9 Months after THR unexplained pain

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Mar 24, 2007
I had THR nine months ago. I felt fine after the operation up until a month and a half ago. I have now developed severe pain in the femur and the knee of the operated side (right) to the extent that I can no longer walk.

The surgeon says that the operation went perfectly. The X-rays and the CTs don't show anything unusual, but a bone scan shows signs of activity in the area. It doesn't seem to be an infection, as none of the normal symptoms of infection (fever, etc.) exist. What we have been told is that everything in the operated area is intact. Noone has been able to identify the cause of the pain.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any suggestions?
How horrible for you! If you can no longer walk after a THR then something is definitely wrong. Go to another surgeon or surgeons for help.

I learned that not everything shows up in 'tests'. Nothing 'looked' wrong with my hip either. After 16 years of begging the doctors to do something for the pain one surgeon finally went in. After surgery he told me that the socket just fell apart and he didn't know how I'd be walking!

This time I've been begging for the last ten years and I finally found a surgeon who is willing to help me. I really don't know why they are so reluctant. Possible liability problems may be the reason. It's easier to let you suffer and operate on an easier candidate.

Maybe someone could go back in to check things out. Don't let them blow you off! Good luck.
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