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Welcome to BoneSmart.


Each month, tens of thousands of people like you

use BoneSmart to receive the most comprehensive
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joint replacement information available.

First and foremost, BoneSmart is committed to patients. Both the BoneSmart website and forum library provide insight into arthritis and how it impacts the joints in your body. We offer educational material pertaining to the disease, treatments, and joint replacement surgery that give you the information needed to discuss your options with your surgeon or other medical professionals. BoneSmart offers a wide variety of educational information on the website itself. Plus, our forum library contains helpful short articles as well as pertinent scientific and research papers to address concerns and questions our members tell us are important to them.

Although it operates independently, BoneSmart is a non-profit organization that falls under the Foundation for the Advancement in Research in Medicine, Inc. (FARM), a 501(c)(3) company. Although BoneSmart may partner with companies for specific educational programs, we are not underwritten by anyone in the medical community. BoneSmart always has been and will continue to be an independent and trusted resource available to the general public for matters pertaining to arthritic joints and joint replacement surgery.


Our BoneSmart forum offers support 24/7. Unlike other websites pertaining to joint issues, BoneSmart is unique in that it offers a responsive patient forum where members can receive information and support from our dedicated staff of volunteer Forum Advisors and Moderators. In most cases, posts will receive comments within 24 hours, as staff members are normally available 24/7 and continually monitor each and every new post. Many of the staff have medical credentials and all have had joints replaced themselves. A majority of the staff have been working with joint replacement patients for 5 to 10 years or more here on BoneSmart. They have been vetted and trained to ensure the information provided is current and accurate. Our site has received awards for excellence for a number of years from Healthline and is well respected within the orthopedic community.

Our goal as a trusted resource is to remain independent. Medical issues may be addressed by the forum staff. When necessary, staff members will confer with one of our supporting surgeons. BoneSmart maintains partnerships and liaisons with a wide variety of companies and professionals in the medical industry to remain current on available products, procedures, and services. But in no way do these relationships influence the content on our website and forum nor do we promote any product or service based on these relationships.

In addition to conversations with our staff, forum members are encouraged to share their own experiences with other members and offer one another support and encouragement. We operate the forum under the rules and guidelines that you agree to when you register. Our forum rules for posting can be found here. Because we are primarily a medical site and not a social forum, we do ask that members stick to these guidelines when engaging others on the forum.

Helping people navigate their joint journey is our passion. The staff here at BoneSmart is comprised primarily of volunteers who have experienced arthritis and joint replacement themselves. While we may have sponsors for particular educational events, the BoneSmart website and forum are operated 100% from tax deductible donations. Your generosity is what keeps us going from month to month. If you find BoneSmart helpful, please make a donation to allow us to continue the work we're doing. There is no shortage of joint patients out there who need help and support and we want to be there for them!

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