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    THR Psoasis Relief

    For your biopsy you might talk to your OS and/or the urologist to see if a course of antibiotics would be appropriate if you worry about infection. The skin in the area of the biopsy will be cleansed/disinfected, and the needle will be sterile; and you'll probably get instructions about...
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    THR Second Hip Replacement

    Hey Kelly, There are anecdotal reports of certain OTC antihistamines relieving post covid symptoms such as loss of taste/smell. Benadryl and the non-sedating allergy meds were mentioned. Might be worth a google or conversation with a pharmacist. Sounds like you're doing great. Best of...
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    THR Groin pain and leg lifts

    Hi Gailp I had a lot of stiffness months in; no idea what caused it but getting up in the morning was a chore, as was getting moving after sitting for an hour or so. Then I remembered some advice from my dogs' ortho (head ortho at Ohio State Veterinary College -Let's Go Bucks!) to give my...
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    THR Can Hip Replacement surgery be handled on ones own???

    I think it's doable, except for the mowing and yardwork. I'd arrange for a lawncare company or rely on a friend for that. Purchase your ADL aids in advance and practice using them. Get more than one grabber, so if you drop one you can use another to pick it up. You can either buy or rig up a...
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    THR On the Other Side

    Remember that those hip and pelvic area muscle are mostly interrelated, and what affects one can affect its 'friends'. And yours are still so early on in recovery from major trauma. In my experience an angry muscle can be made even more upset with stretching or other work. Maybe try ice/heat...
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    3 months post op BACK PAIN

    Giddyup! I'm so happy for you!
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    THR Questions and concerns for Preparation for THR

    Hi James, welcome to the best hippie community on the internet. My experience was that I went to the block room for an ultrasound guided nerve block to my hip, being wheeled to OR, and being asked to sit up on the OR table for the spinal, and that was it. Next thing I knew I was in PACU...
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    THR Surgery done early!

    Does the UK have anything like Senior Centers who you can call to find out if there is some sort of post op aids lending center that you might borrow a transfer seat? They're ugly and cumbersome, but a godsend when you crave a shower. Would you consider installing a grab bar near the edge of...
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    THR Diamond77 on the recovery side

    Hi Diamond, If your hands hurt it could be that you're leaning on the walker. If you're leaning on the walker, your posture isn't correct. If your posture isn't correct, the muscle groups that support good gait aren't working as they should, and muscle groups that have other jobs are taking...
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    THR Lynne54's Recovery Thread

    Just to make you feel better, at my 6 MONTH office visit, the OS warned me about not complying with the 90* restriction! I've found a sacroiliac/coccyx cushion from amazon to be just the ticket for adjusting seating in my car and chairs/sofa. Mine is somewhat wedge shaped and keeps my hips...
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    THR Lynne54's Recovery Thread

    I think I ditched that wedge at around a week or 10 days even though I was supposed to use the dang thing for 12 weeks. My OS's folder full of info as well as the going home instructions said that patients WILL use the wedge for 12 weeks, not SHOULD or Are Expected To. Ugh! At one of his last...
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    THR Diamond77 on the recovery side

    I'll echo Mojo on that...concentrate on every step heel-toe, heel-toe. Go as slowly as you need. I used to practice in the house, back and forth on the porch, wherever it was smooth and level. When you are ready to go out shopping, you can practice by using the shopping cart at the...
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    Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning Hip Pinning after ski accident

    Right now my hip goes between being totally fine in the morning with me needing no pain killers and walking without the cane to throbbing and aching in the afternoon after going up and down the stairs a few times and showering and cleaning the kitchen. That sounds totally normal to me. My hip...
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    THR Two days post op and I feel great

    I'm sort of an outlier regarding pt also. I started days after surgery and am continuing because I was/am so debilitated from two years avoiding my usual activities due to the pain. PT has done wonders for me and I'm grateful to have it available. I believe the key is to go slowly and to pay...
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    THR Lynne54's Recovery Thread

    Hi confined I'm sorry that you're having troubles with sleeping and leg pain. It's so difficult to deal with. Does your pain med make you drowsy during the day? If so, maybe you can adjust the schedule so that you have a dose at bedtime. I found that using my meds then, and not waiting...
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    3 months post op BACK PAIN

    I dunno...I'm trying to think in what world lunges are part of normal life :rotfl: On the other hand, I hope you document your first ride after all this stall rest. You know that without photos, it didn't happen, right? Best wishes and best of luck getting back in the saddle :horseriding:
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    THR Two days post op and I feel great

    Hi! Good that you're feeling so great, but feeling great doesn't mean that all that surgical trauma is healed. It's easy for those of us who have smooth recoveries to let our brains or (dare I say this? Yes, I will...our egos) get ahead of what's going on inside our leg/pelvis. Your new hip...
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    THR Tweb's Hip Recovery

    Several pillows to tuck around you as support in your chair and your bed. Bed pillows, throw pillows, any pillow! The dollar store had a cheap lavender fur body pillow that's been a wonderful aid. I use two regular pillow cases on it to cover it's awesomeness though LOL.
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    Labral Tear Ruling out other causes of pre-op butt pain

    I think Mar nailed it. MRI tells a better story than radiographs. Here is a copy and paste of my reports, months apart, as an example xray - COMMENT: 2 views. The bones of the left hip appear normal without evidence of fracture or dislocation. MRI - Left hip: Moderate area of...
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    THR Timo50 Recovery

    Glad to see that you are doing well. For your back, you might try using a pillow under your knees/upper calves to take the tension off the muscles in your back. My home PT guy recommended it, and it helped a lot. Best wishes for a smooth recovery.

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