TKR 15 months post-op. Still in pain.

Yesterday was my last day of physical therapy (7 weeks). After riding the recumbent bike for 10 minutes (my usual beginning to each day of PT), and doing some stretching, bending, and strengthening exercises, my therapist said, “Let’s go outside for a walk.” I left my cane inside. We walked down the steps, on the sidewalk, in the parking lot, then in the grass and on the gravel. We made a circle around the building and came back inside using the steps. I told my therapist this was the first time I had walked in anything other than concrete and asphalt in almost two months! My therapist said I did great! Such a rewarding feeling! ❤️
Thank you! Returning to work was a blessing although I do suffer from fatigue in the evenings. (2 hour round trip commute). I elevate and ice when I can, and I take a 10 minute walk on my lunch hour. I can also once again walk my dog in the evenings after work. Trying to resort to a normal life without overdoing it has been the key. Some days are easier than others. Baby steps continue.
Congratulations on your new life after such a long time, you’re doing so well!
Did they do a complete revision, or leave the original components in place and replace the patella button? I’m very interested, as one of mine has pain with an unsurfaced natural patella, and I am considering whether to have a patella button put in.
@Ghostpipe I had a complete revision. My new OS said that he installed “all new hardware”. The difference has been like night and day. So much better than the last surgery. Best of luck to you!
I am so pleased for you. One of mine has to have a complete revision too, and I am much heartened by your progress, and your comment about night and day. Thank you!
@Ghostpipe I don’t know the medical terminology, so please bear with me. Apparently with my original surgery, my OS installed my implant, based on computer imagery or something like that. Turns out it was installed off-center, there was a piece that was too tight, a piece that was too loose, and a piece that was too big for my bone, and the piece in the back was not attached to the rest of my knee/leg. I could never straighten my knee and was in constant pain and walked with a limp for over four years. My new OS,who is a revision surgeon specialist, said that he used my actual leg to place the implant, removing all of the scar tissue buildup, arthritis, etc. There’s a lot more “hardware” in a revision, but I don’t have the pain that I endured for four years, and it seems like every week and sometimes every day my ROM, straightening, and strengthening gets better and better instead of worse and worse like before. I hope this helps and I wish you all the best in your revision. It has been a life changer for me and I am so glad I finally had it done.
It has been a life changer for me and I am so glad I finally had it done.
Best news! A success.
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
Have a lovely weekend. :)
Like others on this thread, @Gigi2020, I am so sorry to learn of your experience and I'm hoping for the best with your new surgeon and gentle treatment of your knee. JUST READ THE GOOD NEWS!

@Layla Thank you for being there from the beginning. Hugs!

@beaverturtle Thank you! Yes the past four years have been a struggle, but I feel like a new person already at three months post-op.
You're welcome, Gigi!
Hugs back at you.
It sounds like you are on your way to a rare long term success story.

I have read many many threads here since I am 2+ years on without a full recovery. During this time, I have seen very few (if any) post from those that have had long term issues that suddenly or even gradually start getting better. If one is not feeling much better after a 9 to 18 months, I feel it's time to try something anything or just decide to live with a disability. I am glad you have not given up.

Your story give me hope.
Thank you. I apologize for not answering sooner. I was on vacation for three days and then have been back at work ever since, and I haven’t been on Bone Smart as much. I think the difference between this surgery and my last surgery is that this surgery was actually successful and the implant was installed correctly which allowed me to do everything on my end correctly, including all of my physical therapy, and I am doing my wellness now post PT. I also walk on my lunch break at work. And I am losing weight. These are thing that were just too hard to do with my last surgery because of the poor installation of my implant and the constant pain. My new surgeon has done his part. Now it is up to me to do my part. Some days are not as good as others such as when it is raining or going to rain L O L but I am so much better than I was. I have booked a trip in late May that will require a lot of walking and that is my goal. I wish you all the best!
What a lovely update! You're back to work, living life, making plans and feeling good. Awesome! :egypdance:
Take good care! @Gigi2020

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