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  1. Flowerfloosey69

    Revision THR Complex Revision poor outcome Ehlers Danlos

    Would love to hear of anyone else that has had a dual mobility cup??
  2. Layla

    Revision THR Complex Revision poor outcome Ehlers Danlos

    I will tag a member that recently experienced a revision that involved dual mobility. @golfer67 If you use the ”Search” top right, typing in dual mobility, threads will pop up where it’s been mentioned. If you tap on members avatars, it should show when they’ve last been on the forum. If...
  3. PolarIce

    THR Anyone have Dual Mobility Implant?

    So I had my surgeon appt yesterday and he has gone ahead and booked me in for surgery. He said that because I have hypermobility in the joints, he is going to put in a dual hip joint instead of the standard hip joint commonly used. After doing a lot of reading online last night, and watching...
  4. J

    Bilateral THR Dual mobility hip prosthetics

    Hi all. New to this forum. I'm 57 and am looking at bilateral THR . I have been reading about dual mobility prosthetics and with the new composite materials it seems like dual mobility is quite a good option considering I am fairly fit and would love to get back in my mountain bike again one...
  5. dapplega

    THR Anyone have Dual Mobility Implant?

    I also have a dual mobility joint. If you follow the joint registries you will see they are increasingly being used. They have been around for some time (70's I think) but the first generation had issues with wear and intra prosthetic dislocation (unique to dual mobility). These appear to...
  6. PolarIce

    THR Anyone have Dual Mobility Implant?

    For those of you doing research and trying to find more information, here is a link to all the thread attached to this topic that I found this far: Threads regarding DUAL MOBILITY:
  7. L

    THR Should I Cancel My Left Hip Replacement?

    Hello, I had a hip resurfacing that I had to remove . I will tell you that a dual mobility hip replacement felt more natural to me. You make a good point of already have a hip replacement on one side. If it were me I would just get another hip replacement. Dr. Pritchett is an awesome surgeon if...
  8. Going4fun

    THR Anyone have Dual Mobility Implant?

    The technical term of the device you're speaking of is "dual mobility." Not a doctor, but I sense that yes, if you have hypermobility, the dual mobility device adds stabilization and is a great choice. As to why the dual mobility device isn't standard, my sense is that hip replacement surgeons...
  9. Layla

    THR advice on when to do THR

    ...hip for your surgeries and we’ll create a signature for you. I will leave some pre-op reading material along with a thread discussing dual mobility. If you use the “Search” at the top of the page and...
  10. J

    THR Anyone have Dual Mobility Implant?

    I had a dual mobility implant in August 21. I'm 50, and my THR was because of developmental dysplasia, so birth defect which I'd always known would require a THR. Growing up I was told of loads of things I couldn't do, always because of risk if I fell etc I did them all and was terrified of the...
  11. Elf1

    Revision THR Golfer67 Recovery Thread

    ...happy for you, sounds like this surgeon has a great grasp of what you need. You'll definitely have to keep me posted once you get that dual mobility. I had asked my OS about getting one as I have fusion at L5/S1 and had read it was good for such instances. He said he would look into it but...
  12. golfer67

    Revision THR Hip revision cobalt all ceramic hip and eliminate the chance of wear particles being a problem in the future. Did I understand correctly that you had a dual mobility implant and when they revised they went with a standard type ceramic unit? If that is correct have you noticed much difference in range of...
  13. golfer67

    Revision THR Golfer67 Recovery Thread

    Hello everyone I had my consultation with my doctor on 2/2 and my revision surgery is now set for 02/11 which is next Friday. I had all my blood work done and it all looked good and even had a CT scan done so that my doctor could tell if I will need a bone graph done around the edge of my...
  14. andymiko

    THR Which Hip Joint to use? improve the odds of matching my left hip to my right because I am told my hips are quite symmetric. I have the Smith and Nephew Dual Mobility joint in my right hip because the surgeon said the dual mobility would give me more range during all the activities I engage in. But I'm having a...
  15. K

    THR Anyone have Dual Mobility Implant?

    there's also studies (in france - a lot of the research has been done at Toulouse) showing that the dual mobility prothesis is better for overweight/obese ppl because it dramatically reduces risk of dislocation. I'm going to ask the surgeon about it on wednesday
  16. L

    THR Should I Cancel My Left Hip Replacement? resurfacing is the femoral neck. He thinks based on my symptoms and timeline i got necrosis and the cap collapsed. Even a slight collapse will throw the mechanic of yor hip off. Its a complex surgery. As stated earlier i find the dual mobility feels more natural than the resurfacing...
  17. PolarIce

    THR Anyone have Dual Mobility Implant?

    The last part of your sentence is seriously making my day "You have a life to live". It's been a long journey from both the pain standpoint, having had to restrict my activities and the mental draining that this takes on you. YOU HAVE A LIFE TO LIVE is my new favorite quote. Thank you for...
  18. PolarIce

    THR Anyone have Dual Mobility Implant?

    ...mentioned. He said it would add a lot more stability, same thing with the implant. Now onto the hypermobility a question he did ask me is if I had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, or had ever been diagnosed with it, because he said I was showing quite a few signs of it-hence the dual mobility implant.
  19. FriesianRider

    THR One week out and doing fantastic!

    ...experience with others facing THR. My surgery was last Wednesday on my right hip. Surgeon used a superior approach (4" incision) and a dual mobility joint replacement. Surgeon said everything went really well. I was given minimal supine PT exercises and sent home. Pain has not been an issue...
  20. golfer67

    THR Dual Mobility hip replacement cost?

    ...that if (and I probably will) I need a hip replacement due to my FAI and torn hip labrum that I will settle for nothing less than a Dual Mobility hip replacement. I have a fused spine and a fused SI joint so I need the added mobility of the Dual Mobility implant. My question is, does it cost...

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