THR 6 Months later...

Hey Suzy I’m your hip replacement twin how are you doing. Hope you’re ok. Interestingly my opposite knee also hurts xxx
Hi Lou, just back from 5 days in Spain to get a bit of sunshine. Sorry to hear about your knee, mine is better so hopefully yours will improve too! It bothered me for about 6 weeks and then just got better. Interestingly both of my hips felt great while I was away....something to do with warmth maybe? I have had 2 viruses back to back though, I feel my immunity is low post op and have feel a bit low generally at times. People say it is a big op and your body takes time to recover, I think that is very true. But all in all the hip is doing well. How are you doing? xx
Hi all, I am at almost the 6 month mark. It has been going well until about 1 week ago! I have been struggling with a lower back spasm and general stiffness across that whole area. I am hoping it is just that I have overdone things...I am back at Pilates once a week, did a couple of long walks, gardened and weirdly, had a massage which I think may have kicked things off as it was the next day that trouble started. A recent x ray confirmed all is good with the operated hip but just wondered if anyone else had a wee set back on their recovery journey? Trying to not feel down about it!
@SuzyR Sounds like you did a bit too much all a once. Adding all that new activity is bound to make areas that have not worked in awhile complain. The massage may indeed have aggravated things. Remember, recovery does not happen in a straight line. And it does take up to one year or more. Try adding one new activity in a week. Then if you feel fine, do a bit more.

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I did same thing, I was 100% fine, decided to go back to work a few days to make some extra cash and my back went into spasms.
First few shifts I was ok but then worked 2 super busy shifts in a row and once done I could barely walk.
I went to doctor and took X-Ray cause of course right away we thing we did something to the hip but the hip is happy and fine.
I'm going for MRI on June 1.
New ortho took one look at my X-Ray and said I have some lower back degeneration, so here we go!
Have good days and not so good but overall the pain is manageable.
My doctor gave me steroids to reduce inflammation and that really helped.
Also been stretching my back and legs.

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