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Mar 15, 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I had a total shoulder replacement on Monday July 3rd, 2023.

Today is Wednesday and I definitely feel worse today. Day of surgery I had lots of meds and went home with my pain blocker and medications. I was told to start the Oxys after the pain pump is all gone so I am trying to save them and I am trying to not push the button for pain but I am definitely feeling more sore and stiff.

I have pushed the button once yesterday and once today. I also have taken a 5mg Oxy at night to sleep.

My question is when is the usual pain arch? Like is it is usually the worst right after but every day will start to get better? I am definitely swollen and trying to manage the swelling and pain as well.

Thanks for any of your experience.
@MissTata Welcome to BoneSmart! :welome: While everyone is different and each recovery is unique, most folks find (my self included) that the pain eases up within 3-4 weeks. In the mean time are you applying ice packs to your shoulder? If not, you should be doing that. The ice will reduce swelling and will help control the pain. It also is important to take pain medications on the schedule prescribed by your doctor. It takes a while for the medication ot get into your blood stream and knock out the pain. The dosing schedule is worked out to keep the level of medication at a consistent level so that you don't go for extended periods without any relief.

It is totally normal for the shoulder to feel stiff this soon after replacement surgery! The shoulder is a small joint with many things (muscles, tendons, veins, nerves, etc) that get moved around during such surgery - in addition to bones getting cut out and implant getting installed. So it is going to take time and patience to get things healed enough to start regaining strength and range of motion.

Do feel free to read some of the other threads here to see how others have managed after having this surgery. And do ask any other questions you might have - we do like to help.
Thank you so much. I don't think I iced it enough the first day but have been icing yesterday and today. After giving myself an extra dose of the pain pump this afternoon I felt like that really helped.

With other surgeries usually the first 3 days are the worst and then every day after is better but this is a pretty big surgery for me.
Yes!! I started icing it a lot more and by Friday, 4th day post op I hardly had any pain.

Saturday, 5th day post-op, we took the nerve blocker out and there wasn’t any noticable difference. But I also started the Oxys that day.

Today, is 9 days post-op and I don’t feel I need the Oxys at all.

But boy were those first few days rough and sore!!

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