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Jun 2, 2023
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Hello. Has anyone with Type 1 diabetes gone through total ankle replacement surgery? I’m keen to find out how they coped.
@curlywurlylindy Welcome to BoneSmart! I moved your post to a thread of your own so that our members in the ankle forum can see and respond. Are you scheduled for TAR? Have your discussed your situation with your surgeon?
@curlywurlylindy Hi I am 10 weeks into a TAR so can shed some light on how it was for me but cannot help with the diabetes side of things. The consultant would be a good starting point to ask the question. I can say for me it was quite major surgery and should really be a last resort. However so far so good for me. Good Luck in getting any info on Diabetes and TAR.
@orthpest Thanks for responding. I am still trying to see the right consultant. I've been offered total fusion or TAR. I can't really decide at present, but I know having this op could be potentially dangerous for infection, which as a Type 1 diabetic, I want to avoid. The physio afterwards is very important to me too, and having had surgery to release a frozen shoulder in 2021 I got none afterwards and still have limited range of movement, which is really not OK.

I'm interested to hear what lifespan they give a TAR? Will you get side to side movement at all?

My injury was a spiral compound fracture to lower tibia & upper fibula in 1990. It was pinned & screwed in 91, then I fell and the tip of the pin went into the ankle joint, which was bad. Finally had the metalwork removed in 95 before the insurance company would settle, but lost 20mm in length of the tibia. 28-30 years later the pain started for real. I had ankle arthroscopy in 2017 to remove bony spurs, but the pain is getting slowly worse. Real issue is a corn at my 5th metatarsal due to change in gait. I don't see the foot pain getting any better with either fusion or TAR. I actually wish I had demanded the leg lengthened back in 1991, but that's history now. The team at Barts in London actually tried to get me to consent to amputation, but I point blank refused because my foot was totally OK. That's the **** they try & force on people with diabetes!!


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Welcome to BoneSmart, @curlywurlylindy.

I'm sorry to read about the issues you are dealing with and want to share best wishes for a solution to your pain. While I haven't had a TAR and don't have experience with diabetes, I have great sympathy for you. As someone who has been through ankle surgery, I understand a bit about how difficulty a situation you are facing.

You may find it helpful to use the Search button on the far right of the blue tool bar above to find threads by other members who've been through TARs. Hope you find healing soon.

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