Revision TKR 1-l/2 Years Post Op Revised TKR Left Knee

I think you are wise in seeking other opinions. It sounds like something is not right.
I am so sorry for all you have been put through. :console2:
My plan is to continue the stretches, quad strengthening exercises, ROM exercises and bike exercises - doing them all without much aggression.
Your entire medical team has been aggressive and has convinced you to continue to work your knee at home.

You really need to stop all these exercises and let your poor abused knee settle down. You’ve worked really hard for 6 months with poor results of major pain and swelling. It is time to switch gears and try the gentle Bonesmart approach. Let the activities of your regular day be your exercise.

I’m glad you are looking for a second and third opinion. Look for someone who specializes revision and/or complex joint issues. Please make sure they have no association with your original surgeon, not even golf buddies. @Jamie can help you find someone.
Wow, I'm so sorry to hear of all you've been through with your knee. I can certainly understand why you are unhappy with it and frustrated that no one seems to be able to help.

Would you mind letting me know who your current surgeon is and who you have found for your second opinion? I'm thinking that you may need travel to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to find a good revision surgeon. I'm not sure if you have looked there or not.
Just prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I successfully obtained two second opinions from two different certified orthopedic surgeons. Diagnosis - the patella that was implanted during my TKR on 9/11/19 is too thick and when I attempt to bend my knee to a right angle or further, the patella catches on the tibia implant component, causing an impingement, thus preventing me from obtaining a greater ROM; the implant component attached to my femur is not the best size for matching with the tibia implant. The femur is a Zimmer Size 2 and the Tibia is a Zimmer Size 0. It is believed that overall, the femur implant is too wide for my body frame; and the joint-line elevation is not correct.

Based upon these findings, it has been suggested that I have a complete revision knee replacement surgery. More than likely, addressing the patella alone will not fix the problem, so all existing hardware will be removed and new - different make and model and size will be implanted.

Today, 9 months after the original TKR, I am able to obtain about 70 degrees ROM. I walk every day doing ranch chores and working with horses, however, my knee becomes stiffer and stiffer, tighter and tighter as the day goes on. I do not have pain, just extreme discomfort trying to walk with a very stiff knee that will not bend more than 70 degrees. My gait is still off and creates a lot of lower back pain. I know it is a minor issue compared to the bigger picture, but cosmetically, my knee is ugly, ugly, ugly. I have always been very active and tried to maintain firm legs and thighs. If I had known that TKR would leave my leg looking so "deformed" I may have decided to wait til I was older to do something about it.
The difference between my "normal" knee and the implant knee is very obvious.

I know that I cannot go on with this knee the way it is and that surgery is the only answer, but I must say I am very apprehensive and a little scared. I know the uphill battle I face and I keep telling myself that this time it will be worth it.

If anyone else reading this thread has experienced the need to re-do their initial knee implant, I would be eager to hear how it went for you the second time around and any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry to hear you are facing a revision.
I had a revision, recovery was about the same as the primary. I can do more, have no pain, my knee is not perfect but it is a lot better than before the revision when I was very limited with activity.
As for appearance my TKR knee is no beauty, but neither is the other normal knee.
Advice for recovery is the same as for a primary TKR.
With a properly done revision you should begin to get your life back.
Sorry to hear you are facing a revision.
I had a revision, recovery was about the same as the primary. I can do more, have no pain, my knee is not perfect but it is a lot better than before the revision when I was very limited with activity.
As for appearance my TKR knee is no beauty, but neither is the other normal knee.
Advice for recovery is the same as for a primary TKR.
With a properly done revision you should begin to get your life back.
Thank you very much for your prompt response to my post. What prompted your need for a revision?
So sorry you've had this happen, but you're on the right path now. Lots of BoneSmarties get revisions and go on to do just fine. As for the looks of your knee, the new surgeon may be able to improve on that a bit, but most people will take functionality over beauty every time. I'm just glad you were able to get to the right surgeon for this next step.

If you want to read more about revisions and how people do in recovery, go to the Knee Recovery Forum index page (click on the link at the top of the page), find a thread that has a revision prefix, then click on that prefix. A search will bring up a list of revision TKR threads for you.
I’m sorry you’ve had such a tough time and that you are facing a revision. This is a tough recovery an no one wants to do over. :console2: Best wishes that this next surgery will fix things and that your recovery will go well.

Please tell us the date of your second MUA and we’ll add it to your signature.
I totally understand how you feel- myself I been through it to and finding it very difficult to get surgeon to do anything - Im left with a disability now , my surgeon states I will not benefit from second op, legs are worse now then before op and I too wish I left it until much later, I looking at revision to and like you I feel very wary having to go through it again and may not feel any benefit
I'm glad to hear you have a revision scheduled. The problems your new surgeon(s) identified could definitely create the issues you've been dealing with. I'm assuming the surgeon who will be doing the revision specializes in fixing problem knees, right? You want someone who has this particular expertise. If you'd like to share the surgeon's name, I can do a little research on him for you.

I'm sorry you've had to go through all this. But please know that being in the hands of the right surgeon can make all the difference in the world and you can have a better result. I'm hoping that is going to be the next chapter for your knee story. Hang in there.....
This is my first post in quite awhile. My knee history is TKR of left knee 9/11/2019. Surgeon made some serious errors during surgery - too large of knee cap installed, incorrect elevation, & size of components where mismatched. Obtained 3 second opinions from other orthopedic surgeons - one in another state. It was determined that a revision to the TKR was necessary.

Revision was successfully performed on October 14, 2020. The EnduRo AS Knee Revision System was successfully installed. Recovery has gone very well and at this time I am able to obtain 125 ROM and 0 Flexion. I am very happy with this.

However, the issues I am still experiencing is one of strength - still can't climb or descend a flight of stairs without holding on to railing; an inability to immediately walk after rising from a sitting position; a feeling of stiffness and tightness in the knee, and still cannot kneel on knee with out pain - a feeling of something like a barb sticking in my knee. I am a very active 69 year old and rarely take the time during the day to sit and elevate and ice - hoping I don't have to do that the rest of my life.

I'm looking for a thread where there are others that are this far out from surgery whereby I can learn if my experiences are normal.

Thanks for any help.
Wow you sound like you are feeling the same tightness and pains that I am. I am 13 months out from bilateral TKR's. I am trying a new PT who is working on my posture (pelvis and low back) and muscle imbalance in my quads, hamstrings and gluts. It has only been 2 weeks but I see what he is talking about. I had too many years of dragging my legs through pain and I think I forgot how to stand and walk normally.
It is not unusual for some knees to take 18-24 months to heal, especially knees with a history like yours. I’m glad that this revision was successful, and the recovery went well. Hopefully with more time to heal you will see improvement.

Kneeling can be especially tricky, some of us prefer to not kneel at all if we don’t have to.

By the way, I merged your newest thread with your original recovery thread, as we prefer that members in recovery have only one thread.

This benefits you because all your information is in one place, easy to find, and maintains a nice journal for you.

This also benefits our staff, as your information is all in one place, and we often go back through your thread for previous details, so we know what you‘ve been through which helps us advise you better.

So, please keep all your posts in this thread. If you’d like a new title, let us know what you want, and we’ll change it for you.

Many members bookmark their thread in their computer browser, so they can find it when they log on.
How can I find my threads and posts?

Best wishes on your continuing recovery! :flwrysmile:

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