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A few tips on posting xrays

Discussion in 'How To Use This Forum' started by Josephine, Jan 26, 2014.

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    1. crop the image to remove personal information and other intimate details like genitals

    2. post as 'full image' NOT 'thumbnail. Using the thumbnail feature automatically reduces images to about 300 pixels wide

    3. above all, please keep the images large - at least 1,000 pixels wide - as there will be a need to enlarge to define detail and small images loose their resolution when enlarged

    4. and if your image is 3,000 mpx or more, don't worry - our image uploader is perfectly capable of handling it!

    If you get a CD-rom from the hospital with your xrays on it, they will also give you some instructions on how to open in on your computer.

    Once you get the images open, they will probably be full screen so I suggest you take a screen shot (hit PrtSc) and then paste it on your usual photo library software. I suggest you then crop it to remove the personal data and then past it again.

    Then save it making sure the image size is about 800-1400 pixels. The forum image uploader can cope with this easily.
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