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    TKR 2nd tkr; end of my OA!!

    Hey all in recovery; I haven't been on in a while. Thought I would give an update. Left knee is 9.5 months old. It is doing well. Right knee is 2 months since the washout. Have between 90 and 105 on Rom and 0 on extension. I have a lot of problems with my leg, ankle, and foot...
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    TKR 2nd tkr; end of my OA!!

    Went to see OS on the 19th. No sign of infection. Still have a lot of swelling but it's only been 3 weeks since the washout. I'm still taking Ciprofloxacin twice a day to prevent any more infections. Staples and stitches were removed on the 19th. I'm glad of that. Rom is about 100 when...
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    TKR 6wks, doing great

    np7; in answer to your question about kneeling; I try not to do it. I've had both my knees done. One in Feb and the other in July. I don't like the way it feels. I know the implants are strong but the surrounding tissue just doesn't feel good to the touch. Also I wanted to comment on a...
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    TKR What would you do?

    MariaB; hi and welcome to Bonesmart. I had both knees replaced. The 1st on February 13th and the 2nd on July 30th. The first one recovered great. I have no problem except a little tightness every now and then, and it's very rare. The 2nd was a little harder recovery due to the arthritis was...
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    TKR Sept. 21 total knee replacement

    Happy Thanksgiving, glad to hear you are doing well. Hope you continue to have a great recovery
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    TKR 2nd tkr; end of my OA!!

    Jaycey; thanks for the reply. Washout was on the 2nd. I changed my bandage this morning and it wasn't soaked like yesterday. Had to change the bandaid due to drainage but bandage itself didn't have any drainage on it. Is it normal for lower leg, ankle, and foot to swell this much after...
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    TKR 2nd tkr; end of my OA!!

    Thanks Jaycey; yeah that's what I'm hoping for. I noticed my incision is open again near the bottom and leaking orange colored fluid. It's just a small opening. It soaked my bandage all the way through the ace wrap. I changed the bandage. I'm making sure my hands are good and disinfected...
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    TKR 2nd tkr; end of my OA!!

    Sistersinhim; glad to hear from you again. I have been trying to pull up forums with the app. For some reason the app. is not responding. I managed to find you all again through Google and figured out how to post. In answer to your question; I don't have an ID doctor at this time. I'm going...
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    TKR 2nd tkr; end of my OA!!

    Just an update; haven't been on for awhile. Woke up about 2 weeks ago with a small hole at the bottom of my incision. Knee was really swollen and painful. Mushy feeling on top of my knee turned out to be blood buildup not fluid.. knee was really red and hot. Blood was spurting out of small hole...
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    TKR KMLknee's Second TKR Recovery

    KMLknee; hello and welcome; sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. I am 6weeks into my 2nd tkr and this time my recovery is being a lot worse. my right knee is a lot more swollen and also hurts behind my knee. I'm resting, icing, and elevating constantly but the swelling is taking...
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    TKR Bob1653 recovery thread

    Bob 1653; hello and welcome. As Jockette said the heavy leg is normal. I just had my 2nd tkr on July 30th. With my 1st in February I could lift my leg on day 1. with my 2nd I had to get my son to lift my leg for 3 days. Each leg is different; even on 3same body. hang in there; it will get better
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    TKR Stairs and pain

    remember; up with the good leg leading. down with the bad leg leading. take baby steps; don't try to rush the foot over foot. your knee may not be ready for that yet. hope you have a great recovery; Doodlebug
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    Red Howard; hi and welcome. one thing that helped me a lot with Rom was to sit on a porch swing and put my foot on a table and swing back and forth. It would naturally bend the knee and worked great for me. you can move the table in and out to increase or decrease the bend according to your...
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    TKR 2nd tkr; end of my OA!!

    Poctdb; Thanks for the advice. Yeah sometimes I like in bed and hold my thigh with my leg at 90deg. It does help at getting the swelling down. Especially in my ankle and lower leg
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    TKR Tightness around knee?

    hi. Kelleytoons; glad to hear that your revision is doing well. Sorry to hear that you overdid it a little. Like you said time to ice and elevate. My 1st tkr is doing good. My 2nd one is giving me a fit due to all the swelling and fluid buildup. My knee feels like a marshmallow on top of...
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    TKR Second TKR

    Good luck with your other tkr in October. I just had my 2nd one on the 30th of July. I'm glad it's all over with now. I still have a lot of recovery time but I can deal with that knowing it will get better. I know you will feel the same way. Prayers to you for a great recovery. Doodlebug
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    TKR Second TKR

    Kagabor; if you are at 130rom and 0 on straightening then you don't need any more PT. You have enough bend to do anything you want. You will still have swelling and tightness for a while due to the healing process under the skin; but that will gradually decrease as time passes. Great job; be...
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    TKR Tightness around knee?

    Kellytoons; I am 6.5 mths. out from my 1st tkr in February. I have good Rom and straightening. I still have the swelling and tightness when I work it to much. It's just the healing process under the skin. I don't have any pain just stiffness. Try not to worry it will keep getting better as time...
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    TKR TKR June 17, 2020 - need encouragement

    onedown1; Hello and welcome. Your PT has really done a number on you. Most patients don't even start PT until about 1mth. post surgery. You needed time to let your knee heal from the surgery prior to PT. I have had 2 replacements. The 1st on February 13th and the 2nd on July 30th. I chose...
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    TKR 2nd tkr; end of my OA!!

    Jaycey; thanks for the advice. I'll keep icing and elevating as much as possible. Was mainly worried about all the fluid buildup. Have a great day; Doodlebug

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