hips replaced. No jinxes allowed for that date!
It's so much easier knowing the drill the 2nd Time.

Last time I had to call to remind the Imaging place that I needed an appt and also call my GP to get the Pre-Op Signoff.

The Pre-Op Sign off went down the wire for being on time. Bit stressful, but I was so focused on checking boxes to get the surgery, it kept me from really thinking about the operation until the morning off when I was sitting in the pre-op room room with my wife waiting for everything to begin - then I officially started freaking (subtly though...didn't want to give my wife a chance to tell me to toughen up!)

This time the Imaging place called me the day after my PreOp/Scheduling visit and I called my GP right away.

One piece of great advice I picked up from BoneSmart - BUY NEW SHOES! Ordered a new pair of HOKAs today.
Glad your date is not too far out @GrumpyMCO
Two good hips for 2024:yahoo:
Pondering getting an Ice Machine vs going with the gel packs in the freezer
Seems they mostly show up in the TKR threads.
Getting new gel packs was a bit of a pain the first week, but it did get me up & walking.
Any strong opinions/guidance on Ice Machines vs frozen gel packs for a THR?
I bought an ice machine from my OS before my first surgery. I used 4 small frozen water bottles and the rest ice and the machine would run cold water thru the hip pad for hours. That was in March and when I had the second hip replaced Aug 8th, in Texas, the ice didn't last long but I'm sure the gel packs would have been shorter duration.

The omly drawback of the ice machine is the expense. In my opinion.
20 Tips to help u prepare for joint surgery.

1. Find an experienced surgeon – Your orthopaedic surgeon will become an important person in your life for years to come.

2. Educate yourself about your surgery – Learn as much as possible about pre-op preparations, the procedure, post-op care,
& post complications.

3. Seek a second opinion – Your surgeon should honor your right to confer with another, well-respected orthopedist if you have any doubts.

4. Plan ahead – Schedule surgery when you can afford to take time off from work, and when it will be least disruptive to your family.

5. Weigh risks versus benefits – Reconcile the big picture in your mind so you don’t go into surgery dwelling on risks or potential complications.

6. Have a positive attitude – Be encouraged and focus on the high rate of success for total joint procedures.

7. Talk with past patients – Hearing about other’s successes can help you gain perspective and ease your mind.

8. Visualize getting your life back – The pain and deterioration of your joint severely diminished your quality of life. Think about how much things can improve after surgery.

9. Realize feeling tense or anxious is normal – Don’t fight it!

10. Actively participate – Make a commitment to do your part to ensure a positive outcome and assume responsibility for your own care (i.e., follow precautions, do exercises daily, etc.). Consult with your orthopaedic surgeon with questions or concerns.

11. Practice on crutches – If you have spent time on crutches before, reacquaint yourself with them so the awkwardness won’t be overwhelming after surgery.

12. Don’t view the recovery process as time lost – This is time to rest and recuperate. Time invested in rehabilitation is necessary for better health.

13. Prioritize physical therapy – Realize your physical therapy and post-op exercise regimen are critical for a successful outcome. Think of each exercise as a stepping-stone toward improved strength, range of motion and function.

14. Prepare for downtime – Remember you will be laid up for about 6 weeks. Organize, schedule appointments and take care of as much business as possible before surgery.

15. Adapt your environment – Get ready for homecoming before you go to the hospital by having a raised toilet seat, reachers and other adaptive equipment already available.

16. Be conscious of infection – If you have any sign of any kind of infection anywhere in your body you must postpone surgery.

17. Donate autologous units of blood – You can donate your own blood in the weeks prior to surgery to be held for your operation.

18. Ask about current medications – Find out if you need to stop taking any prescription, over-the-counter or herbal remedies before surgery.

19. Arrange for help – Plan for someone to be with you, especially for the first week or two at home. If no one is available, make arrangements to enter a post-op inpatient rehabilitation facility until you are independent enough to care for yourself at home.

20. Take multi-vitamins and eat well-balanced meals – Be particularly health conscious during the weeks and months leading up to surgery to promote better healing.
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Still no time given for me to register at the hospital, but I'm probably less than 24 hrs left to go before surgery. And last night the anxiousness ramped up a bit. Oh well - I'm trying to take #9 above onboard! See you all over on the Recovery side!
@GrumpyMCO Wishing you all the best for your surgery tomorrow! I will be looking for you over on the recovery side soon.
blessings for a smooth and uneventful surgery and a great start to the healing journey. Keep us in the loop.
@GrumpyMCO I will be rooting for you tomorrow and I look forward to reading about it in your recovery thread! Good vibes and best wishes heading your way!
Hi @GrumpyMCO,

Best of luck on your surgery tomorrow! You’ll be a part of the double hippy club in no time now. Take care!
Wishing you all the best...Last one and done.
Bye bye hip pain:yes!:
Hope you're in recovery by now and the pain is well managed.
Please join us on the healing side once you're feeling up to it so we're able to support you.
Best Wishes!

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