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Went to see my OS doc today for my (6) mo. post LKTR follow up. Can't believe it's been six months since I had my left knee replaced. How time flies when you're havin' fun eh?:snork:

Anyway, told the doc that my ROM was now 0-137. He was thrilled! Told me that I'd turned the corner or crossed over; and that my new knee would continue to improve for the next 6-12 months.

He also said that I don't need to continue anymore PT.:yahoo:

He encouraged me to continue going to the gym regularily to work on strengthening my left leg and as always ride a bike, be it stationary or the real thing, as often as possible.

I felt really good coming out of my Dr. visit. All my hard work, patience and positive attitude has paid off. I know that I'm NOT all the way home but I'm well on my way. I know that in the final analysis, my new knee will be great!:yes 4:

So to all my BS friends, thank you so much for being there, time & time again to answer all my questions and pick me up when times were tuff.:friends:

I'll continue to post and offer whatever encouragement, wisdom, and humor I can to those early on in their journey.

God Bless You All!:prayer1: All my best. JMB
whooo hoooooooo!!!!!!:dancy:
Thank you for the report... I am also 6 months and have started riding my bike OUTSIDE everyday, it is helping the uncomfotable feeling in the RTKR that I had 8/4/11. Keep up the good work.
Great post JMB - that's what everyone wants to hear at 6 months, you're doing really well!
Great report JMB - it is always good to read a normal success story; thankyou :thumb: Keep up the good recovery and well done to you.
JMB, that was a great post! Thanks for the continued long term motivation! :yes 4:
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