Advice on recliner chair?

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Mar 24, 2008
United States
Hi, I am wondering about buying or renting a recliner for after my hip surgery and I am not sure if this is a good idea or not.
I don't seem to have anything high enough to sit on, or anything with arms. I know I will have a tough time sleeping on my back if I sleep at all.
So I am thinking a recliner might be a good thing to invest in? I have read you make them higher with 2x4s. So maybe some of you can give me some hints on what not to get.
I appreciate all the help I can get here, starting to get a bit worried about trying to get comfortable with a recliner or a hospital bed even. Help!
LOVED, LOVED, LOVED my recliner for recovery!!!! We bought it just for me. Raised it up with bed risers that you can buy in any bed and bath store. Any time during the day if I got tired, I just hopped up into my recliner and was able to nap away!

When my neighbor had his hip done, he called me to see how I had been able to sleep at night, since he was having a horrrible time. No one had told him to get a recliner, so we brought ours down to him. He ended up sleeping in it, called me up almost in tears to thank me for saving him!

Try to buy it before your surgery so you can make sure it fits you and you can reach all the levers/controls. The recliner is still one of the favorite chairs in the house with all the family, so I figure it was a great investment.

Hi Andrea,
I think I have been some of your older posts and it is one reason I am asking about the chair.
The bed raisers, they won't fall over or anything will they?
And the recliner, I really am not sure but does it matter how low the seat goes in the chair.
I am going to go out looking because others have said they slep in them too. Thank you thank you .Sandy
I was told to definitely not sit in a recliner due to the 90 degree thing. I did use one when I had my THR though. I'm facing a revision in 2 weeks and am again facing what I'll sit in.
I also had home physical therapy say NOT to sit in my recliner, but myself don't think that was good advice.

The problem with a recliner is getting out of them. Since they are generally low, the fear is you will bend too much when getting out of them. I do think this is a potential problem, but it can be overcome. Extend your "bad" leg straight out, use your hands and your "good" leg to get you out without overbending. Practice and use your walker or cane if you need it.

If your elderly, have weak arms, or have two "bad" hips, I probably wouldn't recommend it, but otherwise, at least for me, it was great.
Well this certainly puts a damper on things. I am not sure about the bending thing but assume when they explain it all in the hospital I will understand exactly what everyone is saying about bending ect. I am one of those visual far I don't think I have anything high enough to sit on lol.
Well I will just have to wing it as it goes. Thanks all.
Ooops sorry. Let me explain more.

After hip surgery, the biggest restriction you will have is no bending you legs at and angle less than 90 degrees with your back. When you stand you are at 180 degrees, no problem, but when you sit, this angle decreases. They tell you to sit in high chairs and high beds because you are less likely to bend less than the 90 degrees.

Now think of that soft recliner, or actually getting out of it. Your chest moves down to put your center of gravity over your legs to stand. This is BAD, because your leg to back angle is likely LESS than 90 degrees. So, the trick is to NEVER violate this angle, at least for several months.

So, to get out of the chair, fully extend out your surgery leg, side your rear to the edge of the chair, then your your arms and good leg to stand. If your careful, and strong enough, you should be fine. Practice.
I had RTHR March 2007 and LTHR in January 2008. The electric recliner I purchased at a medical supply store though expensive, was one of the best purchses i ever made. It tilts so you are able to get out the chair and all kinds of other positions still observing the 90 degree rule. My Pt checked it out and gave an OK. I love it. I'm almost 12 weeks after surgery and hoping my surgeon will lift all the restrictions when I see him on Tuesday 4/22. I will continue to use the recliner forever.
Thank you for the explanation and I see what your saying. I suppose that I am not sure about how I am going to be feeling after surgery which puts me at a stand still for the chair. I mean, because both hips are bad so I really wonder if will even be able to stand and not have my left hip hurt? I mean I know it is possible because people are doing it so I am not even questioning that now. I am very strong in my arms so that isn't a problem. But sitting down low as you stated I can see may or may not be and that os the question. People swear by them and some say no. I was thinking it would be more of a bed for me because I know I can't sleep on my back I just can't do it. But I have fallen asleep in big comfty chairs.....hmmmm
I guess we will have to see as of now I have nothing. Thank you...

IF the hospital you are using has a "hip class", make sure you take it. They will teach you how to make all the moves you need to so that you do not break your restrictions. Including getting in and out of a recliner, which was recomended by the OT and PT. BUT, you do need to raise the recliner up and it must be steady. The recliner we bought had 4 legs so the bed risers worked with it. It was very stable and I never had any problem getting in or out. Some recliners have more of a platform for a base. Then you need to use something more like a pallet to raise the chair. Once the chair is high enough, your arms raise your upper body enough to get you out of the chair without bending forward too far. You do need to have sturdy arms on the chair too.

I did get my house all set up several weeks before my surgery and I actually "practiced" with everything. That did help! I like the sound of the electric recliner too!

If you can afford it get a reclining lift virtually stands you up when you get out of it and from a standing position you just squat very little and then it lowers you how much you want all the way to a virtual laying down position....I am now 8 weeks post op and I virtually lived in this chair for the first 4 or 5 weeks and still use it all the time..It operates electrically with a hand held up and down control....Also no problem with the 90 deg rule..Only way to go...Good luck!!!
Well so far I haven't found a chair except the one that pushed you up and out but it is way out of my budget for a temp chair.
I guess I am uncertain now and they say when in nothing. So I will probably be kicking myself later for this. Time will tell....
I had RTHR March 2007 and LTHR in January 2008. The electric recliner I purchased at a medical supply store though expensive, was one of the best purchses i ever made. It tilts so you are able to get out the chair and all kinds of other positions still observing the 90 degree rule. My Pt checked it out and gave an OK. I love it. I'm almost 12 weeks after surgery and hoping my surgeon will lift all the restrictions when I see him on Tuesday 4/22. I will continue to use the recliner forever.
Annette I sent you a private email yesterday. Did you get it? Wanting information on where you got your chair. Thanks..Patty
I was told not to sit in a recliner because you can't make the legs go down. Well, I lived in my recliner and at first yes I did need someone else to put the legs down but I don't know where I would have sat with out it. I loved it. I did not have to raise it just extend your operated leg when you stand to watch that 90 degree restriction. And you can always add a little height but sitting on a pillow.
I think I saw this on another thread, but is there a particular brand &/or style of recliner that people have found helpful? I do NOT want to get one of those tilt-u-out ones, just a "regular" recliner. La-Z-Boy? LaFuma? Anything else? Help! My left THR is scheduled for July 9th, & the only living room furniture I have are dining room chairs (no arms), a squooshy, fairly low sofa (comfy, but probably not good for post-surgery), & a club chair that needs to be reupholstered/re-sprung. Suggestions? Thanks.
Hey Rejoyce,
I Emailed Annette On This Thread A While Back And Wanted Her Recliner. They Are Expensive And Nice Looking. That Will Be My Gift On My Next Hip Replacement. And Yes, It Is Like A Medi Recliner With All The Gadgets. You Can Actually Pick Out The Things You Want On It. Since It Sounds Like You Have A Limited Amount Of Furniture That Would Not Work I Suggest For Now A Comfy Office Chair That I Purchased At Office Depot For My Computer. I Ended Up Leaving It In The Den So I Could Watch Tv. Only Couches In There And Too Low To The Ground. The Chair Has A High Back And Arms On The Side. You can also adjust the height. And You Could Roll It Around To Wherever You Needed To Be Like The Kitchen Table, Tv Viewing, Etc...I Would Google For The Recliner You Want. There Are So Many Out There To Choose From. Patty
I have a lift recliner. A push of the button and it stands you up. I have slept in it for months as I haven't been able to sleep in bed. When I have my surgery this month I am sure I will love it more. It helps you to stand without bending forward.
rejoyce- I have a regular recliner that I got at a Sam's Club years ago. So nothing special. Just keep in mind that at first you may need some one to help you un-recline. But I could do it with my 'good leg' within a week. I have loved it, most definitaly the most comfortable place to sit, watch TV, read or just be. I never even thought of needing a lift chair. And if I needed the other one done I still wouldn't get a lift one. Hope this help and good luck. I go back to work in a week. 12weeks post op.
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