THR 15 September Right joins Left

This thread is entertaining, that’s for certain!
Glad to hear from you and know you’re doing well.
May it keep getting better!
Happy weekend :)
10 months on and here's a story
Please don't panic, nothing gory,
Just about a day I have had
Pretty good, nothing bad.

It's about a visit to Flatford Mill
8 miles round trip fairly flat no great hills
It's where the artist Constable painted
First time we went I nearly fainted.

Was on sticks then and had to turn back
Muscles and hips were very slack
Tried last year but in the car
But when we got there couldn't get very far

So ten months after righty done
Off we went to have some fun
8 miles later back to home
Hip says ouch and a little moan

But I have now walked to Flatford Mill
And thank the surgeon for his skill
Sure my hips and muscles are pretty sore
But soon I will be ready for more

As always big hi and ta very much to @Layla @Mojo333 @CricketHip and @Jaycey
Love it! You did it…made it to Flatford Mill! :happydance:
I searched it up and also Constables’s art to see how his inspiration translated onto canvas. Great work, Constable!

Happy to read you’re doing so well and thanks for sharing another one of your clever poems with us. Happy Ten Month Anniversary!
So what was I doing Sept 15 2022
I was in hospital getting hip number two
So it's been a year today
But is it hip, hip hooray?

Before the op was stuck in a chair
And couldn't go anywhere
Had needed sticks for over two years
So necessity for op outweighed my fears

The first month went quite well
2nd and 3rd was hard to tell
As I was hoping for a quicker healing
But really just got a sinking feeling

4 and 5 months sometimes bad
Private fizzio needed made me sad
Massages and dry needling to ease my muscles
And help with everyday tussles

Aquagym and aquabike in month 9
Left me feeling fine
A walk of 8 miles left me in pain
Don't treat a new hip with such disdain

Months 10 and 11 I realise
There will be days of hurting thighs
My new hip might moan if I sit too long
Or twist too much when I walk along

I have walked up a beach
I have climbed up a hill
If I get bad pain
I can take a pill

Wow, that year flew by
Sometimes laughing, sometimes a cry
From walkers, crutches, sticks and pain
To having a life again.....

I would like to thank all the mods
Who get us through
@Layla @CricketHip @Mojo333 @Hip4life @Jaycey
For the selfless things you do.
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Happy one year Hipversary, friend!

Amazing how sharing our stories
Struggles, Triumphs and Fears
Can stretch Out through Web land
And connect we hippy peers.

Lots of improvement yet to come, @DK63
Aww, thank you for sharing your journey with us and your support and encouragement with others.
You've been a pleasure and I'm certain you've put a smile on many a face with your wit and poetry.
Wishing you all things good, DK! Happy One Year Anniversary!

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