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  1. jaschembra

    TKR New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    I'm posting now as I'm packing up my computer to take to my mom's house where I'll be going for 2 weeks after I get out of the hospital Wed. or Thur. (She goes to Florida for the winter and has a 1 story, master bedroom, master bathroom). My sister is staying with me since my husband needs to...
  2. jaschembra

    Please don't let this be a cold

    Hi. I'm 11 days out from the show and I woke up today with a tickle in my nose and a little sniffy. I was due for my allergy shots Tues. and was putting them off until this next Tues. in order to get my monthly shots pushed back in Jan. as far as possible. However, now I'm going to go...
  3. jaschembra

    Pre-op Tuesday- Questions

    My pre-op visit is Tuesday. They will take blood, and do physical exam with ekg. I'll have a PT exam and will meet with the anesthesiologist person. I'll also learn about the procedure. Are there any specific questions that are good to ask at this time? Thanks.
  4. jaschembra

    New Year, New Knee

    Which knee would I want done first? The Left Here is what my knees (and I) have been through so far: Lost 50 pounds 2014-2016 :) Bilateral - cortisone injections - Aug. 23, 2016 - no change as of Sept. 9 Bilateral - 4 Orthovisc injections - May-June 2016 - no change Left - cortisone June...

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