Adjusting Activities As We Age with New Joints


Oct 13, 2016
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In so many responses on this forum there seems to be a common sense of wondering what activities can I do after hip surgery. Especially while recovery can be restrictive and many worry about how long can these various stages of recovery take before I can get back to a normal life.

Throughout my 24 years of Hippielife there are lessons that I have learned on how important it is to accept some limitations after hip surgery. Also as we age how we can maintain the life of the components and our mobility. I am sure many here can share theirs too. There are many adjustments and limitations after joint replacement surgery. No matter what the age it’s important to maintain our mobility that joint replacement has provided. Many factors can effect some limitations along the way as we develop acceptance and understanding as to how movement with our new joints apply to many daily activities.

I had the first THR surgery in my early 50’s, second in 60’s and third 70’s. Each one has had different lasting side-effects on joints and movements. Especially in my knees and my back. In my case the one thing that keeps me going is age appropriate joint awareness. Mild exercises, walking and ‘Pilates‘. Keep moving, and most importantly keep core strength strong and everything else will follow. Essential for maintaining mobility as we age.

If your not familiar with ‘Mindfulness’ please get to know how important it is to our physical and mental health. It is my best friend. Mindfulness is thinking ahead and planning ahead before any activities . By paying attention to what comes next and our surroundings before just jumping into a project. A example…I have had horses all my life and I still ride my horses and thru mindfulness I changed the breed of horse I ride so I could still ride within my limitations while applying my new athletic limitations to connect with new body movements . Why? Well it’s part of ’Mindfulness‘. (very important technique to manage hippielife long term ). Before hip surgery I rode Arabian breeds of horses and they have a hippity hoppity gate and a short wheel span from front to back.

I switched the breed to ride Tennessee Walkers. They are a rocking gaited horse, which leads to a easier ride on hips and joints. They have a wider wheel span from front to back. Therefore no popping up and down sharply on hip joints. The Tennessee Walker in a running walk gait can go up to 20 mph and it‘s like sitting in a easy chair. No jolting, twisting, popping whatsoever and a completely smooth glide to a stop. That is an example of using mindfulness…adjusting and planning ahead by staying engaged with age-joint appropriate activities. A good way to maintain long lasting shiny hips.

One of my hip joints is 24 years old and still going. Over the years … from hiking, riding, snow skiing, boating, ATV, gardening, all the activities with family, while accepting the difference in limitations thru ‘Mindfulness’. Another good example of ‘Mindfulness’ is the vacuum, by switching to Roomba, no pushing or pulling. Easy on back hip and knees. Thank goodness for progress.

I have done a lot of different activities thru the years taking care and accepting as time goes by new limitations sneak in too. To maintain a good level of expectations as aging continues to be a challenge, by also remembering the components used for my mobility I need to take care of along the way by remaining mindful of my limitations.

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