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THR An Opportunity to Enjoy Life Again

Day 27

The hip is progressing well, but have been suffering from a stomach upset for the past 10 days or so. I am not sure what has/is causing the nausea, but it could be some other bug that I picked up. My partner had a bit of an ichy stomach for several weeks, appeared to have recovered and then I don't feel great. So, no coffee, bland food in small amounts, no spices etc., and just waiting for it to clear up. As it's been low level, I have continued with exercises and extending outside walks every day.

This hip is recovering so much easier than my other one, what a difference! I can stand one legged on it more steadily for a longer period of time than the other leg that is now 10 months post op. Apart from those exercises that impact the hip flexors that still need further work on, I can do them just aswell as the other leg. Given that my legs are now almost the same length (as it does feel that there is a small difference), I can now walk so much more easily, no back pain that I had suffered from before, plus I am so much more balanced, so able to make even steps, though I have to think about it as the hip flexors need to stretch a little.

Sleeping continues to be a nightmare. Sleeping on my back just doesn't work for me. Although I can manover myself onto my sides, I can't stay in that position for long, as the lower leg on the operated side aches, getting worse the longer I try to stay in that position. It doesn't matter which side, whether its on top or on the bottom. It's almost like the leg is now in a difference mechanical position when I am on my side and all the muscles need to adjust to that new position, complaining about it. I have tried using different pillows in different positions to provide support, but still not successfully found one that works now. So after wriggling around, it's a return to my back, propped up with numerous pillows, transferring the ache to somewhere else. An hours sleep, wake up, wriggle around, lie in the dark eventually get another hour sleep and repeat.

Today I went I did a short drive to a country path for a walk with my partner and the dogs. It was lovely to get out of the house and walk somewhere different, other than outside my house. I took my two crutches, though I probably needed need both of them, but decided to do so until my level of confidence has gone up.
It's great to hear this recovery seems to be smoother for you.

Back sleeping, my freaking arch nemesis. It's a little weird, but I bought one of those air plane travel pillows and that helped a little. I don't horse shoe it around my neck like you normally would. I flip it like a U for the top of my head with using my regular pillow as well. I also have a wedge pillow for my feet because that seems to help with swelling and keeps my lumbar spine in a better position. My back is weird tho, so this might only be useful info for me, but just in case the airplane pillow helps, I thought I'd mention it.
Hi @Sukuma - sorry to hear about the tummy upset but glad the hip is progressing well and so much better than last time. Hopefully sleeping will get easier as your muscles adjust. Best wishes.
Hello Sukuma,
I hope the stomach upset you posted about a few days back has eased.
Not as fun enjoying the progress you're making when you're not feeling well.
You've hit a milestone...Happy One Month Anniversary! I hope you have a nice week. :SUNsmile:
1 year anniversary for the Left Hip and 3 month for the right hip.

Wow - a year ago I was terrified....

I am now back walking my dogs every day, building up the strength. The right hip replacement was a breeze, a very different experience compared to the left hip. My 3 month old hip is all settled in, no pain at all, great to walk on and its completely unnoticable to me that its been replaced. My left hip, the year old hip, is continuing to bother me. In saying that, I suspect its all related to my uneven hips. I have sought some advise around this and have a couple of simple exercises to go on a daily basis to try and address the problem. When I stand on my left leg, all the bones are not stacking up properly one over the other, instead, when I take a step, my knee twists slightly inwards, that twists my lower leg, so my foot also twists in slightly. Meanwhile, this impacts my centre of gravity, so I end up favouring my right leg with it taking more of my weight. It also means that my weight is not properly applied on my left foot when I walk, its not fully flat, the weight going on the internal edge of my foot, and all of this gives me a feeling that my right leg is slightly longer than my left - which it isn't. My walking step is evenly paced, just a little lop sided if I don't think about it, even when doing heel to toe. All a bit difficult to explain.

So for the past 6 weeks or so, when I walking, I have to concentrate on making sure my left foot doesn't turn inwards, that my knee is straight, not turning inwards, aswell as tucking in my lower back so my back is straight and use my right leg as much as I use my left. It feels very odd. I have had years of an awful left hip, that what my brain tells me is normal walking is incorrect, so when I correct it, my brain tells me its wrong. I feel like I have my foot and keen twisted outwards when walking, yet when I look down at them, they are straight and my foot is flat on the floor. I also feel like I am leaning to the left, but as my partner tells me, I am walking straight. I have leant onto my less arthritic right hip for so many years, that I just can't judge cenre of gravity any more, so have to relearn my walking position. Whilst this would have been a problem anyway, I suspect the leg length descrepancy I had between the replacements, didnt help the situation. I can easily stand one leg on my right 3 month old hip while lifting up my left, infront, to the side, to the back and repeat. Standing on my 1 year old left hip takes alot of concentration, with alot of wobbling and maybe lift my right knee up if I think very hard, plus I really feel the strain it in the joint. Getting the stance right , to get the balance is tricky for me, however it is now improving with the exercises I am doing that help to remind me what position my leg should be in and constant walking practice. There have been moments, when I can stand on the left and lift my right leg up and then behind me while balancing on the leg - those are the moment when I know I have got the balance right...... practice......

Despite the above issue that I really don't know if I will ever fully resolve - I am so delighted to be able to head off for a 3.5 mile once more.
Happy one year hip anniversary to you! Mine will be two years in a couple of weeks! I can't believe it.
Did you get new shoes for walking? That's really important but I'm sure you've been advised of that.
I'm walking about 4 miles a day, broken up into 2-3 trips.
I've always been an avid walker & so missed walking my rescue dogs as well as just walking in my neighborhood.
I'm dog sitting this weekend and my little guy LOVES his walks. I think when you have a dog by your side walking makes it even more pleasurable.
All I would add here if you feel unstable just stop & take a break then resume later. I sometimes get thigh pain but I know it's muscle related & many times it's due to my own impatience to get outside & start an early AM walk & the muscles aren't quite ready & foolishly didn't stretch. See, we never learn! Most of my issues are brought on by my own impatience.

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