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Apex Hole Eliminator explanation

Discussion in 'The surgical procedure (hips)' started by Josephine, Mar 16, 2017.

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    The Apex Hole Eliminator is a threaded plug intended to close the apical hole of the Duraloc series two piece acetabular cups. it is intended for use in Duraloc cups implanted with or without done cement. It can be used after insertion of the acetabular cup in a cementless technique once the cup is well seated to prevent movement of blood or particles from behind the shell thought the hole or it can be placed prior to insertion of the cup is the cup is being cemented into place to prevent cement from coming through the apical hole. THe Apex Hole Eliminator also provides support of the polyethylene liner utilized in the metal shell, assuring full, cngruent, uninterrupted support of the liner within the shell, and eliminating the potential of cold flow of the liner into the apical hole of the metal shell.

    In other words, when preparing the acetabulum for reaming to receive the cup shell, it requires the creation of a central hole for the reamer in order to keep the reamer centralized and aligned. This hole is duplicated in the shell in order to repeat the alignment but it cannot be left as blood containing bone meal and cement (if cement is used) can gain egress into the articulating area of the new hip joint. In order to prevent this, the hole is blocked off with the disc screw which is called a hole eliminator.

    reamer with central plug-horz.jpg
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