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I love that poem!! It's hilarious!! You are right, bonesmart has made this journey alot easier!! Thanks for the poem!! take care
Hi hippy type people. My 6 month report is here. Still experiencing stiffness and pain on outside of thigh around incision and walking uphill still taking hard work. Consensus of opinion is sciatic nerve and glute problems and even though I thought things would be better after 6 months, I have been walking badly since 2011 so it's going to take time...also not using sticks/canes anymore.
Also, it's time for yet another verse.

6 months ago I got my second hip
And even though it's giving me gyp
Much much better than it was before
Still in the battle and hope to win the war

Dry needling every two weeks
To ease inflammation the fizzio seeks
Not bursitis or piriformis she did claim
More likely than not, sciatica pain

To the doctor I went feeling low
Hoping to make the sciatica go
He said your body is trying to relate
To the fact that you are standing straight

Everything was out of line
But it will take some time
Take these pills but don't play soccer
The prescription is a great nerve blocker

He said that I was walking well
Two replacement hips noone could tell
Told me it would all be fine
But going to take a little time

So I thanked him for his time
And that he had talked in rhyme
If the pills work will soon be seen
Hello Nortryptiline

Thought after 6 months I would be able
To jive and bop and dance on a table
But guess it will come in time
And right now for me that's just fine

Some days downhearted that is true
Then realise the things you can do
That you couldn't do before
Still in the battle and will win this war

Thanks as always to @Layla @Mojo333 and @CricketHip
Oh gosh, what a beautiful poem. That last stanza was a wistful one but it's true! You will win this war. You are over halfway there, don't you think?
There's some things that just take time.

That new prescription can help with nerve pain, but can take a while to get working in your system so don't be disappointed when after the first week there isn't an immediate relief.
Have you been able to do anything fun? Other than your doctor and "fizzio" appointments? Something to lift your spirits, maybe.
Hi @CricketHip and thanks for your support. Am able to do most things so no problem but looking forward to doing them pain free and without medication and plenty to look forward to....including holidays in a couple of months. I am indeed on the road to recovery, the last one took a year to be pain free completely and like everyone else it still complains sometimes.
It certainly feels like a looong time when you are in it, I know.:tiredwheel:
Glad you are keeping your eye on the prize, double hippy pal.
Hope your day is easy peasy.:SUNsmile:
It's now been 7 months
Since I joined the exclusive few
Of being a double hip cool dude
Still can't tie a shoe

My recovery has not been quick
And not without some pain
And certainly a few tears shed
Some losses but mainly gains

It's true the healing is not linear
But more like a maze
Filled with stress and anxiety
And many lonely days

Worrying and fear is very normal
And of course we get the blues
When recovery is not fast enough
And your fear you're going to lose

I still can't put my right sock on
But really I don't care
At least now I can walk around
And get up from a chair

So I remain sockless
But summer is on its way
And I will only wear slip on shoes
For the rest of my days

And if I can never do the splits
Or lotus position on the floor
I don't really care about that
As I couldn't do them before

I set myself a realistic goal
Like walking without pain
And when that moment happens
It's a feeling I can't explain

A great big thanks to Layla Mojo and Cricket Hip
for their help and continued support.....
8 months done so how's it going?
I've dug the garden and done the mowing
Climbed high up on a ladder
Without my hip getting even badder

Putting on socks still can't do
Can sometimes tie my shoe
But for those I don't really care
Slip on shoes and my feet are bare

Glutes and muscles still need some work
Exercises I do and even a twerk
Ice packs still near at hand
If I do more than I planned

Got it so wrong the other day
Thought the new hip had given way
Remember not to get in a painful position
Don't want to see another physician

All in all its going OK
Few little bumps along the way
But I walk without sticks which I used for two years
Even walk to the pub for one or two beers

Actually it's better than OK
It's fantastic that I walk every day
To be pain free will take more time
Thanks @Layla , @Mojo333 @CricketHip , hope you enjoy the rhyme
Wonderful update and oh so clever. :wink:
Cheers to you! :cheers: Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me a chuckle.
I love your poems! But now I need to know what you did that was so wrong? That you were in a painful position?
I still remember the first time I was on the floor for some fool reason and then it occurred to me that I had to get back up!
The details in your last two poems are simply amazing.

You know what? It's things like this that makes being part of the BoneSmart Staff very worthwhile..
8 months.. barefoot and carefree, right? :walking:
:chuckmarch: It keeps getting better.
Love the rhyme:roseshwr:
Hi @CricketHip
I would like to say that I hurt my hip in a passionate wild amorous embrace but sadly....that would be untrue. What happened was I went to pick something up from the floor and had my torso going in one direction and twisted hip in the other direction as saw something else on the ground. Result was weight all wrong and all on my hip as I and paracetamol....2nd time I have done this (not on purpose)...and it really hurts the glute muscle as well.....If I ever do it again, fingers crossed it will be during an amorous adventure
Ouch! New hips hate twisting! Hope this pain eases quickly.
Loved your most recent poem...loved them all actually!
Yup, we've all done something at some point that sets us back a bit. Hopefully we learn from it!
Twisting, our new hips really don't like that action, for sure. I seem to recall pulling that stunt a few times then being mad at myself for forgetting to be careful.
I will eventually learn but complacency seems to tag along with confidence....
This is exactly the conundrum! We begin to feel better and relax our guard.. "lucky" for us that the hip is happy to remind us.
Thank you @myglasshalffull and I will use my half full glass to raise a toast to you and hopefully remembering not to do the thing we had forgotten we can't do.....

@CricketHip exactly so...I was furious that I did it ....I shall take more care in any future romantic embraces or gardening...
Well that's 9 and a half months now
And I have some news
Walked on sand on a lovely beach
Without my hip getting the blues

Did one hour of aquaym
Every single day
And my next bit of news
Will have you saying "no way".

So aquabike I have done
For an hour non stop
And despite my reticence
Nothing went pop

I explained before we started
About my bionic bits
And she told me not to worry
She wouldn't hurt my eepz

So it was fantastic
So different from last year
When I couldn't walk five meters
And the pain and many tears

I still have a way to go
Last one took a year
Today I walked 4 miles
And finished with a beer

My aquagym instructor
Was definitely tip top
She told me if it starts hurting
Then all you do is stop
Hi, my hippie Friend
Good to see you post
it's great to see you doing all the things you can
But not trying to do the most

This hippy journey is a fickle One
With its many ebbs and flows
But patience and perseverance
Will have you smelling like a rose

Even with the struggles
it is so much better than before
That horrid bone crunching pain
Is On a distant Shore

Know that all will keep improving
And ever grateful we should be
To reclaim a hip pain free life
And live life as meant to be.
Thank you @Mojo33 to take the time
To send me a message in a rhyme
And to all the mods on here
To help us along with merry cheer
@myglasshalffull thanks for your support, much appreciated...


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