Hip Infection* 10 days Post-Op:the Good, the Bad, the Ugly


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Jun 26, 2023
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Hello Bonesmart Friends,
I reported to Hospital @ 5AM on Aug. 16th. After meeting briefly briefly with Surgeon & anesthet, away I went to the OR & next stop Recovery. I stayed in the hospital for 5 nights ) . Finally, I was released @ 7PM to Rehab Facility where I remain.

It's hard for me to type,,so I'll need to be brief.
The Good: Surgeon's work was top notch. He used Anterior procedure; removed much scar tissue & found that bones were solid & took prosthesis well( so I've been told) He had been concerned about finding problems due to extent of inactiviy at age 80. but that wasnt an issue. .
His PA's came every day to check on me.
Never did learn why my urine was dark brown. Slept fairly well on back from the start.
I've been able to stand from wheel chair to walk short distances in the hall or go to bathroom...

The Bad: Pain of constipation was agony. Had 2 enemas but no result until after I arrived at Rehab. IN Rehab, I took small glass of. Prune juice, after which I had explosive diarrhea all night, especially after dinner. Only 1 anti diarrhea pill was given to me, which was hardly enough to do anything to curb diarrhea . I can't express what it's like to have had diarrhea, to be unable to get to bathroom, & to be in bed at while someone tries s to clean your mess. ( please delete this if too graphic for forum) )

The UGLY: After taken pain meds for 4 months prior to surgery and for several days after surgery I'm having some withdrawal symptoms:. Never thought I'd say that in my life. How to taper is issue. Rehab Dr is doing too quickly for me to handle. Will meet today to see what can be done to relieve symptoms.

That's it for now.
Welcome to the other side :yay: so pleased to hear the good news. Sorry to hear about your difficulties but hopefully the doctor will understand your concerns and adjust the drug regime accordingly. Best wishes to you.
@SRQsassy Welcome to the other side. So sorry you are suffering. I do hope you can work with staff to slowly taper off medication. Please be your own advocate and insist they let you ease off.

The first days post op can be quite challenging. Please don't worry if you don't feel up to posting here. We certainly understand!

Meanwhile, here are you recovery guidelines.

Hip Recovery: The Guidelines
We are all different, as are the approaches to this recovery and rehab. The key is, “Find what works for YOU.“ Your doctor(s), physiotherapist(s) and BoneSmart are here to help. But you have the final decision as to what approach you use.

1. Don’t worry: Your body will heal all by itself. Relax, let it, don't try and hurry it, don’t worry about any symptoms now, they are almost certainly temporary
2. Control discomfort:
take your pain meds by prescription schedule (not when pain starts!)​
3. Do what you want to do BUT
a. If it hurts, don't do it and don't allow anyone - especially a physical therapist - to do it to you​
b. If your leg swells more or gets stiffer in the 24 hours after doing it, don't do it again.​
4. PT or exercise can be useful BUT take note of this BoneSmart philosophy for sensible post op therapy
5. Here is a week-by-week guide for Activity progression for THRs
6. Access these pages on the website

Pain management and the pain chart
Healing: how long does it take?
Chart representation of THR recovery

Dislocation risk and 90 degree rule
Energy drain for THRs
Pain and swelling control: elevation is the key
Post op blues is a reality - be prepared for it
Myth busting: on getting addicted to pain meds
Sleep deprivation is pretty much inevitable - but what causes it?

BIG TIP: Hips actually don't need any exercise to get better. They do a pretty good job of it all on their own if given half a chance. Trouble is, people don't give them a chance and end up with all sorts of aches and pains and sore spots. All they need is the best therapy which is walking and even then not to excess.

We try to keep the forum a positive and safe place for our members to talk about their questions or concerns and to report successes with their joint replacement surgery.

While members may create as many threads as they like in a majority of BoneSmart's forums, we ask that each member have only one recovery thread. This policy makes it easier to go back and review history before providing advice.
@Newhip_Pol, @Jaycey
Thank u both for kind thoughts. Will definitely try to be best advocate.

The Message I wanted to get out is that for me; post surgery recovery has ben impeded by miscommunication regarding meds, not the surgery itself. I wish I could have been better prepared.
@SRQsassy I'm glad you're on the healing side but sorry that the meds have been an issue. In my experience, this is where I've also experienced the most miscommunication. There do seem to be some potential gaps in an otherwise solid plan for surgery and post-op. Hopefully, you and your team can arrive at a solution to your meds that will be a win-win. If you are able, write down any of your concerns in between visits by your healthcare provider. I know that unless I did this, I would forget to bring up something that I really wanted to talk about. Best wishes going forward and blessings for good healing. Please update us as you feel able.
The digestive problems are a post-surgery issue, & I think this is common no matter what kind of surgery one has.
I am 5+ weeks from surgery & post most medications but digestion is still not quite right.

You don't say what kind of meds you were and are taking, but it does read like some opiates are involved now.
I have noticed that there is some after effect from quitting NSAIDs and Tylenol ... we are told they are not
habit forming &c but that may not be the whole story. Oxycodone & other opiates are a different story but
that was easy, they weren't doing much for me after the 1st week. Everyone's journey is unique though.
Happy One Month Anniversary!
How is it going? Please let as know as time allows. We'd love to hear about the progress you've made.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Hello Layla & Bonesmart Friends,
Sorry for the delay in updating my progress. Let me break it down into 2 segments
#1. My LHR surgery on Aug. 16th was great...minor swelling, beautiful stitches, no pain when I stood on left leg ( brought tears of joy), resumed walking right away.
I was in the hospital for 5 days due to medical reasons & went home after 9 days of rehab.
#2.. I was home for 36 hours & came down with fever ranging from 101 to 105. I was rushed to the hospital, where blood cultures revealed Sepsis & MRSA in my hip.
I underwent surgery again in my left hip. My prosthesis was found to be in great shape (thankfully), but the site was badly infected.. I was pumped with 24 hr
broad spectrum antibiotics & a host of other meds, wound drains, etc. .
After 1 month I finally am home , learning to walk again , & still having IVs 2x a day at home.

Bottom line: loved my LHR procedure. Wish I had done it sooner.
Sepsis & MRSA have taken a terrible toll on me, mentally & physically. I'm working hard to regain my strength.
Aww SRQsassy, I am so sorry to read of your misfortune. Thankfully you are back home and on the mend.
It is not difficult to imagine the toll this has taken on you. I wish you comfort, strength and perfect healing. Please keep us posted. We'd love to support you as you're recovering. Hugs and best wishes! :console2:
@SRQsassy I'm so sorry to learn how awful these last couple of months have been for you. Thank goodness you are now home and on the road to recovery even though it's a slower road than you would have originally hoped for - sending you healing hugs :console2:
Hello SRQsassy,
We haven't heard from you in awhile and I am wondering how you're doing.
Please let us know, we'd love to hear from you and hope we do soon!
Hello to all,
Not much to report. My new hip is great, & the incision scar has healed nicely. If it hadn't been fo MRSA, Sepsis & Pneumonia, I believe I would have been doing well at assisted walking by now & being able to get out more. As it stands, after all that happened post surgery? it's as if I had to learn to walk all over again...which is what I'm trying to do. I'm making progress but it's slow.

I'll check back in a few weeks.
Good strategy, Staying positive and slow and steady @SRQsassy
I'm sorry the infection has wreaked havoc on your recovery but I hope you get stronger every day and 2024 will be a New Year for back to healthy and happy.:friends:
@SRQsassy. I swear, the way the hospitals pass out those stool softeners must mean they bought more stock in them. I kept refusing them and asked for prune juice...only thing that would work on me. For me, the process of elimination in a strange bed, in a strange room with lots of strangers truly left me scarred in some very weird places. I was brought to tears every time someone slid a small piece of plastic about the size of a bottle cap underneath me and thought I could turn the faucet on 'just like that'!! I also have come down with an infection which has sapped me of my energy and drive. It takes a strong cup of coffee just for me to ask myself: Was it worth it?
Nah not for me. Wishing you all the best, young lady.

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