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    TKR How do I get my Dr to take me seriously?

    There seems to be conflicting information about whether it can be done. So who's right? These folks or my Dr? I am suspecting arthrofibrosis, although my ROM is good. It's the tightness and subsequent discomfort that is inhibiting my very basic activities. Arthrofibrosis Last revised by Dr...
  2. W

    TKR TKR Questions help you set it up so it is right for your body proportions. The research seems to show that they are useful for people with arthrofibrosis (like me) but in the long run provide no net gain for regular patients. They also consume many hours out of your day. SOP according to my first...
  3. maryo52


    I had honest to goodness arthrofibrosis with my first surgery, and the harder I tried to get ROM it seemed the worse they became. I did MUA -- it's a cinch. But for me the scar tissue reestablished itself rapidly. Oddly, my 2nd surgery and 3rd had no issues with scar tissue. Different surgeon...
  4. B

    TKR Suggestions needed for “tight band” feeling

    ...went down last fall - over a year after the TKR & and broken leg and I gained maybe 10 more degrees flexion up to 95. I'm plagued by arthrofibrosis in my knee & CRPS in both feet though CRPS is back to a 'mild' form. Feels like a horse is always standing on top of my knee. Glad you found...
  5. Pumpkin

    Shoulder Arthroscopy Cannot regain external ROM post latarjet AND debridement surgery.

    Here is a brief article about arthrofibrosis, it is written for knees, but much of it will apply to shoulders. Arthrofibrosis Article Arthrofibrosis is excessive scarring that limits a joints normal movement. It occurs during the healing process after an injury or surgery. For reasons not yet...
  6. Pumpkin

    Shoulder Arthroscopy Cannot regain external ROM post latarjet AND debridement surgery.

    @johnnyhustle41 Sorry to hear you may have Arthrofibrosis, if you do, most likely they will recommend lysis of adhesions. It is done with arthroscopy, or open lysis. Here is a list of surgeons with experience with Arthrofibrosis: Names of US surgeons with experience in arthrofibrosis Keep us...
  7. Jaycey

    Shoulder Arthroscopy Cannot regain external ROM post latarjet AND debridement surgery.

    @Pumpkin might be able to recommend some information on arthrofibrosis. Please let us know how the MRI goes.
  8. J

    Shoulder Arthroscopy Cannot regain external ROM post latarjet AND debridement surgery.

    Hey so my surgeon is upset that its not opening up... he thinks I may have arthrofibrosis... I am getting an MRI regardless next monday to see whats going on.. How can I look into it being a nerve problem?
  9. W

    Bilateral TKR Pain!!!

    ...Dr. Noyes also published a number of eBooks on Amazon dealing with different knee and other joint issues. I have the one for arthrofibrosis and it is hands down the best reference I've found describing the problem and its solutions. If I lived in Ohio this is where I would start my search.
  10. B

    Revision TKR TKR Revision gone wrong

    ...poorly bending knee for better or worse. The swelling from the TKR then fracture finally went away after a year and I gained about 10-15 degrees. But my problem is arthrofibrosis and has been since the beginning. Sounds like you'll have a great chance at a full recovery with time - sure...
  11. W

    Arthroscopy Arthroscopic LOA and MUA - March 7, 2022

    ...Harvard, and [unfortunately] somewhere around 2010 he moved to the Steadman Clinic in Vail). My most recent surgery was performed by Thomas Gill at St. Elizabeth's and he trained at the Steadman clinic in the past, and also has experience treating arthrofibrosis. We'll see how this all...
  12. H

    Arthroscopy Arthroscopic LOA and MUA - March 7, 2022

    Also, WFD, Did you seek out an arthrofibrosis doctor? Was your surgery done by the arthrofibrosis doctor?
  13. W

    Arthroscopy Arthroscopic LOA and MUA - March 7, 2022

    ...times a day. The idea is to keep the patella mobile so it doesn't get scarred down. Dr. Peter Millet, well known for his work with arthrofibrosis, emphasizes this as an important exercise. This surgery is the first time I have done them so I don't yet know whether it will help me. So far...
  14. W

    Arthroscopy Arthroscopic LOA and MUA - March 7, 2022

    ...the long run it does not give better results for normal TKR patients. Other studies do seem to show a benefit for patients prone to arthrofibrosis, and it does seem to help me - I have pretty severe arthrofibrosis. They are expensive to rent (I ended up buying my own on eBay) and very time...
  15. W

    TKR Hematoma in the knee

    Yes. If you have arthrofibrosis, your knee joint will be full of scar tissue and it will be readily visible. In some cases, there is so much scar tissue that the surgeon, if he is performing an arthroscopic procedure, almost can't see anything and has to work hard to find his way through the...
  16. H

    TKR Hematoma in the knee

    ...LOA with MUA next week. I can't get my knee past 50 without a real struggle. They tell me it's better to get the surgery sooner than later. I just hope I can maintain the knee without getting major scare tissue back. Would the doctor be able to tell from the surgery if I would have...
  17. W

    TKR Iphimac’s PKR Recovery

    For those of us with arthrofibrosis (excess scar tissue growth) the CPM is invaluable, so much so that I bought my own on eBay. I just had my fourth surgery in 17 months and the CPM is at the center of my rehab. For normal people, studies show that you eventually get to the same place whether...
  18. W

    Arthroscopy Arthroscopic LOA and MUA - March 7, 2022

    Yup, day 8. Studies show that CPM is helpful for people with arthrofibrosis like me, but regular people end up at the same point by the 5 month mark, regardless of whether or not they use a COM machine.
  19. hawk2go

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    ...for so long that they never got good function. Also, have heard of folks with true adhesions who benefited from MUA (from theNIH: "Arthrofibrosis of the knee can be debilitating to patients who have undergone total knee arthroplasty (TKA). It occurs in 3% to 6% of patients undergoing TKA")...
  20. Jamie

    Revision TKR Possible Arthrofibrosis after revision?

    ...reduced your flexion or extension in any way or is it just that the knee feels stiff? Here are a couple of surgeons with expertise in arthrofibrosis fairly near you that you could consult with: Dr. Jason William Folk in Greenville, South Carolina Dr. Fred Flandry, Hughston Clinic...

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