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THR 7 wks post-op RT THR - Thigh pain

Empty Nest

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Jul 10, 2017
Central Virginia
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Hi all!

Before my surgery on May 23rd I found this site! The notes written to one another brightened my spirits and I felt I had found my spot. :)

I have been suffering from chronic hip pain since 2005. Due to my age at that time (42 years old) I have been misdiagnosed and had several surgeries performed that had no relation to my right hip, which I am finding out were unnecessary. :( I had a right hip arthoplasty almost a year ago which revealed FAI, CAM, bursitis, and osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, the surgery failed.

A partner to the OS agreed to a THR and ever since the surgery my chronic pain was relieved; however, I am still experiencing surgical pain. :(

I have made quite a few strides in mobility and have greatly reduced the number of pills I take daily but I am not moving quite fast enough. I had been on Oxycodone 10/325 for a few years prior to the THR in order to manage my extraordinary pain until the trauma had been found. It has been a long journey for sure!

Post-op in the last 3 weeks I have been able to walk stairs, walk my doggies around the neighborhood and float on a raft in a lake (conservatively)! After not being able to do anything for so long I am so excited to MOVE!!!!! I am not sure if I am moving too much....

I have a question - does anybody have thigh muscle pain? The sensation of sitting on a "ball" has subsided - THANKFULLY!!!

The muscle pain on top and on the side of my thigh is difficult to handle. It feels like a deep pain.... This pain has grown in intensity within the last 4-5 days.

I had my 2nd follow-up with the OS on June 23rd. He took an x-ray in the office and thankfully it showed that the placement of the prosthesis was perfect!

My GP has and is providing pain medication and has tapered the quantity from 90 pre-op to 50 pre-op and of course I feel awful asking for more.....

I do need to add that both the OS and GP are compassionate but are very conservative now with pain medication.

Should I be concerned about the THR? Anybody else struggle with this pain or dilemma?

Yours truly, EmptyNest . :) Thank you for the smiles!


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