Knee Infection* Adieu

Thanks for the "before" and "after" photos to show your progress. Your knee is looking good!! It sounds like things are getting resolved. Here's to a wonderful 2023!
I’m in the middle of revision surgery. The removal was in November. The replacement is in January. Everything has gone very well, however, I’ve developed small hard bumps near the scar that are painful to the touch. They may be in a vein?

They have reduced in size, but now the scar, which healed smoothly, also has bumps all along it. I was wondering is it was the way they stitched the knee up, or something else.

Just curious
You might want to report this scar issue to your surgeon.

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Best wishes on your continuing recovery! :flwrysmile:
I'm not sure what the bumps could be either and it would be very difficult to even guess with out seeing them. A photo might help. But the best thing to do is to ask your surgeon. I suspect he will have the answer right away as he knows your knee better than anyone.

Bumps down the sides of an incision can be scar tissue if sutures were used. If this is the case, they should disappear and flatten with time. But they usually don't hurt to the touch. If you're concerned at all, call the doctor's office and ask about it.
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Hello @Jazzerguy
Hopefully you've received reassurance from your surgeon or care team in regard to the bumps, or they are resolving. It's now two months to date since your first stage and only a few weeks until the second. My New Years wish for you is perfect healing over the next months and a year of good health and much joy. A great rest of the week to you! :)
Thanks Layla! The bumps haven’t quite been resolved, but will probably be addressed in about 3.5 weeks. They certainly haven’t been life threatening . I’m prepared for the next phase. I’m going to heal and get well!
Yes, you are, most certainly are. Good days are coming!!! :thumb:
Glad to read you're ready to roll, heal and get well. Only a few days to go now and you'll be on the bright side. Please join us on the Knee Recovery forum once you're resting comfortably and feeling up to it. We look forward to following your healing journey there!
Came home today after replacement yesterday. Two excellent surgeons. Said everything went very well: Minimal bone loss from infection. Bone stock was good. They used stem replacements and said they fit perfectly.

I’m not thrilled about all of the meds, icing, exercises etc. but I must get this right so I can move on. My surgery was 24 hours ago. I’ve felt great, which means the nerve block is about to wear off!
Great news! Glad to read you are home and like reading the positive news your surgeon's shared with you. Hopefully any increase in pain is well managed with meds. I was an icing fanatic, but certainly understand not everyone is comfortable with it. I wish you lots of comfort and restorative rest as you begin healing. :ice:
Im very “kneedy” today…

1) While I was completing my TKR stretches today (and following the guidelines carefully) , I got to the exercise where you do straight leg lifts from a sitting position. And I performed the stretch I heard a gurgling, liquid like sound from the knee on both sides of my bandage. No blood or visible liquid under bandage. I immediately stopped the exercise and am waiting for a call from my doctors office. Any insight?

2) I checked out of the hospital after knee replacement surgery today. As I was given instructions regarding stretching exercises, I was advised to use a two wheel walker. Or more appropriately, a slow, loud, awkward, inconvenient device that usually gets hung up on carpets. I had used a four-wheeled “Drive” model while I was recovering from my infection recovery period, prior to TKR yesterday. It was smooth, easy to operate and has brakes.

His suggestion does not make sense to me. Comments or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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I think it is way too early to try and do the sitting leg lifts. That is way too much for it to have to do this early. Your knee isn't even 2 days old. The main things you should be doing are icing and elevating for the next few weeks. Walking around the house doing your daily activities is all you need to do.

I used a 4 wheeled rolling walker for weeks. When I finally made it back out, I used the walker as a sign for others to be careful around me.
A lot of times the recommendation will be for a 2-wheeled walker because it is considered to be safer for a patient in the early days of recovery. They want you to go slower when you walk and people do tend to go faster with the four wheels. Your balance may not be as good as it will be in a few weeks and your strength is definitely reduced.

Do you have tennis balls on your 2-wheeled walker? That should help it move more easily over carpeted floors. If you have rugs and not wall-to-wall carpet, remove as many of them as you can so you can walk more easily with the 2-wheeled model….at least for a while.

The important thing is to be comfortable and safe. You’ll have to decide what works best for you.
Happy to report that my revision implant took place on Monday. I had two excellent doctors. They reported that my bone stock looked great and the new implant fit perfectly. They used a pegged implant to promote more stability.

They also grafted material onto what became a thin patella during the previous surgery. This will improve the resilience and function of my quad muscles as well.

I am taking an easier approach to healing this time and letting my body do its thing. I had to have 180 ccs of blood removed from the knee yesterday, but there are no negative implications.

Last night was one of the most pain-free nights of sleep I’ve had in a couple years.

Keeping the Faith!
Last night was one of the most pain-free nights of sleep I’ve had in a couple years.
Such wonderful news! I hope it continues.

Glad to read you're taking an easier approach to healing. You've been through a lot. May your efforts lead to the best outcome. Many blessings to you!
Glad your 2nd step is going well. Take it easy and let your body heal itself. It knows what to do! You are done. Congratulations!
Last night was one of the most pain-free nights of sleep I’ve had in a couple years.
That sounds brilliant! So pleased to read it all went well.
Day 8. Pain free sleep persists. Patella strength is evident following the graft build up during surgery. Walking about 1/4 - 1/3 mile per day now. First PT home visit is this afternoon. Interested in observations. So far In my case, revision surgery implant is a mere shadow of the fist implant in terms of pain and recovery. Fingers crossed and following my protocol

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