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  1. PolarIce

    THR Equestrian's recovery with Ehlers Danlos

    Thread started for surgery this week!
  2. PolarIce

    THR Pre-surgery quarantine?

    I am now a little less than a month before my THR, and I wonder if I should work from home the 2 weeks before surgery to help minimize the rest of catching/and or testing positive with the new variant of Covid. I keep hearing that it is extremely easy to get it and its been spreading like...
  3. PolarIce

    THR Equipment used and Must Haves

    I have surgery in a month for a left THR, and have been preparing for it by going over the list the surgeon's office gave me of equipment. What I am curious about is from the list we all got, what items did YOU find most useful, not useful and what you wish you had bought. I have read about...
  4. PolarIce

    THR Anyone have Dual Mobility Implant?

    So I had my surgeon appt yesterday and he has gone ahead and booked me in for surgery. He said that because I have hypermobility in the joints, he is going to put in a dual hip joint instead of the standard hip joint commonly used. After doing a lot of reading online last night, and watching...
  5. PolarIce

    THR Equestrian's journey to a new hip with hEDS

    My trials and tribulations started 15 yrs ago. I could write a book about what I went through, and I had known back then all the things that I would be going through, I might have just written one LOL! I have done the shortest recap I could below to sum up what has happened. -Born with hip...
  6. PolarIce

    THR Scared to replace the hip-I'm 36

    Yep you read it. To make the story short I was born with hip dysplasia which was missed at birth. I didn't have any significant complaints growing up other than very unusual hip clicking when I would cross my legs(which was not painful). I had general leg pain in my hips and knees which was...
  7. PolarIce

    Choosing anesthesia type/your experience

    I already know what options you have. You can either get a general anesthetic which completely puts you to sleep, or you can get an epidural or regional block. I do realize that with the choice of getting an epidural, you can also get sedated. I am wondering however where the regional block is...
  8. PolarIce

    My journey

    Hello everyone, I thought I would start up a thread and write a bit about where I've come from so far, and also do a countdown to surgery the same way some of you have done which is absolutely genius :thumb: I was born with hip dysplasia which was missed as a newborn. I grew up with absolutely...

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