20 years old getting hips replaced

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Feb 22, 2008
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i'm twenty years old and next week i am getting my one of my hips replaced the 27th and six weeks after the other one is going to be replaced ive had rare case of hip dysplasia all my life and its caused little mobility and pain in my hips ive lost about 60 lbs in the past 4 years and am in good shape i work out everyday more then most of my buddies and family in the national guard i can walk a little with out my crutches but the hips get sore and hurt after a few feet even when i walk on my crutches this happens i am having the surgery at the mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota where i had rods put in my back about 10 years ago i walked up until i was in the third grade when i had surgery on my left hip and i was in a bed so long i lost most of my muscles in my legs and haven't been able to walk since and i dont want the same thing to happen again since my first surgery and lose all ive gained these past four years ive been using only one crutch for the past few months and standings been getting easier the more i do it any tips or info would help : ) im not really scared just nervous
Of course you are nervous, Adam. You wouldn't be normal if you weren't!

I would have said to get your muscles built up with exercise but it's a bit late in the day. Also, you may have a period of enforced rest while the muscles heal and the risk of dislocation is higher. But once you are given your liberty by the OS, you should get yourself an exercise bike and get working on those muscles! You should have a physiotherapist assigned as well who can help and advise you.

All the best for your big day! Come and tell us how it went when you feel up to it.
Same day for surgery, but in Italy for me.

Adam all the best to you for the 27th, that is the same day I am having my left hip replaced. I will send good thoughts your way that day. I hope that with these new hips you will find some relief from the pain you experience. I am 45 and have have artheritis, as it is part of the genes on the paternal side of my family. Also I had been morebedly obese up until about 4 months ago and have lost around 250 lbs, so the weight definately brought me to this point alot quicker and the condition of my bones in the hip area are not so great, the right hip is not in need of replacement at this time, however it could happen in time. However having undergone some extreme measures to lose the weight and keep it off, I am hoping the right hip with last the rest of my life. Again Adam all the best to you next week and in the upcoming months. Let us know how you are doing.
all the best for you also pebitpeb going to be a crazy experience for the both of us and Josephine they did give me exercises to do and i went to therapy my legs are as strong as i could get them with my mobility and pain but when i come back and can get on a computer again i will tell you all how it went
I'll be on the lookout for that, Adam.

Stay strong and positive

Adam, sounds as though made efforts to be preparred physically for your surgeries. I dont know if you enter the hospital today or tomorrow, stay focused and positive. I am packed and ready to go to Pisa in a couple hours focusing on staying positive and keeping faith in the information that I have been given so that I can make the best choice for anesthesia during the surgery. Sending many good thoughts your way for Wednesday.
Here you soon.


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Good luck Adam, Will be thinking of you on Wednesday. I will be having mine done on the following Wednesday 5th . Good Luck to you to Pebitpeb. Look forward to hearing from you both when this is all over, Chin up Guy's .
well the surgery went really well only took an hour came out of anestia around 1230 stayed in the hospital till sunday the pain is really bad didnt expect it but ill manage cant sleep much but my right leg is about 2 inches longer than my left
next hip is scheduled for april 29
This is good news that you tell us the surgery went well and that you are now at home. I think the pain vaies with each person, I am still in the hospital after having had the surgery for my left hip last Wednesday and today is Tuesday. I only had slight pain one day after and since have had no pain what so ever. I wish for you a quick and speedy recovery and that you move past your days of having pain quickly. Make sure that you are getting something for it also, so that you can relax and rest as this is an important part of recovering.
yeah after walking the past few days with a walker the pain has gotten less today it is very little just feels like huge growing pains could barely sleep last nite because of it but im looking forward to the next few days of it being almost all gone thanks pebitpeb im glad your surgery has gone well so far ill check in again in a few days
Do not - on any account - deprive yourself of pain relief.

Hi All
Had to re sign in again as my computer wouldnt let me in . So this is Lou51 here. Just to let you know that i had my OP on the 5th of March Woke up to no pain and now nearly three weeks post op i'm doing really well. Paul i'm glad you are doing well Joeaphine thank you again for all your help. have to say i have just a bit of discomfort but nothing major.have trouble sitting for long times , anyway just to let yo know how i am doing
love to all
sue xx
Excellent! And glad to hear from you. Was wondering what had happened.
hi all Just an update , I'm still doing really well still know pain .. Josephine need a bit of advice hun .. cant go back to see Mr ker at the Hartswood as my bupa as run out . Im now 5 weeks post op and doing really well . But my right leg is 2in longer than my left which on reading on here seems common is this a permanemt thing or does it get better as i'm starting to get terrible back ache i do have the wedges for my shoe but i still have a limp . Also when can you sleep on your side . as i getting stresed in the same sleeping position . and the main thing when can i sit on a normal loo seat . as i have to return to work soon and they dont have the extended seats . sorry for asking so many question's but i dont know who else to ask .
Sue xx
Just barely one month, Sue? I would suggest that you need to continue those restrictions for at least one more month to avoid any possibility of dislocation.

As for the leg length, that is a LOT! I thought better of the man than that. I'm afraid your only option is the one you have already which is adjusters in your shoes. Of get the surgical appliances people at the local hospital to arrange for built up heels in shoes - your GP should be able to refer you to them. I am so sorry this has happened.
well im about 1 month 2 weeks out from surgery doing really well everything feels normal no more pain about to have my left hip replaced in about 1 1/2 weeks
Adam, I'm from the knee side, but I read hip posts too just cuz I like to hear how everyone is doing. Sounds like you are in a fantastic place! Good luck with your next surgery.
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