TKR 12/13/11 not as excited!

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Nov 29, 2011
Dublin, Ohio
Only 5 days out, but not feeling as good as I thought I would, yeah this is "so excited" from pre-op side. I just read LindaP post and my knee feels exactly same way, but I'm trying to be patient and follow the lead of my knee.

A bit of history from hospital: surgery went very well although not until 3:45 pm, (very difficult for this small athletic breakfast lover), had spinal with "Michael Jackson cocktail" and was awake at the end while they were stitching me up. Wake up so sharp and feeling good without general anesthesia. So Wednesday, Thursday, PT came twice each day. Did everything they asked 90 ROM then 105 ROM, 0 straightening BUT could never stand up because my BP kept plummeting like 72/36, then would feel nauseous, headache, more pain for almost 2 hours after. They were all super supportive and said my body was just taking longer to acclimate docs, PA's, RN's and PT. Blood levels were fine as was fluid. They would give me a bolus after the incident and with in an hour, I'd pee the entire bolus back out (not fun in a bed pan). So late Thursday 11:30 I am able to get up to use commode by bedside, woohoo! Same Friday am! Did I forget to mention my flight home is for 1:15 on the Friday I was able to stand up?

So this is why I think my knee is like LindaP. PT came in a 9 and I walked the entire unit, showed them I could do stairs, got back to room to put first clothes on, left for airport @ 11, wheelchair for all airport transportation, 2 hour flight, home @ 5pm. Saturday I tried to do exercises and it was very difficult except for heel pumps and straight leg raises, gravity will pull down when sitting in a tall enough chair. I'm icing and elevating but when will my swelling start to diminish? Once swelling reduces will by ROM still be there? left hospital on 5 mg oxycodone and Tylenol and am continuing to take it around the clock. Looking forward to all your words of wisdom. I've been lurking since Wednesday but not up to posting as the BP issues were quelling my spirit!!
Hi Swmiller,

I'm still on the Pre-op side so I can't give you ay first hand advise. But from everything I've read on this forum, it sounds like you may have had a little bit too much initial activity and that's why you're dealing with some swelling. I'm certain that someone with more experience will check in very soon and alleviate some of your concerns. In the meantime, take your pain meds as prescribed, rest yourself, ice your knee real good, and elevate (toes above the nose). Take care!

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Here's a big CyberHug!

Sounds like you have done a lot since your surgery, with a two hour flight. Not surprised your knee is letting you know to rest. My surgeon told me for the first two weeks my job was to rest, let the knee heal, and do the gentle exercises I was given in the hospital. Your ROM will come when your knee is ready. Follow Dr's orders, take your medication, rest, ice, and elevate.
Welcome to this side, this takes time, and quite a lot of patience.:sleepz:
Hi swmillar

I sympathise but looks like maybe we did overdo it, I for one won't be doing that again. I too had the low BP problem but it has resolved now. Good Luck the only way is up for us.


Yup, too much too soon. Rest, ice, elevate and take your pain meds round the clock. You need to rest so your knee can heal. :sleepz:
Welcome to recovery! So glad you got home in good fashion. But now, the priority for the next few weeks is REST, ICE, ELEVATION and pain meds. Give that knee a chance to heal.
Glad to hear you're safely home. As the other have said your job now is to rest, ice, elevate and take your meds. Relax about the ROM, it will appear when it's ready. Take care of yourself and keep us posted!:gbhouse;

Nothing more to add, you'll get there.

Rest, Ice and elevate, take pain medication by the clock and not by how much pain you have and be patient.
Hello and Welcome,

I second and third the ice,elevate and rest! The healing takes time so try to relax and enjoy your time to heal as much as possible. I miss last year in some ways, it was good to have permission to rest.:sleepz:
I echo what everyone else has said. As my OS told me, it's not a linear recovery. Think of it is a jagged line with a steady, upward progression....Keep the faith.
I want to change my post op title! Just worn out from all my activity of getting home 3 days after surgery. The weekend was tough due to swelling/pain. Monday brought the experience, I expected! PT came M,T and everything is going well. I actually got on stationary bike and eventually worked my way 3/4 of a rotation. Now we just need to find the right dose of coumadin! Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement! Love this site and have shared with my docs, PT, future tkr's, etc.
Good luck with that coumadin dose. It was a constant struggle to be "therapeutic" for me. They finally just stopped it. I hope you have better luck than I did! @ Bees Knees...I can't imagine saying that I miss ANYTHING about 8 months ago when I had my surgery. I don't think the time will ever come when I can actually say that!
Welcome!!! You will have swelling most likely for many months to come. I was also very active before my surgery and thought I would be going strong again in a few weeks Ha Ha Ha. Your knee will be dictating your life for many months to come. The hardest part for me was listening to my knee, when I thought my knee should be listening to me. Also, don't make the same mistakes I made and push too hard. I was way to eager to start riding my mountain bike and walking too far. It only sets you back. Go slow and if you aren't a patient person, you WILL learn patience!!!! Good luck on your recovery!
What would you like it changed to, sw? I'd be happy to oblige.
Hi sw i from the pre-op side, just lurking over here for a bit. its looks like everything is falling into place for you, slowly but surely, keep it up:thumb:

Carlene hi i have to say, every time i see your name, it freaks me out, it was my mother's name. And I dont see that name too often, so it throws me alittle. Very nice name though:biggrin:
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