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Re: Hiya newbie here.

No pain in the hip whatsoever but my groin definitely doesn't like it.

Hi Ann,

You may notice a variety of aches and pains as you begin to bear weight more and then as you begin to become more mobile in the coming months. If your OS has added 2" to your leg length your body will be experiencing a great deal of stretching (tendons, muscle, ligaments) to accommodate and adjust.

Go nice and slow -- maybe a focus on the weight bearing without adding any new exercises and see how you feel with that for a few days.

Just my two cents....
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Thankyou Cardie, that's what I was thinking, do the walking for a bit then start the physio.

Thanks for your 'two cents' much appreciated.:thumb:

Re: Hiya newbie here.

Hi Ann, great progress girl, go steady though, patience is the key! No I didn't get offered the physio, I just decided after reading how much everyone on here seems to get that I'd better see one and make sure I wasn't missing out on anything! My local surgery has a physio who you can book in to see without a GP referral which is really good.
Hope you had a happy Easter with lots of yummy chocolate. If you like dark chocolate I can really recommend Smja's recipe for Chilli Chocolate, healthy and delicious, how can you beat that!
Take care Ann
Best wishes
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Ann, you're right about feeling like you are missing out after reading about everyone elses physio....that's exactly how I feel. I'm going to ask about it at my check- up in two weeks time but I'm not as concerned about it as I was after Jo's reassurance that walking should be enough.

I haven't actually been out in public yet with my shiny newhip but have walked up and down the garden a good few times to get it used to walking on hard ground. The weathers atrocious here today so there's no way I'm venturing outside at all,I don't fancy trying to carry a brolly AND walk at the same

I'm guessing it's because of my limited ROM but I can't sit at a 90% angle without leaning my back on the chair or straightening my OP leg......I couldn't do this pre-op but is this normal after? Do people find they can eventually do it.

I have a struggle to get comfy on the raised toilet seat for this reason as it's not comfortable to lean right back on it. I'm looking forward to getting rid of that and also sitting in a comfy chair again. I'm halfway there today, only 6 weeks to go woohoo.:biggrin:
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Seeing as I'm not so much of a newbie anymore and to make room for new newbie threads would it be possible for a mod to change my thread title please.

Something like CDH : Total Hip Repacement or Anns recovery would be good or anything else you may want to call it, I'm not fussy.:biggrin:

Re: Hiya newbie here.

I'm guessing it's because of my limited ROM but I can't sit at a 90% angle without leaning my back on the chair or straightening my OP leg......I couldn't do this pre-op but is this normal after? Do people find they can eventually do it.

Hi Ann,

Yes, I do think that you'll be able to do this eventually. I am wondering if you have swelling at the top of your leg that might be contributing to the being unable to sit at the 90 degree angle?

I can't remember if you shared where your incision is -- maybe anterior (on the front of your leg)? Do you take anything for inflammation? Also, are you using the ice pack on your leg -- both at the incision spot, but also rotating around where ever you may feel sore or swollen.

Glad you made it out into the garden the other day & you have plenty of time to get back out in public, no rush.

Take care,
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Cardie, thanks for the reply, I really appreciate your input.x.

I think my leg is still swollen but I don't think it's that. It's like my hip won't let me do it. Perhaps that's just the way I am after all these years.

I have never needed to use ice as I really haven't had any pain in my leg or hip, just my knee and even that was bearable and painkillers sorted that out.

I had the posterior approach and have had no pain at all from the incision, I've been very lucky as far as pain goes.

Perhaps when I move about more I will loosen up and then be able to do it.

Re: Hiya newbie here.

Hey Annie lass,

" have never needed to use ice as I really haven't had any pain in my leg or hip, just my knee and even that was bearable and painkillers sorted that out."

Don't forget that ice also reduces swelling as does raising your foot (feet) above your hips.... it's also a blooming good excuse to get really comfy and watch an old film or something!

Re: Hiya newbie here.

I read Jo remind someone else that ice not only reduces the swelling you can see on the outside, but it reduces the swelling on the inside that you cannot see. Worth a try anyway.

Then there is the whole "what is normal" question. After reading so many diff posts I have come to realize there IS no normal. I do believe how we go in to surgery makes a big difference too and how strong/weak our hip was. Sounds to me like you are doing well and had a little more involved in the beginning so things might take a bit longer. Hard to have patience for sure :) here's to better days ahead for all of us. -Cathy
Re: Hiya newbie here.

I'm guessing it's because of my limited ROM but I can't sit at a 90% angle without leaning my back on the chair or straightening my OP leg......I couldn't do this pre-op but is this normal after? Do people find they can eventually do it.


Annie, does it feel like you're not strong enough to sit up at 90 degrees or that your hip is too tight to sit at 90 degrees? I had an issue similar to this where for the first few weeks after surgery, if I was sitting in a chair I could not bring my torso further forward than 90 degrees (e.g. I couldn't sit and bend down toward my feet). I didn't have any hip precautions to begin with but even after the time most people have precautions lifted I still couldn't bend my hips past that. It felt like I was stuck. My PT checked it out and realized that my lower back was so tight that it was restricting me from bending forward. A combination of therapeutic massage, regular stretching, and heat packs really loosened it up.
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Charlie and Cathy.....the thing is the swelling isn't all that bad really. My operated leg has always been noticebly thinner than my other and that one is quite slim to start. At the monent my operated leg is the same size as my good one which means the swelling is quite small and not at all painful.

However, I am going to start using ice on my knee as with weightbearing now this is tight first thing on a morning but eases upon walking.

I am very lucky to be without pain in my hip and upper leg. You're right about 'normal' Cathy. Thankfully reading other peoples stories tells us in no uncertain way that absolutely nothing is normal and we just have to take each day as it comes.

Jen thanks for your post. I can sit upright when my legs are stretched out in front of me but not when my knees are bent in a sitting position. This makes me think it is my hip rather than my back but I could be wrong. I will ask about it at my checkup.

Re: Hiya newbie here.


Good luck getting this all sorted out, I'm sure you will at your check up. Thanks so much for your helpful posts on my thread. Means a lot to me. All the best to you as you move forward with your recovery.:thumb:
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Well by reading this post I got led to Charlie's wonderful video- too funny! I just want to also say it is scary sometimes for me reading people's posts who are having a difficult time, but then again it is hard reading people's posts who are ahead of me with a similar surgery date. Just goes to show, we all came into this in a different strength/weakness place, our bodies are all different and unique and so will be our recovery. All we can really do is do what we are supposed to do, listen to our bodies so we can heal properly and not hurt ourselves and what is going to be will be. Sometimes my mind reels out there and I have to pull it back in and take one day at a time yet with goals for the future. ...and as for the shower a few days back, ahh life's simple pleasures are the best aren't they. Happy healing -Cathy
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Just a quick thought Annie re your not being able to sit upright. Have you tried ....VERY GENTLY... to stretch the hamstring on your op leg? It's obviously very important not to break the 90 degree rule of leg to body, but it may or may not help!

Re: Hiya newbie here.

Dianemarie, thanks for popping over here and for your post, I hope you are feeling better now.x.

Cathy, yep one day a a time is my mantra now and each day is getting better which I am thankful for.

Charlie thanks for the suggestion, I have looked at hamstring exercises but am wary of breaking the 90 degree rule. I certainly can't do the lying down with my operated leg up in the air yet but one day soon hopefully :thumb: then I will give it a go.

Been putting about 75% weight down on my leg. Waking up with a stiff knee so I'm hoping that means I am doing something worthwhile but no hip pain so I'm not overdoing it.

Have been practising sitting at 90 degrees but as soon as I bend my knees my body just wants to lean back but I will keep practising and hopefully that will be doing a bit of manipulation as I do it.

I got my son to measure the raised toilet seat yesterday and it is an inch too high for my safe sitting height, trouble is it cannot be lowered anymore because of the height of my toilet so I'm stuck with not being comfortable on it for another 5 weeks.

I'm going out for the first time today :rolleyespink: not looking forward to getting in the car but I'm sure it will be fine with the help of my plastic bag :biggrin:

I'm off to see my lovely Mam who's in a care home for respite at the mo and I can't wait to see her. I haven't told her I'm going so it will be a nice surprise. I'm hoping I can find a nice high chair so I can have a sit down while I'm there.
Re: Hiya newbie here.

I just want to ask about sitting on the floor. I'm looking forward to sitting down and playing tug with my dogs and they keep bringing their toys to me to play,they must be very confused as to why I don't play with them

Anyway, is it easy to get down and back up again with our new hips. I've been trying to imagine how I will do it, think I have forgot how I used to do it but I will be worried about the twisting and doing some damage. Can you do it once restrictions have been lifted?
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Hi Annie, you may not be able to sit on the floor at first. Muscles will be very tight and might complain at first. Just take things slow. Ease into any new movement. But you are absolutely right - not until you have an official lifting of restrictions from your OS.

I just noticed you asked to have your thread title changed. What would you like? I can do it for you.
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Thanks Jaycee. Can I have Anniepops THR recovery please.

Re: Hiya newbie here.

Morning Ann, how are you today? Hope you had a nice time seeing your Mum. Bet she was really chuffed to see you. Gorgeous day here, hope it's the same with you. Just off to do a couple of hours on the allotment. That should get the old body moaning!!
Take care
Anne x
Re: Hiya newbie here.

Hi Anne, I haven't been visiting yet. My Dad's going this morning then we are going after's good to spread the visitors out.

I'm great thanks, lucky you, having lovely weather, hope you have a nice time at your allotment...what do you grow?

It's weird weather here today, started off bright then torrential rain, thick snow now it's bright again. Hubby in a dilehma whether to hang out the washing or not...I'm pleased I can just sit here and have nowt to do with hip replacement stuff does have some benefits.

Have a great day Anne
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