Knee Infection* Anxious about 2 stage revision

May this be the start of a steadier path forward!
There's no place like home and sleeping in your own bed.
Best wishes for an uneventful recovery from your second stage surgery.
Please stay in touch, Demelsa.
Hi Demelsa,
How are you doing now that one month has passed since your second stage surgery? We'd love to hear.
I hope all is going well and you're pleased with your progress.
Wishing you a lovely Autumn and an uneventful speedy recovery. Take good care!
Hi, I’m ok, doing well but not great. The knee is cross, 3 major surgeries in 3 years means it’s swollen and stiff but the pain is ok and the range of movement is better than it has been. The surgeon has said that he’s hoping for 90 degrees but I’m unlikely to get more as I would need my ligaments lengthening I went into the original surgery with 120 degree bend so this is still disappointing but heck 90. Degrees would be good. I am getting somewhere between 75 and 83 degrees now which is so much better than before, I’m managing to walk with a proper gait now and am attending gentle physio twice a week. I go on a continuous passive movement machine which helps a lot and then use a treadle on a potters wheel and lathe (odd in a gym environment) to strengthen my quads.
Hi Demelsa,
At not even five weeks post op it is still very early days. Walking with a normal gait is great news. Hopefully you begin enjoying progress from the gentle physio you're engaging in. Slow and steady is the way to go! :walking:
Hello Demelsa,
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
How are you doing? Let us know when you have time. We'd love to hear from you.
I hope we do soon!
4 months post revision on LTKR and life is ok. The knee now bends to 80+ degrees and I hope to get a bit more as the recovery continues over the coming months. Physio is productive and I feel stronger and more stable than I’ve been in years. Now walking totally free of canes or crutch. Surgeon had wanted to do an MUA but I’ve turned it down. I feel better than I have felt in years and I think the risks outweigh the potential benefits considering the surgeon only got 90 degrees in surgery. Will continue to work on strength and stamina and be happy that it’s better than it was even if it’s not where I had hoped.
:hi: and Happy Monday, Demelsa
What a wonderful and positive update! Thanks for sharing. May it only get better. :thumb:
A most welcomed update :egypdance: !!!! Keep walking !

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