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    THR RTHR - It’s a Christmas Miracle!!

    My insurance company called me today and they have approved my surgery! They said I’ve done everything I needed to do to fit the criteria. I’ve lost 18 lbs, take water aerobics, have a nutritionist and am otherwise healthy. I’m super excited and grateful. All that is left is to get on the...
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    Hi. How did your second surgery go? I’m also in recovery and concerned about the pain meds.
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    THR Overweight & Overwhelmed - Need THR

    :bawl: This emoji perfectly represents how I've been feeling for the past few years. I am in need of bi-lateral total hip replacements. Admittedly I am overweight. I have been told by no less than six surgeons that I need to lose 75 - 100 pounds before they would even consider surgery. I...

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