THR 1st Hip Done, Didn't realize I'd be this tired...

Post Op Visit with Surgeon completed today, it's been 12 full days after surgery.

They took an X-ray - everything looks great.
Wound healing nicely, swelling is non-existent.
After watching me walk without a limp he asked me to do it again so he could video it. I asked him to put the tall-thin lens on.
I definitely got the sense that even my Dr was a bit surprised at how well it is going. I told him he's the 'Rembrandt" of hip surgeries.
Cleared to drive and travel by air with compression hose.
Told me to continue working the new hip until the other bad hip starts hurting and discussed working in a cane if necessary to minimize limping.
Going to try the elliptical trainer today as that should be relatively stress free on the joint - but at least get some range of motion action.

We scheduled Pre-Op visit for RTHR Oct 26th and hope to get that done in early December.

I have to admit I am feeling a bit guilty/lucky with how well this LTHR has gone, I'm waiting for the "oh no" moment to occur.
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Sounds like a great follow up on your 12 week visit.
If you overdo your body will let you know!
So excited for you! Please let us know how your non-happy hip acts throughout your recovery. I feel my non-happy hip is trying its best with the other one going through so much surgery trauma.
Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement, shared experiences and advice. I'm on the eve of Day 20 Post Surgery. With my Dr's approval - I took a business trip this week (still on baby aspirin, wear compression stocking on the travel day). Sitting for ~3 hrs was a bit uncomfortable - I was doing the calf extensions or whatever they are called several times an hour. Prior to the trip I found that 6000 steps a day is when the non-happy hip starts acting up. So it's definitely going to limit me and probably others in the same situation. I'm trying hard to walk normal but that probably won't be in the cards until the other gets replaced (hopefully in the beginning of December.) I've been doing 6500-7000 steps a day on the trip - but standing & walking for longer periods. New Hip is doing great. Old hip isn't happy. I'm icing new hip & both knees (but I don't really "need" to ice the hip, knee patellar tendons have hurt for a while and I've attributed it to the emperor penguin gait I've had for years) and I'm using a cane (but I don't really "need" to). The cane helps remind me to be risk averse, to focus on the unfamiliar terrain and walking as normal as possible. I made the mistake of going sans-cane day one and slightly rolled my ankle and almost fell over on my new hardware. Biggest lesson learned from not share that with your spouse! I've used the cane ever since One thing I didn't factor in was how much these big computer backpacks throw off your gait. Another reason to use the cane. I am really amazed at the recovery so far and am very aware that the next go round, karma might come knocking. Sorry for the block of text...I had the system board replaced on my laptop and that has caused the enter key to not function as a carriage return when typing. Go figure.
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Day 30
So I've tested my limits a bit and probably was a member of the ODIC couple of times, but all in all the recovery is going very smoothly. Yardwork (edging, picking up clippings) seems to be a sure way to make the new hip a bit angry. I came dangerously close to 10K steps in week 3 and that was definitely a no-no.

I seem to just experience a tightness in the joint occasionally and also the nerve regeneration is causing a burning sensation on the front of my thigh - but I understand that is all quite normal.

I'm looking forward to getting the next one done as I notice the pain in the other hip a lot more now and that's probably holding me back more than the new hip's recovery timeline.
Sounds like you are doing well, @GrumpyMCO, but please be careful not to overdo it. You are only a month out and that hip still has a lot of healing to do. You don't want to risk a setback by doing too much too soon.

As reference, here is the recommended Activity progression for THRs
Deb, Thanks for reposting that Activity Progression guidance. I've read it before but I really should read it weekly!
Happy One Month Anniversary!
I seem to just experience a tightness in the joint occasionally
Guessing it is inflammation because it's still early days. Overactivity may exacerbate it, but rest, icing and elevation will help. Go slow and stay out of the ODIC. It will make for a smoother recovery. A wonderful rest of the week to you!
2 Month/9 Week Update
Wow, I will never admit this to anyone in my family - as they have bugged me for 10+ years to get my hip(s) done.

Here it goes...I wish I'd done this sooner.

The only pain I have now is the one in the OEM hip - that hopefully will be replaced in December (Pre-Op Visit with Surgeon is 11/2). The tightness has faded and I only feel it slightly after a long day. That burning sensation on the front thigh has faded as well and it almost feels normal now.

My forays into the ODIC were mostly to prove to myself & my wife that I would not hold us back during an Alaskan cruise we had scheduled months before I scheduled the surgery. The cruise was for our 25th Anniversary Trip and I did not want to let my wife down. In hindsight, it was a risky move scheduling the surgery 6 weeks prior to the cruise as I had no idea what the recovery would be like. I only had to go and ask the bar for ice once during the whole cruise, so I'm going to go with I got very very lucky being ahead on the recovery curve.

On the next hip - well I shared the Activity Progression for THR post with my wife and she just glared at me.

So with nothing to prove the next recovery should be at a more normal pace.

I've spoken to several friends & friends of friends who are getting hip replacements recommending they join Bonesmart - so hopefully they will join and get as much out of the forum as I have. See you in the December Pre-Op Thread (Hopefully!!)

Thanks for all the advice & guidance through this process - I was more nervous before the procedure than I let on to my family & friends - but joining here and reading about other people's journeys really helped me prepare and stay calm through the process.
@GrumpyMCO Terrific update! It is wonderful to hear you are doing well and that you and your wife had a fun anniversary cruise.
...I wish I'd done this sooner.
You are not alone. Many of us say the same thing!

Please let us know when you have a date for the other hip so we can update your signature.

Hi there,
Thanks for the update and for recommending BoneSmart to others. It is appreciated! We are happy you found the advice and guidance of the members helpful.

Thankfully you did well on the cruise at only six weeks post op. Hopefully you enjoyed it. I will look forward to your next update and following your Right THR journey.
Take good care!
Happy Three Month Anniversary, Lefty!
Only seventeen days until your Right THR. Are you feeling ready to get it over with and back to life?
My guess is YES. I hope your recovery is going well as you approach December 5th.
Much comfort to you as you wait!

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