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    TKR One week post-op TKA

    I’m not sure where this will show up, but here I am. I am officially one week post-op from my left TKA today. Surgery was scheduled for 12 and I wasn’t wheeled in until around 2. I stayed overnight and was discharged 11am the following day. Progress is slow. I know the pain is better, but it...
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    TKR Monday with anesthesia & pain questions

    Thanks, I had my first TKA in 2011. should I be asking about IV General? Is there such a thing? When I had my Achilles repair they used something called LMA, along with lots of Zofram, and I had no nausea. I thought I had General because she was pretty insistent on it, is that not a form of GA?
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    TKR Monday with anesthesia & pain questions

    Hi, I’m having my second TKA Monday October 22. It a different doc this time. I have always had major nausea after General Anesthesia so I would really like an alternative. The vomiting has always been so severe that I can’t lift my head off the pillow, without vomiting, for days. During the...

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