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Announcement regarding off topic, 'fluff' or nonsense posts

Discussion in 'Forum Rules and Staff' started by Josephine, Dec 21, 2014.

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  1. Josephine

    Josephine FORUM ADMIN, NURSE DIRECTOR Administrator
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    Jun 8, 2007
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    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    This board is dedicated to helping people going through hip and/or knee replacement surgery. It is not meant for the type of social exchanges which occur in Facebook or Twitter. The majority of our members are using the site appropriately and are not affected by this notice.

    Sometimes, though, a small number of members lose focus with a string of off-topic, nonsensical, whimsical or non-purposeful posts. They can be described as back and forth social exchanges which contain little information or usefulness, also known as 'fluff'* posts.

    These posts make it difficult for others to find information and distracts from the ability of staff to help those who come to the board. Instead, we waste valuable time issuing warnings to the flagrant abusers.

    Please note that episodes in your thread, or a friend’s thread which are just fun, light hearted topics such as discussing pets or sharing photos, are welcome and are often an extremely helpful diversion during recovery but please NOT TO EXCESS.

    The same applies to good wishes to another member about to undergo surgery which are also welcome and encouraged.

    The general intent of each forum is in the title and meant to keep the site focused on its mission:

    For the Pre-op forums, threads are focused on conversations the member has about potential or upcoming surgery, their hip/knee, and those concerns that brought them to BoneSmart.

    For the Recovery forums, each member has one thread, dedicated to their recovery.

    For the Social Room, as well as the Games room, the posts are relevant to topic of that thread.

    We are requesting your assistance in keeping to these guidelines in order to allow us the time to focus on helping you and the others who come here.

    [*Dictionary definition of "fluff" - writing which is perceived as being trivial or superficial]
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