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Dec 26, 2022
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So I am on my 2nd hip replacement on my right hip. I had my left hip done 9 months ago and right knee replacement 10 months prior to that. I have been diagnosed with a rare rapid bone degenerative disease, hence the replacements.
Anyway knee was a breeze, but left hip just never recovered as I had hoped and at the time my right hip was strong. Suddenly overnight the right just went and within 3 months I was on crutches.
I am 2.5 weeks post op now and it is going so well. Off crutches at home. One crutch to walk outside. Very minimal pain. I feel so much better mentally too. I see my Physio for first time tomorrow so hope it's a thumbs up to start gentle rehabilitation at the gym.
Desperate to get back on my horse, it's been a long time. I regretted my first hip but am very positive about the right.
@JulieK Welcome to the double hippie club. Both done and dusted!

What was the date of your surgery? I'll update your signature for you.

So glad you are already seeing the benefits of these replacements. Just give that hip a bit of time. You'll be back in the saddle soon! :horseriding:
Welcome back, Julie, for this latest THR recovery.

Your left hip may continue to improve over the next months and even the next year.
There are many members that do notice improvement into the second and even third year post op.

Great news that this recovery is going so well. You seem very encouraged, as you should be. Go slow and easy in PT and don’t do anything that hurts.
Best Wishes this time around!
Jacey my 2nd THR was 5th July
Great update and isn't this surgery all about getting back to what we love to do (like your horseback riding). I missed walking my rescue dogs sooo much but now I'm back at it and also dog sitting several days a week to earn some $$$.
Continued positive recovery!
Happy One Month Anniversary, Julie!
How are you doing? Let us know when you have the time.
I hope, Lefty, is doing well also at almost ten months post op.
All the best as you continue on your healing journey. :walking:
Yes right hip recovering much better than left did. Off crutches at 2 weeks. Now completing 4km walks daily unaided. My left can get sore still, but no pain in recent right. Back to gym from 14th, under physio guidance and cycling. Back is still an issue, so any pain now tends to come from Back. Very happy
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope all is still well and you're finding some relief with the back pain.
Take good care!

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