THR 14 weeks later, UGH!!!

The saga continues!!!! UGH!!! It is 3.5 months and still feeling discomfort. The MRI of the lower back showed a pinched nerve that could be the root of the problem. On the 5th I had an epidural. There was a little relief, I was expecting more. I am doing PT, but I think there's more to it. I had a second opinion yesterday (20th). The Dr. performed an ultrasound and found an issue with a bursa sac, a slight tear, and a thickening of synovial fluid in the hip joint. We a going with 2 separate injections over a 4 day period. Crossing my fingers!!! Will continue with PT. Hopefully relief is in the horizon. Good news, we a had to cancel our Italian Holiday, that was scheduled for July 6th to 20th. They have been suffering over there. Record high heat!!! Very thankful, I guess!!! Be safe out there and stay cool!!!
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I hope these latest investigations have found the problem and it responds to the treatment.

Yes, cancelling a holiday in Europe has a silver lining that you avoided some very extreme weather.
Wow, what a ride!!! NOT!!! Apparently I am suffering from SI Joint Dysfunction. That slight misstep that threw everything out of whack for so long was diagnosed about 3 months ago. I have been going thru a bunch of diagnostic injections. So, this week I had Radiofrequency Ablation in the area of the lower back. 8 different areas, ugh!!! But now 3 days later I am feeling really good - Knock on Wood!!! I am now going to have to work on strengthening the area. I m looking forward to getting back to my normal routine without discomfort.
Happy Groundhogs Day!!!
Congratulations. Sure hope you finally have a good diagnosis and a good 'fix!' But please - - take it easy on your 'strengthening' and returning to 'normal routine'! That 'superman'…or 'girl' …gene that many of us seem to have isn't always our friend. What is it we're trying to prove? And to who? Give yourself a break and keep reminding: Slow and steady wins the race.
Arjay, thank you for those words of advise. I promise not to leave the gate like a race horse.
18 months later. I hope the saga is over. From the day of the hip replacement to today (almost 2 years) I have had 270 medical visits including Dr visits, labs, imaging (x-rays, mir's, and ct scans), massage therapists, acupuncture, chiropractors. Included were 3 RF Ablations, numerous diagnostic injections, and 3 more surgeries (nothing related to the original hip replacement). So basically my body was already breaking down from a very active life as a 'yute' (My Cousin Vinny). I was fighting lower back pain and had severe stenosis in my neck. With all of the diagnostics, it was determined that I was suffering from SI Joint Dysfunction. So, last June I had the left one fused and and in Oct the right one. Oh, the other thing, my neck froze up 4 times Oct 2022 to Sept 2023. 2 weeks ago I had an Anterior Cervical Diskotomy Fusion of my C4/5 and C5/6. I feel like everything is back in line. Looking for to a "full" recovery. Heck, I'm almost 67 with a few crash and burns bike riding, playing sports, and a couple of car accidents. "You Play You Pay" is my motto. So, now that all of this is done I have 4 more weeks of healing with very light activity and then PT. I am hoping within 4-5 months I'll be able to get back on the bicycle. I wish everyone here a Happy, Healthy, and Safe 2024.
Oh my, you've endured SO MUCH! I am sorry for all you've been through, but happy to read you're on your way back to healthy and whole. Please share your progress at a later date so we know how you're doing.
Thanks for stopping by. Best Wishes!
4 more weeks of healing with very light activity and then PT. I am hoping within 4-5 months I'll be able to get back on the bicycle
Here's hoping the time goes by quickly and that you will be back out biking this summer!

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