THR 15 September Right joins Left

There is certainly nothing wrong with setting goals while in recovery. I think what you're targeting sounds reasonable and achievable. The view from the restaurant is beautiful and looks very peaceful. Think how good you'll be feeling by the time you take your beach walk. Two new hips, no more pain...Life Is Good!
I hope you have a great day. :)
Sorry to see that you, too, are having a "two steps back" day, @DK63. Lest we get lulled into a false sense of complacency, it seems one comes along every now and then. It's almost as if we see ourselves as failures if we have to go back to taking the pain meds. NOT TRUE! It's the nature of the beast, I'm afraid. I managed to somehow lose three week's worth of work e-mails I was saving. Not pretty. Lesson learned: do NOT empty the trash. Hope you are able to keep on top of your pain.
Ta very much to you @Woodstockhip ..and consider my pity party over. Stop chucking away your emails, that's the only advice I have, and I have lived by that mantra since 1967...oops, too many tramadol
Hello, one and all. Yesterday, was a big day for me, as after 5 weeks I drove my car. As I explained to a very dear friend of mine I only drove for 20 minutes but it was a nice freeing experience. I only hit/injured/slightly injured 6 pedestrians. When I explained to them that I had only recently had a hip replacement and had taken 6 tramadol an hour before, they were all very understanding and we parted company on good terms. As I am seeing my surgeon on Monday, I promised them all I would pop in and see them in their different wards and will take them each a fruit basket.

Have a lovely weekend fellow hipsters....
Good on ya! We must celebrate these triumphs!! I look forward to clearing the streets of Woodstock once I get the all-clear.
Hi to everyone. Had my 6 week see the surgeon meeting yesterday, albeit a couple of days early. For those of you in the UK, sorry, but am officially a driver again. Surgeon followed me to his office and said my walk was really good so was very happy with his handiwork. We had a look at the xrays and he explained that I had a different type of insert, titanium with rough finish, allegedly adheres to the bone quicker, better...he explained there was quite a lot of let's get you straight and level work and it would take time for my hips, back, pelvis and everything else, including my ears I think, to get use to the new upright, legs the same length me. We talked about using the cane but if I felt OK to go without to establish my new found gait and stature. If tired, use cane. I explained that I was still experiencing some pain on some days, ok on others, certain moves hurt etc..his answer was it can be a long haul. Then, very interestingly he talked about a Mr Charnley from Wigan, a pioneer of hip replacements who figures on this very site and a nurse who worked with him.

To celebrate I have been very wise, and today completed a 2 mile walk, slowly with a couple of stops. Paracetamol taken, one tramadol and a few achy muscles. The surgeon did say that you can only find out how far you can walk by walking that far. If, afterwards, there is too much pain then rest and elevate and ice and hold off for a little while. We did not discuss physio as he knew I will not tolerate being pulled and pushed after problems I had with the physios for Lefty when the stupid sods stuck me on a trampoline after 4 weeks to do squats even though I had no muscle on my left leg which then went into shaking spasms for about 15 minutes. Regrettably, because of the shaking I couldn't even aim a kick at them.

That's it. Good days, bad days, meh days @Woodstockhip , sunny optimistic days, sad rainy days, mixture of joy and frustration but above all else, thank you Mr Charnley of Wigan for ground breaking work on hip replacements to make it all possible for us.
I found that icing and elevating right after walking worked great in the first months, not waiting for the pain.
Hello to one and all. Oh, recovery from THR, you fickle friend you....flattering just to deceive. Last Monday applauding myself after seeing happy surgeon. This week, did I really walk nearly 3 miles every day for a week? Did I really go out and not sit down for 3 hours? Am I really that stupid? Yes, indeed, I am. Believed all the hype, you can do this, you can do that....what is worse I believed it the first time around for other hip.

The 6 week moment is well and truly a wicked mistress suggesting that all is good and you can do what you want. Oh well, back to laying down on bed, elevation and ice, eating a few pain meds and back to Audie Murphy films (only ones on in UK mid afternoon).

Big hello to @Mojo333 @Layla who are untiring in their support and a large howdy do @Woodstockhip my cousin.
Not stupid, maybe a bit over-eager? I’m right there with you in the overdid it club — on the couch with the ice machine but alas, no Audie Murphy. Tomorrow will be better.
Now I am confused @Woodstockhip - on the couch with ice machine but no Audie Murphy not on the couch?? How ever Audie Murphy will be on the couch tomorrow but not the ice machine? I wasn't sure he was still with us!! We should have an Overdid it Cinema Club...and for free entry name all of the Marx Bros (Karl not acceptable)
Um...Harpo, Groucho, Zeppo, Chico, and Gummo. But not Marx and Spencer. And I do believe Audie Murphy (one of ours) has been dead longer than you've been alive, or close to. Thus, I'd prefer he stay off my couch.
Well @Woodstockhip if you are going to be picky about who you have on your couch then I will have to disqualify Um as a Marx Bros. I shall leave you the honour of picking our first Overdid it Club film night although I do love a musical or foreign film...Juan flew over the Cuckoo's nest? Senor Willie, the musical about a Spanish streaker or Clint was good in Two Hips for Sister Sara...
Hello DK63
I hope as the day's progressed the discomfort is easing. You're not stupid, it is so easy to overdo it when we're feeling good, most all of us have been there. It may be a rainy day, but you know the sun will shine again.
Feel better soon! :friends:
I just had to remind myself often -
Tightness is a normal occurrence after this kind of major surgery. Your surgeon did major carpentry work and disturbed every millimeter of soft tissue in this area. You aren't tight because your muscle is underused and needs to be stretched and rehabbed. You're tight because your tissue is healing... If a long full step right now is causing pain and limping, don't take long full steps. Take smaller steps. Take a short walk several times a day, instead of longer walks. Use your cane when your hip is tired.. Yes, Use ice, still.
Rest a lot. It is also still important.

This isn't the time to do anything to excess. Baby steps now, and lots of patience, pays off big time later. Recovering from self-induced tendinitis can end up taking weeks or months.
Consider yourself as still recovering from surgery and structure your return to your life as a slow, gradual process where you introduce very small increments in activity, and then give yourself time to see how you react to it.
All temporary, and worth the patience. I am certainly glad I am able to get back to a full happy life!
To y'all in the US of A....Happy Thanksgiving to one and all and pain free recovery.

American as a second language lesson for the day: the plural of y’all is all y’all.

And happy Thanksgiving from my flock.
And happy TWO MONTH anniversary to you (y'all).


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Oops I forgot, its just past my 2 month hippy anniversary. Still experiencing some pain and swelling. Am walking with either one cane or none at all, very much depending on the terrain. If its flat then no cane but uphill and downhill I still feel my muscle is not strong enough yet. Had a setback last week when I got nearly to the top of the stairs, led with operated leg and tried to take two steps like a big person. Boy, did it hurt and took a good couple of days of doing nothing.

On a plus note, I went to a restaurant and sat comfortably for a couple of hours and felt very relaxed...walked there and back (with cane). It was a great moment and I am looking forward to a few more.

@Woodstockhip many thanks for the lesson, I always forget that our two countries are separated by the same language. Love the colors of your flock and the flavor of turkey. Have a good Thanksgiving cousin, I will raise my glass to you.
Hello from across the pond on a snowy day with frost on the trees. Its actually pretty here today, but I'm not a fan of Winter / cold. It's a special day for you...
Happy Three Month Anniversary! I hope you're doing well, enjoying the progress you're making and looking forward to holidays.
May your Christmas be merry and bright and your New Year full of cheer!
Thank you @Layla from across the pond. Always cheers me up to hear from you, and good wishes to you and yours from a cold and snowy UK.

With regards to hip, the last 7 days have been very painful and around the incision area very stiff. There is a possibility, however slight that I started doing too much too early on in this recovery. I more or less ditched the canes after 7/8 weeks, having used them for 2 years, and have been going for 2/3 mile walks at least 3 times a week. Just maybe, should have waited a wee bit longer. Also, of course, I thought I can pick things up from the floor and tie my own shoelaces and no problem carrying a big heavy bag of shopping. From reading on this brill forum I could hazard a guess at bursitis (surgeon thought I had that pre op), tendinitis, trochanter, psoas or plain big time overdoing it.... So, as a start point without contacting doc just yet, the last couple of days I have been resting and icing.....elevating seems to hurt my thigh. Also paracetamol and tramadol back in use.

There were many bumps along the way for my first hip....maybe I am a slow healer...BUT, to all of you in the US of A, I wish you well over the holiday period, Christmas and Hannukah, peaceful recoveries and enjoyable times...and a jolly big hello to my newly found Yankee doodle dandy cousin, @Woodstockhip
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