THR 2 weeks post op and miserable

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;-) no problem @cthipster. The infection, thankful is clear, now if I only live to see the end of the wound, but it is getting there.
@bottomshollow I've thought about changing the title when I think of what I want I'll let ya know, thanks
@dianehelen Your wound is making great progress at exiting. The whole process has been a doozy for you, but
it is getting better day by day.
@IMs Also, just wanted to say I have high BP, but after surgery I had very low BP (85/53) which was scary but a very normal thing. So, don't be surprised if that occurs.
Weight does have a lot to do with the pain you will be having post op. I was 265 at one time and now at 159, pre-op (July 8, 2014) it literally killed me to carry a bucket of water, let alone a 50 lb bag of feed, which would have been 2 bags of feed equal to the amount of weight I lost. I was up walking around at home after a week, without a walker or cane. I just couldn't maneuver one of those things. I had about 6 visits from home health care therapy and they released me. I came back to work on August 4th. I couldn't take one more minute at home sitting all the time. I am probably not the best patient because I don't follow instructions well, but I am feeling amazing right now. Compared to the pain before, it is absolutely wonderful. No pain and no locking hip joint when I bend over. They told me a recliner is not the best place to be sitting but that is where I spent my time. Slept there a few nights, before going upstairs to bed. Hope you get better soon.
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Wow Sally @Vetgirl , I've been wondering the same about you! I'm hanging in there is about the best I can say. Darn wound still not healed, getting close, but still open and needing to be dressed every other day, wound doc once a week. But the hip feels decent. You would think that is be walking fine and back too a somewhat normal life, but I guess that was not meant to be. Now I have terrible aching pains in my legs, my feet, my knees that I think is being caused or exacerbated by the drug Femara that I'm taking post breast cancer. It's one of the most common side effects. I see my oncologist in a week and will be discussing this. So for now the cruel irony is, my new hip is useless, as I'm still pretty much a cripple. I can walk some, but after a short time I'm in great pain. And I still can't shower or swim.

And you? You have been so quiet for months, I'm hoping that's because you are doing so well and have resumed a busy active life.
Hope things improve for you there another drug you could take that doesnt have those awful side effects....? Hope you get some relief from all this soon xx

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Well its been a while, so I thought to end off the year I would check in and of course ask a question or two.

As of 2 weeks ago, my ginourmous wound from hip replacement, and 2 deep infection surgeries FINALLY closed up. Its been a very miserable year with this and Im still not 100% sure I did the right thing doing it, as Im still very limited in my mobility, and have lost a year of my life, but so be it.

As for the hip itself, it feels decent, feel some achiness, but not sure if thats the hip, or from what my surgeon tells me, my sciatica and/or sacroiliac, whatever.

But, my big final issue now, is how uncomfortable the surrounding tissue is. The wound itself left me with a big indent right at the crease of my side and fat rolls. So to keep it from getting fungal, I have to keep it dry and apply a moisture barrier. The new skin is pretty tender, and sitting in chairs with arms is still uncomfortable. But the other thing that bothers me alot is how numb and dead my whole side/butt/upper leg area is. Its very annoying. Will this nerve damage ever heal or regenerate, or is just how its gonna be for the rest of my life. @Josephine or anyone else with any insight, is greatly appreciated.

Hope others are moving forward, greetings to you @shrinkette , how are you progressing? And @Vetgirl you are always in my thoughts.

Wishing everybody a good 2015 free from pain and infection
The new skin is pretty tender, and sitting in chairs with arms is still uncomfortable. But the other thing that bothers me alot is how numb and dead my whole side/butt/upper leg area is. Its very annoying. Will this nerve damage ever heal or regenerate, or is just how its gonna be for the rest of my life.
Hello Diane. Good to see you again. I'm pleased to be able to tell you that these issues will most likely resolve eventually but can take as much as a year or even more to do so. You've had a lot of damage there, not just the routine hip replacement, so it's been pretty badly traumatised, therefore will be one of those that takes a year or two to resolve.
Good to know, thanks. Anything I can do to ease it, or be more comfortable, or just hurry up and wait?
or just hurry up and wait
Hi @dianehelen , I am afraid in terms of healing there is not much you can do to hurry things along. Tough I know - but the good news is this will resolve itself in time.

Here's hoping 2015 is a better year!
Good to hear from you & particularly to find out that The Wound has closed. I bet you never ever thought it would happen. I remember the tales of that horrible wound vac...

But sorry to learn of the other issues. I'm very glad you got the input you did from Josephine & Jaycey regarding the numbness since, if you remember, I've been plagued with it in my foot since the op. They have given me some hope. There are days when, coming up next month on a year post-op, I wonder if it'll ever return to normal & engage in profound self-pity. Much of the feeling has returned, but not enough to let me feel secure on a cane outside the house. So, like you, my mobility has been severely compromised long after I ever anticipated. And, like you, this year feels lost. But I guess we've gotta look on the bright side however we can. My hip is great, but the foot's gotta go... Haha!

Feels like my other hip is acting up, but I can't deal with the thought of that!! And I just had the long-put-off major dental surgery that I've been terrified of: many extractions & 5 implants in one session. I now have a beautiful smile with what will be a permanent prosthesis in 4 months after the implants 'take'. Whew...!!

So, happy new year despite indents, numbness, aches, & other assorted woes. 2015 has GOT to be better. Stay in touch... all the best.
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Great to hear from you too @shrinkette , I remember the numbness issues you were having with your foot. Im sorry to see you are still struggling. I hear ya on the other hip pain, I had asked my doc about that just last week, but he seems to think from where the pain is, its not the hip, thankfully. Tho even it it was I really dont think Id ever consider non emergency surgery again after this year of hell. Im just trying to live the best I can, with very limited mobility. Even a simple short trip to Publix (local supermarket chain) is a painful and exhausting event. I try to do short trips, just for essentials and mostly wait till my husband has his days off and he goes. He retires in just 3 more months, which hopefully will make some things easier. I hate not being able to walk much, after all this, but I guess so goes my life. How you do handle things like shopping, going out etc? Do you also spend alot of time at home doing whatever? I am watching about 12 hours or more a day of TV, which is really getting to me. But I cant do much else.

Sure hopeing 2015 is better than 2013 (cancer) or 2014(hip surgery and infection debacle)
Hiya I'm the other numb footie. I.had a neurophysiological assesment. I had electric shocks put.through leg. It hardly moved he then did it on.other leg and the wife burst out laughing leg was like a.can can.dancer with a.problem. Anyway he.told me it could take a.year but only 60% chance of full recovery. Based on.that I have adapted. Wear boots and tie tight. I walked 3 miles yesterday and.2 today. My biggest bug bare is.I.forget about foot spacialy so I'm always banging it off things. Other day.went into drs tripped on.doorframe and ended up sprawled on floor. She just said.shall I examine you there then. Sorry can't help as its a.grey area good luck tho. Oh btw physio gave me.exercises to build up thighs for stairs as I would end up diving down.them. I'm sure I was a parachutist in.previous life

Legin THR Sep 14
Yes, life is not what I expected at this point. My op leg HAS gotten stronger so that I can step up on curbs/steps quite nicely, which was a problem until I got those muscles back. I would be able to walk longer distances (although I never walked for pleasure because something always hurt!) if not for the OTHER hip which is somewhat painful down the front of my thigh.

Publix? I live near Ft. Lauderdale, so Publix is The Supermarket!! (OK, and Whole Foods). Actually, I've only been supermarket-shopping once, since hubby does it all. He's retired & does whatever he can to make life easier. I do go to drugstores, restaurants, movies, doctors' offices, have a theatre subscription, & get my nails & hair done, but am happier with smaller stores in general if at all. I never was a shopper for the pure pleasure of it, but thank God for online! I barely cook, so we eat out or do 'take-out' most of the time. Yesterday I made a meatloaf & roasted potatoes, so it was a big event! Hubby just enjoyed a sandwich from the leftovers! We need a few things in Costco... haven't been in ages & am not sure I can 'do' it. I can always ride a scooter-thing, but don't want to regress. I'll just try to walk as much as I can & then sit on my walker -- Oh joy! I have cleaning help, so THAT's not an issue. I'm not much of a TV watcher mostly due to hearing issues (hearing aids are not perfect, unfortunately), but am a voracious reader & that's how I spend a good bit of time. My iPad is loaded with books, and presto: escape! Aside from this d*mn foot (which, btw, limits my footware to either sneakers or rubber-soled slip-ons -- SOOOO attractive) & my other hip, I'm fine. Just frustrated as hell, as I'm sure you are, & tired of the ongoing necessity to plan activities in one way or another (how far do I have to walk, are there steps involved, can I get into someone else's vehicle, etc.). Fortunately, I've been driving for many months, so that's a good thing... even when hubby's with me.

So, is life great now? No, but it could be an awful lot worse. I am very fortunate in some ways. Oh, & I see a therapist, too! Very helpful, & a good outlet. I think my New Years resolution is to find some sort of volunteer work that is meaningful to me & physically doable. I need to have a little bit of structure, time away from DH before we kill each other, & some new faces/experiences. That's my intention, anyway. I want to find some peace or satisfaction or pleasure or something while I've still got all my marbles, if not my mobility. And I want to laugh again... It feels like I haven't in a long time. Guess this was more than you bargained for, but once I got started... Well, you know. Write back, tell me anything, take care of yourself, and -- my mantra -- try to keep things in perspective. Happy New Year, kiddo.
Wow @shrinkette we are living near parallel lives, other than my tv and your reading. My husband is not retired yet but does most shopping and most cleaning. I do the same, about planning activities around my mobility. I'm driving fine, so I seek drive thru places. We do alot of takeout too and when we cook a real meal, it's like a big deal. I sure hope 2015 is good for us both. Would love to meet you maybe someday, we are only a few hours away in the sunshine state :-D
Yup, sounds like we are indeed parallel. Hopefully we'll both see things looking up in the not-too-distant future. And, yes, I'd love to meet you, too! To happier days ahead...
@dianehelen and @shrinkette . something that's been going around, for a few laughs.
(hope I don't get thrown off bonesmart :) )

hope this year is better for you both. hi ellen. thinking of you. its been awhile. happy new year, devorah
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