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  1. Debru4

    Hypoallergenic hip stem

    Just wondering---have you had a full battery of labs done recently? (Metabolic, etc.) Nothing worse than a "mystery" when it comes to your own health. :gaah: Hang in there.
  2. Debru4

    THR Severe flash of thigh pain taking weight off right leg

    I think there is so much yet to learn medically about pain, and methods to help identify and treat it. That is a huge conversation that could go on forever. :wink: But I think there are far too many doctors who feel the need to have an "answer" even when they don't have one, and revert to...
  3. Debru4

    Hypoallergenic hip stem

    This sounds so frustrating, and I feel for you. It must be so hard finding out you have this allergy, after the fact, and questioning whether you might need a revision. And as others have mentioned, allergies are real, and do not go away with PT. I also have a nickel allergy, and it is noted...
  4. Debru4

    THR THR tell me about your recovery

    Hey @Eman85 ---I was curious when you said your doctor had contacted you for your yearly check up. Have you gone every year since your surgery? I did the 3-4 check ups as directed the first year, and at my one year exam my doctor said things were great and I had complete mobility, range of...
  5. Debru4

    Depression/post-op blues - open for all

    @CatchAll ---It sounds like you had a very bad initial experience with your surgeon and very likely that made an impact on your later thinking as well. Sometimes things like dealing with a doctor that doesn't listen or offer appropriate advice and support can really color future events. Also...
  6. Debru4

    Depression/post-op blues - open for all

    @Schaargi --I think doctors vary in terms of their follow up advice. Once you are through the first few months/year and know what you are/aren't dealing with in terms of recovery, you may want to seek out a second opinion/additional advice from another doctor. My doctor encouraged a very...
  7. Debru4

    Depression/post-op blues - open for all

    Great post @Schaargi . I think your post reflects what many people experience when they undergo a replacement surgery, but not everyone is able to express it so articulately. I've seen that any type of surgery that alters physical activity in a huge way is especially difficult, and those who...
  8. Debru4

    Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning April Fool :(

    It sounds like you are doing really well, and it’s clear from your post that you are pretty positive and upbeat by nature, which is wonderful. I liked that you shared some of the specific assistive devices you found really useful. Practical suggestions are so helpful! After I had my hip...
  9. Debru4

    Depression/post-op blues - open for all

    @lyn12 It's so hard to feel hopeful when you get into that very dark place that depression takes you to. I think you have taken a very big, very important step by speaking your truth here on this thread.Your willingness to reach out to others and verbalize your despair, sadness, and huge sense...
  10. Debru4

    THR Brisco06 Recovery from Aug 25

    It must be so frustrating and worrisome to have the back pain flare up. I had some back issues prior to surgery and my doctor made certain I understood that while the hip surgery might alleviate some of the pain if it were hip related, it also was likely that I would continue to experience my...
  11. Debru4

    THR Have I Done too Much Exercise post LTHR?

    It sounds like you are doing really well overall, and you probably are "lucky" that your body spoke up to slow you down a bit. I also had a pretty quick recovery after surgery, and after over a year of severe pain, I was almost giddy with the awareness that I was going to get my life back. As...
  12. Debru4

    THR Lateral entry, no restrictions!

    I relate to this comment of yours so much.... I felt the same way, especially early in my recovery. So often when we are struggling, whether physically, or emotionally/socially, what we most need is someone to walk alongside us and offer support! The folks of Bone Smart do exactly that...
  13. Debru4

    THR Shockwave therapy for chronic psoas pain

    Wow, you have been through a lot! I am two years out from my surgery, but one thing I found at each step along the way, is that when I had pain that seemed to improve with less/no activity, I listened to my body, backed off, and reset. Then I started anew, in terms of treating my hip like I...
  14. Debru4

    THR My journey, if only I had known<

    That's great news that you didn't have stiffness and pain after that long of a surgery! Sounds like an excellent surgeon. I'm sure they also appreciated how proactive you were in letting them know and working with them on it as well! :flwrysmile:
  15. Debru4

    THR itsahippy recovery thread

    Was everything good at your one year follow up? If so, I'd think the hip itself is good, but it sure wouldn't hurt to make an appointment to check it out. Have you had any falls, or done new exercises/activity? Once you've had a joint replaced, I think that any pain in the same area reminds...
  16. Debru4

    THR Still hurting 1½ yrs post-op<

    Those reports can really get complex, but I still think your best bet is to make certain your primary care doctor who ordered it has a copy, and spends some time going over it with you, via phone or teleconference. In the event you'd need something further done, most likely your primary care...
  17. Debru4

    Core Decompression Post surgery pain

    I am glad you have joined this forum. You will find a lot of good information and will receive the support of others who understand what you are experiencing. It is hard to be patient with the healing process for all of us, and sometimes we worry about pains because we don't know if they are...
  18. Debru4

    THR Former professional skateboarder recovery

    As I was reading your post these words resonated with me and reminded me of what a gift having my hip replacement was : I am about 1 1/2 years past my replacement, and yet I still can imagine that horrendous pain and how severely it impacted every part of my life for almost 9 months. I am so...
  19. Debru4

    Hip Arthroscopy Question about Post-OP Pain (5 Weeks)

    When I have recovered from any surgery or injury, there always are increased aches and pains that accompany more activity and movement. But those are understandable and manageable, and typically subside quickly. If the pain keeps returning, or worsens, I do a "reset" where I stop any...
  20. Debru4

    Hip Arthroscopy Question about pain, 4 months Post-OP

    I'm glad you found this forum. No matter what questions you have, most likely there will be someone who has had a similar experience, or the same question. I'm glad you reached out to your surgeon and hopefully they'll get back to you soon. But in the interim, read some of the info the forum...

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