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  1. Doug

    Back again 2

    Hello Jo and Jamie. Looks like I'll be visiting again. I wish I could bring Patty Poo and Skeet but I think they're all replaced. I'm scheduled to have my other knee replaced Nov. 15. The site looks amazing. It sure has changed since the old days!
  2. Doug

    One year ago today!!

    It hit me this morning that it was one year ago today that I had my right knee replaced.. I woke up after surgery, looked at my heavily bandaged leg. I could see my foot so I was comforted that they had at least reattached the bottom half. Then I wondered who was pinching my crotch so...
  3. Doug

    Four Month Check Up

    Just got back from my four month check up. The Dr. was extremely happy with the progress with my knee. I told him about the pain I have been getting this past week in the outside back of the knee. I had written down my suspicions of a problem with the IT Band or the popliteus muscle. He...
  4. Doug

    Finally off the dope

    I started taking Ultram six months before my TKR on Jan 17. Since then, I've been on Oxycodone. I've gradually tapered off but on occasion had to up it some. Today is the first day in 10 months I haven't been on prescription pain meds. It feels great!!! I've worked hard in the yard...
  5. Doug

    Made 5 miles.

    I went wild this morning and now I have to pay the piper. After posting about how my son and I like to go hiking in the woods and beach, I decided to give the new knee a test... I left the house and hit the road. Once I got going and got a sweat worked up, it was great. The sun shining...
  6. Doug

    Skeet, I wasn't kidding.

    Just in case you all thought I was crazy awhile back when I mentioned this major event.
  7. Doug

    Found My Monkey and it wasn't good.

    I went looking for my monkey today..Found him at the beach with a duck of ill repute. Clearly, the duck has dragged my monkey down. She should have flown north two weeks ago.
  8. Doug

    For Guys Only..Top Secret Man Stuff

    This is the stuff. If you wives leave it laying around, don't touch it..It is a trap. If you use it, you will look like a skinned possum. It is evil.. They may leave it anywhere...If you can't stand it and you think it is just soap like I did, don't use it on your privates...You'll be very...
  9. Doug

    I'm Baaaack and I sure missed you all.

    Just returned from my first trip since the TKR in Jan. At 10 weeks post op, driving for five hours isn't too bad. I made a point of stopping frequently enough to get out and stretch. I really missed talking with you guys. I found myself laughing at how frequently I thought about how the...
  10. Doug

    26 Degrees..That's it. I'm not leaving the house

    I just saw the temperature..Colder than anticipated. 26 in late March..Tell me again about global warming?? Not going to work out...Maybe a mall walk. Well, now my wife told me to get dressed and drive my son to school..
  11. Doug

    Hey Patti, check out my swollen monkey!

    Went hiking at the beach today....Now I have a swollen monkey...All the new folks will have no idea about this.
  12. Doug

    Josephene, How's the knee and weather??

    I was wondering how you are doing? What city do you live close to so I can pull it up on the U.K. weather? Make sure and take a picture when you build your snowman this weekend.
  13. Doug

    Stop these weather fronts. They're killing me

    Patti, It's heading towards you...Lots of wind. I'm sitting here with a heating pad on my old knee and ice on the new knee. Had to take a pain pill and decided to give celebrex a try again. After the loud pop I had last Saturday, I've been doing the elevating and icing thing. It felt...
  14. Doug

    Are you practicing walking??

    I figured I would start a new thread since we are on page 10+ on several other threads. We do have a tendency to completely and totally get off topic. Skeet mentioned hunting for 4-6 hours this morning and it got me to thinking of where I'm at with this big fat monkey of a knee. I'm at 8...
  15. Doug

    Just got back from the Dr...Good News

    Hey y'all, I just got back from the Dr.'s office. As most of you know I'm at 7.5 weeks post TKR. He was extremely happy with my progress and laughed when I asked about a "manipulation". I am at 0 on extension and 130 degree bend. I had a list of questions that we have discussed on this...
  16. Doug

    O.K. I'm at 7.5 wks. and hurting.

    I'm not having a pitty party right now. I'm just darn hurting. These last three days that deep ache has really been jumping on me. I thought I was about to be able to cut back on pain pills but heck no. I didn't do anything today but ice and watch t.v. and it still aches like crazy. Those...
  17. Doug

    Relax and walk

    We have all shared the trials of our rehab efforts, ROM, etc. I'm starting to think that we keep stressing ourselves out too much with our efforts. This morning, I decided to change things just a little. I went to one of our malls and just walked. Took a cane for just a little assistance...
  18. Doug

    Josephine are you O.K.???

    I just saw that you had an earthquake over there. Did you come out of it O.K.??
  19. Doug

    Released from therapy

    Great news. I was released from therapy today. The Dr. is very happy with my progress at 3.5 weeks. It helps that I have known him since he was 13. (Makes me feel old). I helped teach him how to lift weights. Also, my wife gave me my truck keys back!!!! She actually got my spare key out...
  20. Doug

    Drug concern

    O.K., I can accept the waking up at all hours of the night. I was on call for the majority of my police career and am used to odd hours. I can catch up on sleep. What is really starting to concern me is my almost constant need for pain pills. I'm now 3wks3days post tkr and I am pretty much...

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