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  1. Toddlermom

    THR Toddlermom, a double hippy at last

    or, almost! Check in is 7:30 am central. All is quiet around here. It has been raining all day, and it sounds lovely outside my window. My family is all asleep, and of course you are left alone with your thoughts and reflections. My last snack was a slice of homemade pumpkin bread...
  2. Toddlermom

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    Forgive the brain dump. The lead up to hip #2 has been very different this time around. I feel far more disconnected to what is coming. Part of it is.....My kiddos are older at 5&7 and soooo active. Part of it is I am juggling a job and we moved a couple months ago (so there have been...
  3. Toddlermom

    I have a date!

    October 25th is the big day! It means that I will be MIA for the kids Halloween party.....but I should be good for thanksgiving and Christmas. YIPPEE!!!!! Now all the tasks-
  4. Toddlermom

    So guilty...confession

    Soooo.....I am working on getting my new THR scheduled in October. I have known it was coming for several years. Sadly, this knowledge can’t keep me from jumping up to awkwardly dance with my young children, and really pay for it for 48 hours following. Although I have regrets, I just can’t...
  5. Toddlermom

    Anti-inflammatory vs pain meds

    I spent many years on meloxicam. 5+. My mother did too and experienced some dramatic problems due to her own overuse (at times she unwisely doubled her own dose). After my mother’s hospitalizations, I have stopped using anything except Ibuprofen for the past 18 months. And it is no longer...
  6. Toddlermom

    Signs that #2 is coming soon

    Forgive me because this will not be polite. So when I booked a surgeon for my historically bad left hip in Jan 2016, he informed me that I had bilateral hip dysplasia.....and that my right hip would also need to be replaced eventually. :tantrum2: I was crushed. I was 42 and had a 2&4 year...
  7. Toddlermom

    THR Toddlermom - one down!!

    Well, I am awake! Why not get started? 4 hours until the party starts:spin: Probably won't catch up here for a day or two. I tend to get pretty wiped out by pain meds, so don't get worried....will catch up when I can.
  8. Toddlermom

    Briefly delusional

    For two whole hours, I thought it was Wednesday and my surgery was tomorrow. :flabber: I haven't been able to sleep because of my least that's what I attribute to the temporary time warp. At least I have one more day to attempt to get a few more things done. Only TWO more...
  9. Toddlermom

    Final appointment...Eeeek!

    so I am officially 1 week from my surgery. We are going over all of the details and prep with my husband and the physicians assistant, and every thing is going great. I casually mention a timeline for the 2nd hip.....and she says 6 weeks. :scary:(Now, I know that this isn't even a...
  10. Toddlermom we go!

    @pompeypfc ....GOOD morning! Wishing you an uneventful surgery. Tomorrow will be a new day and one step closer to a more comfortable life.
  11. Toddlermom

    Pre-op testing Question

    Working on my list..... 1. Dentist - complete 2. Pre-op testing - scheduled for Tuesday 3. Slight problem - I got a tummy bug on Friday and I am coming down with some kind of cold/flu. Does this risk my surgery date on the 11th? Thank you--
  12. Toddlermom

    A silly moment of vanity...

    Since I can't stand up straight, I have noticed my shape has altered as my pain has grown in the past 6-12 months. My middle has grown, but my legs are still pretty thin. And I just look lumpy between my rib cage and hips. Part of it was the second baby, LOL!!! but I am does...
  13. Toddlermom

    Toddler strategies

    ok.....I am three weeks away from THR. Anterior approach. The surgery planning doesn't worry me as much as the toddler planning. My 4 yr old will be fine, but my 2 year old is in the middle of 'that phase'. Grabbing my legs, head between my knees, trying to ride on my back whenever I sit...
  14. Toddlermom

    Post-surgical physical therapy?

    One of the doctors that I have met with said that the only post surgical PT is the 2 days in the hospital. And that is standard...... Is that right? Within my direct family, we have had 4 hips and 3 knees, and there was always some physical therapy 2 weeks following surgery. This makes me...
  15. Toddlermom

    The choices....single or double? Overwhelmed.

    oh my! Forgive my 'brain dump'. Maybe it is my lingering turkey food coma? I was aware that I needed a new hip at 42......However, I didn't expect the bilateral hip dysplasia diagnosis on Tuesday. Or the revelation that I will eventually need the other hip done too! (I knew it was...
  16. Toddlermom

    Anyone know Dr Kearns in Houston TX?

    Trying to find a doctor within my Houston. And I loved my doctor from 5 years ago.....any feedback? I am on the marketplace, and the doctor selection is less flexible.
  17. Toddlermom

    Houston, tx good ortho docs

    hey all, It has been a while since I have seen my ortho doc. He isn't taking my new insurance. Nor will the group accept any from the marketplace next year. Looking for some recommendations! I am planning for THR in Feb of 2016- PS - Richmond Bone & joint is out....but I really liked dr shah!
  18. Toddlermom

    Lifting adorable little ones

    5 years ago I had my left hip scoped due to a substantial laberal tear. (37) Upon completion of the surgery, he let me know that he cleaned it up as best he could....but I will need a THR. Maybe 5 years, hopefully 10. Well, at the time, I was 3 weeks pregnant during the procedure was a...

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