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    Fell down, boo hoo!!!

    Hey guys, just a note. Fell down about five days ago. Hard fall on left knee and left hip, no bruises, surprise, surprise, but still stiff on that side and still have some pain. Bad spasms in neck and back, when it rains it pours i suppose. Then last night my husband came home and his knees are...
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    HELP. Having a bit of a problem?????

    This all started a few weeks ago when I fell asleep in my recliner. I like to sit with me knees drawn up, sort of like a grasshopper. I woke suddenly and my right leg, which had never had any pain, suddenly had this pain that felt like the sound that is made when you pull a big piece of velcro...
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    I can now JUMP!!!

    Yesterday evening went out the back door or maybe I should say I was headed out the back door to take my little dogs out for the last time last night. I had just put one step down and my littlest dog was just a step ahead of me when he jumped and turned around and ran back in the house with this...
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    Boy I Am Tired, Finally See What You Guys Meant

    Hey Gang, Glad To Be On This Side Of The Tkr Club. Wish Everyone Was. On Tuesday I Will Be Able To Say I Am Two Weeks Post Btkr And One Tired Puppy. Glad I Have My Little Chihuahua To Cuddle Up And Nap With. So Far My Day Is Pretty Simple But At Least I Can See Daily Improvement. Just Be...
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    Did You All Get The Ice Water Thing That

    Did You All Get The Ice Water Pump That Circulates Ice Cold Water To A Bag That Is Strapped Over The Knee? I Am Supposed To Used It Twenty Minutes Out Of Every Waking Hour. It Is A Wonder And Was Given To Me When I Left The Hospital. The Reason I Asked Is Because The Nurses Were Telling Me All...
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    Official New Member Of Tkr Club, Finally

    Well, Just Wanted To Tell Everyone That I Am Back Home From Having The Surgery. Went Well But Took Almost Five Hours As When Os Got In My Left Knee He Found The Tibia Had A Hairline Fracture As Well. Said He Never Operated On Knees As Bad As Mine Before, That It Was Pretty Hairy At Times. So I...
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    Tomorrow Is Btkr Day For Me.

    Hey Gang, Thought I Would Do A Quick Post To Let You Know That I Am Going In To The Hospital Tomorrow And Finally Having My New Knees Put In. So If You Don't Hear From Me For A Week Or So Don't Forget Me And Keep Me In Your Prayers And Good Thoughts. Next Time I Post Here I Will Be Just Like You...
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    Question about adhesions

    Hey, Guys! Since you all are my experts I have to ask this as it is something I am worried about post surgery. Is there anything that a person can do to keep from getting adhesions? I am concerned because after my scopes last spring at about four months I suddenly could no longer straighten my...
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    HELP! Double TKR in six weeks.

    Having both knees done April 7. Saw my surgeon last Tuesday and got steroid injection in each knee, which usually gives me about 10-11 weeks of a bit of relief, (each day the relief is a little less) and this time got less than a week of relief. Today I am in more pain than I have been in since...

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