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:yes!: 12/6 was my 3 year anniversary for BTHR - I'm happy to say the 3 year old hips and I are doing just great:egypdance: Last week I went Christmas shopping for hours with nary a twinge or complaint (other than sore feet and deplete $$). Got a clean bill of health from my primary care doctor earlier this fall - and he is still very impressed with how well the hip replacements have worked for me.

This past summer was another trip to Virginia to see son and granddaughter - we :swim: and :hiking: and :biking: and :capn: and even :horseriding: Plus played games, cleaned son's apartment, went shopping, ate, laughed and had a marvelous time. I also handed out BoneSmart info to a couple of folks I met at my hotel :)

Next summer is 50th High School Reunion time so another trip to the East Coast .... and hopefully a mini family reunion with brother, his partner, son, granddaughter and who ever else is around.

Best wishes to all BoneSmarties for full recovery and joyful resumption of all your favorite activities - Live on pain free hips is a blessing!
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Wow....that's a wonderful report. You're certainly putting those hips to the test, aren't you. I'm smiling just reading about all the fun you're having.
This is such good news. Thanks for sharing it! I love seeing people with such success. Great going. Take care. Tashia
Happy, happy 'BTHR' three year anniversary Deb - what a great update. How wonderful that you are getting to spend time with your son and granddaughter - good for you dear friend xxxx

I passed my three year anniversary last month :)
:wave: waving at @bottomshollow @Jamie @tashia and @Poppet Say does anyone of the admin staff know where my green Bilateral tag went? Use to be there at the front of any thread I started .... and now it's not there:blackcloud:I'd love to get it back if possible
Hi Deb, @djklaugh I have applied it to this thread, will have to find your other recovery thread.

Hugs xx
Another year has come and gone :) 4th Anniversary of my BHs (beautiful hips) - I did go to my 50th High School Reunion this past June and had a wonderful time! Lots of walking up and down hills :walking: - though the school did provide dandy golf carts with recent school grads as drivers :driver: It was fun and interesting to talk to these kids and hear what their plans are for their futures. My Dad - who was headmaster of this school when I was in high school - would be very pleased and proud at how well the school is doing and how marvelous the students are.

Oh yeah and we ate .... and ate ..... and ate!!! Great food - if not for all the walking I probably would have gained 10lbs.

Also had fun visiting with my former sister-in-law and my nephew - I stayed at her home in Vermont while attending the reunion.

Son and Granddaughter came for a visit in August - more hiking and more fun and frivolity :dancy: :loveshwr: :yay:

The hips continue to be wonderful - they are now just part of me - LOL I wore a bathing suit a number of times this summer and no one even noticed my hip scars - they are now just pencil lines :) Shoulder scar is more dramatic and noticeable but no biggie :thumb:

Not much else is new - just puttering around the house enjoying being retired - getting a bit involved in neighborhood issues and *GASP* - who me???? - politics! I think I just volunteered to stuff envelops for Bernie :heehee:

More blessings and sincere wishes that every BoneSmartie will have a very merry holiday season and a happy, healthy, and fun New Year:cheers2: :cheers: :beer: :loveshwr:
Happy hippy anniversary! You are proof there is lots of living to do post BTHR! Thanks for the update @djklaugh !
I think that there should be a tag beside your name for those who had both hips replaced sequential method rather than the true bilateral surgery. Not so much for gratification purposes but so that the two procedures could be more easily identified and compared. I also think there is some confusion amongst us and some have had both hips replaced in a sequential manner think that is bilateral also.
@determined21 I really did have both hips replaced at the same time! True bilateral procedure :) Here at BoneSmart the green bilateral tags are only given to those of us who have had the true bilateral procedure done.
Congratulations @djklaugh. From one bilateral to another, I applaud you. It sound like you are really enjoying life. I tried to find your recovery thread, but I wasn't successful. I'd love to read it.
Congratulations on your anniversary!!! It's always great to read good news.
I read most of your thread. For some reason I can't get the other pages now. I think I stopped at page 9. I don't see the button with the page #'s, or "next". Great reading, by the way. You are so positive.
Thank you for posting @djklaugh and congratulations on a phenomenal recovery.It is so very inspiring to those of us in the early stages to read such a success story
Congratulations, @djklaugh! Reading your post made me smile and gives me hope. Here's to many more years of fun activities! :)
@Hip Hip Hooray! Hummmm don't know why you couldn't get to the last few pages of that thread - I just tried it and was able to get all the way through.

@Kim22 and @DeepBreath thanks for your comments - it is so nice to hear that my journey can be helpful to others :) That's what makes BoneSmart such a terrific community - the sharing, support, excellent information and generation of new ideas :loveshwr:

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