THR 2 weeks post op and miserable

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Hi @dianehelen and @shrinkette thanks for the updates and happy new year.

I really hope 2015 is the year for you both in terms of your's been a long year for us all

Thinking of you often
Thank you Sally @Vetgirl how have you been doing with your new issues? Hope so much they are resolving. I think of you often as well
No ...not so good. Another dislocation yesterday. I'll probably need another surgery to insert a non dislocating prosthesis @dianehelen It's a shock xxx
Oh Nooo Sally @Vetgirl :-( so NOT what I wanted to hear. I'm so so sorry. You have been thru way too much. Are you mobile at all, or back to confinement? Ughhh (huggs)
Ta @dianehelen back on restrictions...have a walker until wooziness from general wears off. Youngest daughter starts high school tomorrow so at least they let me out to be there for that xxxx
You poor thing @Vetgirl. I'm glad you can get out to see your daughter start high school at least. I'm sure you are tired of hearing, stay strong and hang in there, it must sound like "bla bla bla" top you at this point. I wish I had a magic wand
Hi all , hope everyone is doing well. I have been doing ok, well until Saturday or so. So I have come back to ask a question and hopefully @Josephine or someone can steer me in the right direction.

I started about Saturday, having this new very sharp intense pain in my new hips side, but the pain doesnt feel like its in or near the hip joint itself. So like no pain in the groin, or thigh , or anwhere in that area, so not sure if its just a coincidence that its on the same side or something more ominous

The pain , as best I can describe it is maybe 3/4 way down , the left edge of my left butt cheek. It feels deep inside that general area. And if I hit it just a certain way its very painful , almost to the excrutiating level. But if I get up, and angle myself just right, I can walk semi normally, which these days is the only way I walk. But if I bend a certain way, or twist a certain way it just jabs me. Im very troubled and worried about this. Before I call my surgeon and even scare myself into that path, I thought Id ask here and see if this makes any sense to anyone.

Ok im adding I'm adding the graphic to sort of show where the pain seems to be


Hope everyone is doing well. Before this, I have started swimming a mile 3 times a week, and have felt fairly decent, not great, but decent.
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What praytell is piriformis? Guess I'll go talk to mr google :-\ , ughh should I be scared?
Thanks @alexthecat . Interesting info, not sure I have the flexibility to do any of these. I may try the one laying flat, and crossing the pain side over other leg. I dont have pain radiating down my leg at all. Would that rule out piriformis? The actual pain source area seems about right. Its very painful in that one spot, but I can move and stand up slowly, and get myself into a position to walk. But if I bend or stretch the right(wrong) way its a deep jabbing pain
If it's not radiating down the leg, that suggests that the sciatic nerve isn't involved much. From your description, it sounds to me like your piriformis may be spasming though.

You could try icing that spot. That may help a bit. As for the stretches... We're all a little different when it comes to piriformis stretches. Different stretches work for different people, so there's some trial and error there.

Another thing you could try is rolling that spot, if you're comfortable getting down on the floor. You can sit or lie with a tennis ball under that spot and move your body to roll the ball around. You'll probably want to bend the unaffected leg and plant that foot on the floor to support some of your weight. Rolling can be a little intense.

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Ha umm no, I cannot get on the floor. I'd need to call for a crane to get me up. May try on my bed
Well, maybe you should try that on the bed then!

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The bed should work for the piriformis exercises. However close you can get to the stretches will be enough.
It sounds like piriformis to me....hopefully you can do some of the stretches on your bed. These soft tissue problems can be painful and sometimes time consuming to resolve, so don't give up!!!
Well I tried a bit of the stretching on my bed last night. Couldn't really do much. Ughh what a pain in the butt, in many ways. Just so ironic and unfair, just when I'm getting a bit more life and movement going, this happens. I can't seen to get the stretch, to stretch the right place where the pain is. I'm also a bit afraid I'll pop my fake hip stretching too much. Does this lessen in time? Should I take time out from my swimming, or keep that up? Thanks guys for your help.
Oh quick question, is this piriformis, related to the hip replacement? Or just a mean coincidence to happen on the same side
I am so sorry I left you hanging but I had to get off line! Oh that piriformis! Stretches for me only make matters worse. Last weekend I had a huge spasm on the right side in the priformis so I went to the woman who does my therapeutic massage. She works wonders getting the muscle to relax.

I am having my left hip replaced and on that side I had such bad piriformis imflammation that it caused the sciatic nerve to act up.

Icing helps a lot!!
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