TKR 8 week post op

My entire ortho team was adamant: in the initial weeks Less Is Better.
That meant a couple of weeks living in the recliner, icing and elevating nearly continuously, taking a short walk with walker (then cane) every hour, and doing a few ankle movements and quad sets now and then. Plus attending to my hygiene and nutritional needs (I did have MDH for food prep and frozen water bottle duty).
I think you should skip PT and continue to ice and elevate until that swelling comes back down. Your poor knee needs to recover from your busy day before exercising it more.
How are you doing? I was also struggling (and still do) with finding the right balance between doing and over-doing - haha! I'm at 5 weeks today and still have days that I don't know if I over-did it the day before or just am randomly tired and sore. Hope you are feeling better!
Thanks @selketine and @sistersinhim. My PT came by yesterday but advised more rest, ice, elevate, and is due back tomorrow morning.
I think I was comparing this surgery to my other knee replacement last June way too much, and took liberties of being more active. I set goals of getting off the walker sooner and of doing certain exercises by the time the staples come out next week, etc.
Now that’s all out the window and I’m just taking it a day at a time, until I can find a balance for me, now, after this surgery.
I’m 8 days post op and probably needed a slap from the Universe to rein me in sooner than later!
At least we have beautiful weather here in Denver. My cousin in Connecticut woke up to a foot of snow!
‘Enjoy the day!
Just wanted to report that my staples came out today (yay) and I went right into outpatient PT.
I am so relieved that my ROM improved by 9 degrees as soon as the staples came out. (93 degrees)
So if anyone is struggling while the staples are in, no worries. It gets better right away.
The knee is still very swollen and black and blue, but I am off of opioids and icing/elevating as much as I can. Still using a walker and occasionally a cane for short treks in my small house.
I know I have a long way to go, but this 2-week point is a little milestone for me, as it was with my other TKR last year.
Great report - but still very early days. Slow and steady and please don't stress about ROM. It will come with time and patience.

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Glad you had the staples removed. Never had them, never want them. They LOOK painful to me.
Thanks for encouraging others waiting to have theirs removed. Keep up with the icing as it does help relieve swelling. :ice:Nice update, Late Boomer!
@Late Boomer
Sounds like you’re going to be a pro at this, ie it isn’t easy but keep slogging through it. Hardest thing is remembering to be patient because when you go all out one day you pay for it the next few days….
A belated Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope you're doing well these days. Please let us know next time you're around. We love updates.
Wish you all the best!
@Late Boomer
Thanks so very much!
Things are coming along slowly but I am seeing progress in little things daily.
I no longer need a strap to lift my leg on the table at PT, and I am biking slowly with full forward rotations. Initially I could only go backwards.
Still slow with the cane, but I was able to drive for the first time today with a brief visit to the store for curbside pick up of groceries.
All of these things are new since last week. I tend to be fairly impatient and hard on myself, but stopping and acknowledging progress, regardless of how small, helps tremendously.
Thank you again for remembering my One Month Anniversary!
Much appreciated!
Good evening,
I just hit 8 weeks post op today and thought I’d check in.
Am riding a bike at home and doing exercises while going to PT twice a week.
I’ve started to do the 8” stairs in my house, with both knees, using a cane and the staircase railing. I hate stairs but have 15 of them to get to my bedroom, so I have no choice.
Otherwise, I’ve ditched the cane, although my walking is slow without it.
Also, I’ve started walking my dog again, instead of having my neighbor do it.
He’s old like me, so it’s ok to walk slowly and methodically.
The knee seems tight and I do have weird nerve pain here and there. Not dissimilar to my last surgery.
When I go to PT, I am frustrated that I am not progressing faster, or the pain is worse than my first surgery (right total knee-June 2023), and my therapist laughs because this is exactly what I said last time and apparently, the pain is similar. (I totally own being impatient while understanding this is a yearlong process.)
I hope everyone is doing well, enjoying Spring, and being more patient than me!
Patience is definitely the hardest part of this recovery!

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Many members bookmark their thread in their computer browser, so they can find it when they log on.
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Best wishes on your continuing recovery! :flwrysmile:

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