THR 15 September Right joins Left

Three months is quite the milestone! Congratulations from soon to be snow-covered Woodstock. From what it sounds like, no matter what your actual diagnosis is, resting would be the first line therapy anyway, so you're probably on the right track. Back to the couch and the ice packs. But yeah, I think that you maybe overly exercised your new-found ability to walk unaided and overdid it a bit. I can't blame you -- if I'd been walking with sticks for two years, I'd revel in my new-found freedom. When you start up again, maybe start slower and work your way up. I *still* can't climb the stairs like a grownup. One of my PT exercises (not that anything is actually moving) is standing on one foot holding oneself upright with the kitchen counter. I had no idea how weak leftie was until I tried that. Carry on, cheerio, mind the gap, and stiff upper lip to you! Regards to my Limey cousin.
@Woodstockhip ta very much me old China, move down the carriage, clean your chimney guvnor and watch out for the pea souper Mister Holmes...Good luck with the PT and take it slowly, not like me. Stairs still a mare (English slang for nightmare) for all takes time and patience....patients?
Hmmm. Yes @DK63 I believe that is correct.
I am adding your statistics to my study in the column for ‘slightly impatient with a good sense of humor’ patients. :banana-santa::banana-santa:
Dear Professor @CricketHip to help you further with your complex study please remember that I am from the UK so I was in fact the English Patient, thoroughly impatient patient, when I first set my eyes on nurse Patience while she was patiently playing patience....

And now a Christmas message

I sent my letter to Santa
Just like I always do
Telling him about my THR
And that I would like new shoes.
The letter went to the North Pole
As thats where he resides
And what was very strange
Was that Santa did reply.

The letter went as follows:
I will need help this Christmas Eve
As they have scheduled my THR
For the 24th December would you believe.
I know you are still recovering
But I'd like you to drive my sleigh
Dropping off presents to your bonesmart friends
From London to LA

While considering this request
My phone started to vibrate
And it was Santa saying
The sleigh and reindeer are at your gate
Thankfully on the dashboard
Were the instructions of how to drive
The names of his new reindeer
Were written on the side

Trochanter and Tendinitis
Elevate and Ice
Iliopsoas and Bursa
Bilateral and Thighs
Swollen and Compression
PT and Physio
OS, PA, Spinal Block
Cocodamol and Woe

So off I went delivering
Near and very far
Wishing that my surgeon
Had allowed me to drive a car
The first presents I dropped off
Were to Layla and Mojo
Cricket Hip and all the mods
That keep us on our toes

I dropped off all the goodies
To relieve the reindeer burden
Some ceramic some titanium
Were delivered to the surgeons
Canes and crutches I delivered
Walkers and pain meds too
And gallons and gallons of pumpkin puree
So y'all can go to the loo (toilet)

But the biggest present I had to carry
Was most important, believe you me
As it was hope being delivered
For your gentle recovery.

From Woodstock down to Houston
From London to Portugal
Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah
To Bonesmarties one and all
:loveshwr: Love it.

So sorry you are still sore... I hope things get easier and your hiccups during this recovery lessen very soon.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas:christmas-carols-smiley-emoticon:
LOVE! :roseshwr:
So clever and funny too.
Have a great weekend, DK63!
Oh goodness!
That is a spectacular poem.. and hopefully you were lounging about while working on it, with Ice, no less.
Here's my favorite part:

The first presents I dropped off
Were to Layla and Mojo
Cricket Hip and all the mods
That keep us on our toes

Seriously, though. A sense of humor sure does help with the doldrums and, dare I mention it? Impatience.

Thank you kind sir, from the U.K.
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Hi there. I have a question which I am sure @Layla @Mojo333 @CricketHip and many others may be able to help with, oops forgot my cousin @Woodstockhip . For ten days now my operated leg has been very stiff near and around the incision area and in glute. I still walk nicely, no limp, but it hurts like a dull ache, bursitis maybe. I am icing a lot and taking pain meds and resting up. It is possible I did too much too early in my recovery. Anywho, I have booked myself in for a soft tissue massage with physio who deals with hip and knee replacees to try and break up all the knots etc...just wondering your thoughts on this? If you would like this question in rhyme, actually rap beat....

Got a load of knots near my operated hip
I know the bonesmarties will know what to do
Wonder if you think it's a good idea
To have a massage of my soft tissue.
Well, I may be a little biased, but think the soft tissue massage could be very helpful. I had several during my recovery and just marveled at how much they helped. It's not a 'no pain no gain' type of massage, it should remain within your comfort level, not lying there with clenched hands and jaw.
I can only imagine how tight your Glute muscles are from a posterior approach. You are three months post op, you deserve some hands on bodywork.
Many thanks @CricketHip advice much appreciated, thank you for taking the time.
I agree with CricketHip and I am guessing a massage, or maybe even a few, will hopefully help ease the stiffness and eliminate the aching. Please let us know how it goes. I hope you find relief soon. :)

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